221111 会计师(普通) Accountant (General)

ANZSCO 221111 会计师(普通) Accountant (General) - FLYabroad

221111 会计师(普通)职业描述 Job description - FLYabroad


Plans and provides systems and services relating to the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and advises on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements. Registration or licensing is required.

Previously referred to in ASCO as:2211-11 Accountant

221111 会计师(普通)职位别名 - FLYabroad

  • 221111 财务分析师 Financial Analyst (S)
  • 221111 破产顾问 Insolvency Consultant (S)
  • 221111 破产执行人 Insolvency Practitioner (S)

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221111 会计师(普通)新西兰技术移民紧缺职业加分要求 - FLYabroad

  • 不属于新西兰绝对紧缺职业

221111 会计师(普通)执业注册要求(不代表移民要求) - FLYabroad

Registration or licensing is required.

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221111 Accountant (General) 在20150731版 NSW 190 担保清单上。

221111A 收入图示(Earnings) - 飞出国

221111A 职业全职从业者税前周薪比例(Income Range Per Week - Before tax)

Income of persons working full-time

221111A 职业全职与兼职从业者税前周薪比较(Income Based On Employment Status Per Week - Before tax)

Earnings of persons working full- and part-time

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What’s it like to be an Accountant?

Accountants analyse, report and give advice about the financial dealings of
organisations and individuals, and advise on associated record-keeping and
compliance requirements.

Accountants may work on their own or with other accountants. Accountants in
private practice have a high level of public contact. Some positions involve
travel, which is often interstate or overseas.

How much can I expect to earn?

Full-time employed Accountant earn an average of $1595 per week. The [average
annual salary for this job is $82940 excluding super.]

Personal requirements

  • good communication skills
  • good presentation skills
  • able to build rapport with clients
  • able to analyse and solve problems
  • good organisational skills
  • discretion when dealing with confidential information
  • professional and ethical
  • able to work as part of a team.

This job also involves:

Mainly indoor work

Workers performing these jobs would usually be expected to spend more than
three-quarters of their day indoors, in an office, factory or other enclosed
area protected from the weather.

Reading or writing

These jobs require moderate or better reading and writing skills. Workers may
be expected to prepare, understand or act on written materials, such as
letters or reports. People may wish to avoid these jobs if their reading or
writing English skills are limited to a small range of words or phrases and
symbols. Jobs remaining may still require very basic reading or writing

Sitting for long periods

The main duties and tasks involved in these jobs are usually performed sitting
down at a desk, counter, workbench or other location for periods of at least
two hours at a stretch.

This occupation offers jobs at the following skill levels:

Professional Jobs

Jobs in this group usually require completion of a recognised Bachelor Degree,
or extensive relevant experience. Some jobs also require post-graduate study,
such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree.

Study requirements

At school, you can study these subject(s) to get a good foundation for this

Computing Studies

School subjects that include some aspect of COMPUTING STUDIES provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases a computer studies-related subject is
a pre-requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.


School subjects that include some aspect of ECONOMICS provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases an economics-related subject is a pre-
requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.


School subjects that include some aspect of MATHEMATICS provide a useful
background to these jobs. In some cases a mathematics-related subject is a
pre-requisite for entry to courses that provide the training for the job.

Duties and tasks of an Accountant

Accountants may perform the following tasks:

  • assist with the formulation of budgetary and accounting policies
  • prepare financial statements for presentation to boards of directors, management, shareholders and statutory bodies