ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员 Software and Applications Programmers - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员 Software and Applications Programmers - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员职责概述 - FLYabroad

  • 软件和应用程序员按照用户的要求、系统和技术规范,设计、开发,测试,维护程序代买 SOFTWARE AND APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMERS design, develop, test, maintain and document program code in accordance with user requirements, and system and technical specifications.

ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员技能要求 Indicative Skill Level - FLYabroad

  • 本组中大多数职业都要求具有与学士学位或更高资格相当的技能水平。五年以上相关工作经验和/或公司认证可以代替正规资格要求。某些情况下,除了要求有正规资格还要求有相关经验和在职培训经历(ANZSCO 1级水平)。 Most occupations in this sub-major group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience and/or relevant vendor certification may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

  • 调查、咨询、分析、评估系统方案的需求 researching, consulting, analysing and evaluating system program needs
  • 发现现有系统以及相关进程、程序和方法的技术局限性、低效现象 identifying technology limitations and deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods
  • 根据现有测试协议,指导方针和质量标准,测试、调试、诊断并纠正应用程序语言中的错误和故障以确保程序和应用软件符合相关的规范 testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors and faults in an applications programming language within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards to ensure programs and applications perform to specification
  • 根据质量认证的标准,编写、维护符合系统需求、系统设计和技术规范的程序代码 writing and maintaining program code to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications in accordance with quality accredited standards
  • 编写、更新和维护技术方案,用户文档材料和运作程序 writing, updating and maintaining technical program, end user documentation and operational procedures
  • 对软件设计活动的开发提案和策略提供意见、指导和专业技术支持,如财务评估,软件购买和更新的成本计算 providing advice, guidance and expertise in developing proposals and strategies for software design activities such as financial evaluation and costings for recommending software purchases and upgrades

ANZSCO 2613 软件和应用程序员职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

  • 261311 分析程序员 Analyst Programmer
  • 261312 开发程序员 Developer Programmer
  • 261313 软件工程师 Software Engineer
  • 261314 软件测试员 Software Tester
  • 261399 未分类的软件及应用程序员 Software and Applications Programmers nec

261311 分析程序员 Analyst Programmer

  • 替代职位 Alternative Title:
  • 程序分析员 Programmer Analyst
  • 分析用户需求,制作需求文档和系统规划以及编码、测试、调试、维护程序和应用软件 Analyses user needs, produces requirements documentation and system plans, and encodes, tests, debugs, maintains and documents programs and applications.
  • 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1

261312 开发程序员 Developer Programmer

  • 替代职位 Alternative Title:
    • 应用程序开发员 Applications Developer
    • 信息与通信技术开发员 ICT Developer
    • 信息与通信技术程序员 ICT Programmer
  • 解释技术规格,技术设计和流程图;为应用软件构建,维护并修订代码;为业务功能模型中设计技术规范;测试、编写技术文档 Interprets specifications, technical designs and flow charts, builds, maintains and modifies the code for software applications, constructs technical specifications from a business functional model, and tests and writes technical documentation.
  • 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
  • 职业方向:Specialisations:
    • 通信系统程序员 Communications Programmer (Systems)
    • 数据库开发员 Database Developer
    • 数据库系统程序员 Database Programmer (Systems)
    • 网络程序员 Network Programmer
    • 软件开发员 Software Developer
    • 软件程序员 Software Programmer

261313 软件工程师 Software Engineer

  • 替代职位 Alternative Title:
    • 软件架构师 Software Architect
    • 软件设计师 Software Designer
  • 设计、开发、修订、记载、测试、执行、安装应用软件和系统 Designs, develops, modifies, documents, tests, implements, installs and supports software applications and systems.
  • 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
  • 职业方向:Specialisations:
    • 计算机应用工程师 Computer Applications Engineer
    • 数据库设计师 Database Designer
    • 系统架构师 Systems Architect

261314 软件测试员 Software Tester

  • 编写测试计划和测试脚本,生成测试用例,进行回归测试,并使用自动化测试工具测试软件的性能、功能和完整性,将缺陷报告制作成文档。 Specifies, develops and writes test plans and test scripts, produces test cases, carries out regression testing, and uses automated test software applications to test the behaviour, functionality and integrity of computer software, and documents the results of tests in defect reports and related documentation.
  • 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1

261399 未分类的软件及应用程序员 Software and Applications Programmers nec

  • 此分类里包含了其他地方未分类的软件和应用程序员的职位。 This occupation group covers Software and Applications Programmers not elsewhere classified.
  • 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1

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261300A 收入图示(Earnings) - 飞出国

261300A 职业全职从业者税前周薪比例(Income Range Per Week - Before tax)

261300A 职业全职与兼职从业者税前周薪比较(Income Based On Employment Status Per Week - Before tax)

数据来源: 及

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What’s it like to be a Programmer (Information Technology)?

Programmers (IT) write, test and maintain computer programmes to ensure that
the computer application meets the needs of the users of the computer system.

How much can I expect to earn?

Earnings data based on the Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union
Membership survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is either unavailable
or unpublishable (typically for privacy reasons).

Personal requirements

  • aptitude for technical activities
  • logical approach to the solution of problems
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • good communication skills
  • willing to update knowledge as technology changes.

This job also involves:

Mainly indoor work

Workers performing these jobs would usually be expected to spend more than
three-quarters of their day indoors, in an office, factory or other enclosed
area protected from the weather.

Reading or writing

These jobs require moderate or better reading and writing skills. Workers may
be expected to prepare, understand or act on written materials, such as
letters or reports. People may wish to avoid these jobs if their reading or
writing English skills are limited to a small range of words or phrases and
symbols. Jobs remaining may still require very basic reading or writing

Sitting for long periods

The main duties and tasks involved in these jobs are usually performed sitting
down at a desk, counter, workbench or other location for periods of at least
two hours at a stretch.

This occupation offers jobs at the following skill levels:

Para Professional Jobs

Jobs in this group usually require completion of secondary education and/or
completion of some further study of a vocational nature, such as a Diploma or
an Advanced Diploma.

Professional Jobs

Jobs in this group usually require completion of a recognised Bachelor Degree,
or extensive relevant experience. Some jobs also require post-graduate study,
such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree.

Study requirements

At school, you can study these subject(s) to get a good foundation for this

Computing Studies

School subjects that include some aspect of COMPUTING STUDIES provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases a computer studies-related subject is
a pre-requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.


School subjects that include some aspect of MATHEMATICS provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases a mathematics-related subject is a
pre-requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.

Duties and tasks of a Programmer (Information Technology)

Programmers may perform the following tasks:

  • assist systems analysts and designers in researching and documenting computer users’ requirements
  • analyse objectives and problems specified by analysts and designers
  • translate the solutions provided by systems designers into detailed programme specifications
  • prepare documentation for other programmers, users of the system and other support services workers
  • undertake programme design activities including definition of data and error message arrangements
  • supervise and report on the work of junior programmers
  • modify and document programme code to correct errors or to enhance a programme’s capabilities
  • test the programmes and make amendments
  • prepare reports on the status, operation and maintenance of system software for use by computer equipment suppliers, systems designers, other programmers and computer operators.


Information Technology Manager

An information technology manager plans, administers and reviews the
acquisition, development, maintenance and use of computer and
telecommunications systems within organisations. The IT manager is often the
most senior person in the IT department and in large organisations may be
called the IT Director or Chief Information Officer.

Analyst Programmer

An analyst programmer involved in higher-level design and analysis. This is
the typical next step in the career of a programmer.

Database Programmer (Systems)

A database programmer (systems) is involved in the development of programmes
to suit access and maintenance of databases. It is often considered to be part
of the database design role. See the section on database design specialists
under the Systems Designer (Information Technology) entry.

Multimedia Programmer

A multimedia programmer examines systems and applications programming issues
involving the conversion between platforms and the initial writing of code for
incorporation of text, graphics, video, animation, digital/analogue
photographs, audio and 2D/3D modelling. Further specialisations are also
possible, such as video systems development programming and PC-lead

Communications Programmer (Systems)

A communications programmer (systems) is involved in activities associated
with programming telecommunications infrastructures, such as stored programme-
controlled telephone exchanges. Communications programming (systems) has also
been used to describe the work of network programmers. See the section below
on network programmers.

Systems Software Programmer

A systems software programmer works with the code used to define the
particular operating system and sometimes also with low-level machine
language. They write, maintain and update programmes that control the overall
functioning of computers.

Network Programmer

A network programmer works with vendor networking languages to support the
implementation or modification of network configurations. Ongoing education in
vendor products and technical matters is important.

  • 接下来的5年内,即截止到2019年11月,软件和应用程序员的职位空缺数量预计将会高于一般水平,处于25001-50000之间。职位空缺包括就业增长和人员流动(人员流动指的是工人的换岗或者离职)。

  • 在过去5年里,该职业就业情况一直保持相对稳定,但是从长期来看(10年)该职业就业情况却温和增长。预计到2019年11月,软件和应用程序员就业情况将会强劲增长。

  • 这是一个需求量非常大的职业(2014年11月的需求量达85600个),表明该职业在大部分地区都有就业机会。

  • 软件和应用程序员中全职工作者比例较高,占91%。全职软件和应用程序员,平均每周工作39.4小时(所有职位平均每周40.9小时),收入较高,一般9位数。此外,软件和应用程序员失业率等于所有职业平均失业率。

  • 软件和应用程序员教育水平普遍是学士学位,其中约占54.6%。

  • 软件和应用程序员主要从事专业、科学与技术服务、金融与保险服务和公共管理与安全。

  • Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Software and Applications Programmers is expected to be above average (between 25,001 and 50,000). Job openings count both employment growth and turnover (defined as workers leaving their occupation for other employment or leaving the workforce). Further information about job openings and projected employment growth is available on the Help page.
  • Employment for this occupation remained relatively steady in the past five years and rose moderately in the long-term (ten years). Looking forward, employment for Software and Applications Programmers to November 2019 is expected to grow strongly.
  • This is a very large occupation (85,600 in November 2014) suggesting that opportunities should be available in most regions.
  • Software and Applications Programmers have a high proportion of full-time jobs (91 per cent). For Software and Applications Programmers working full-time, average weekly hours are 39.4 (compared to 40.9 for all occupations) and earnings are high - in the ninth decile. Unemployment for Software and Applications Programmers is average.
  • The most common level of educational attainment for Software and Applications Programmers is Bachelor degree (54.6 per cent).
  • Software and Applications Programmers are mainly employed in Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Financial and Insurance Services and Public Administration and Safety.

Key Indicators

Key Indicators graph - see table below for a summary

These data show 9 key indicators for this occupation - employment size, full-time share of employment, earnings, unemployment, historical employment growth (long-term, medium term and short-term), future employment growth, mix of industries and job openings. Estimates have been rounded and consequently some discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals.

2613 Job Prospects

2613 职业统计数据 Statistics

  • 周薪(税前)Weekly Earnings (before tax)

周薪(税前)Weekly Earnings (before tax)

  • 就业水平 Employment Level (thousands)

就业水平 Employment Level (thousands)

  • 增长比例 Recent Job Growth (per cent)

增长比例 Recent Job Growth (per cent)

  • 按性别计算就业增长 Employment Growth by Gender (thousands)

按性别计算就业增长 Employment Growth by Gender (thousands)

  • 性别比例 Gender (per cent share)

性别比例 Gender (per cent share)

  • 周工作小时数 Weekly Hours Worked

周工作小时数 Weekly Hours Worked

  • 年龄 Age Profile (per cent share)

年龄 Age Profile (per cent share)

  • 各州就业比例 Employment by State and Territory (per cent share)

各州就业比例 Employment by State and Territory (per cent share)

  • 所在行业 Main Employing Industries (per cent share)

所在行业 Main Employing Industries (per cent share)

  • 教育程度 Educational Attainment (per cent of employment)

教育程度 Educational Attainment (per cent of employment)

2613 职业找工作信息

数据来源: 及

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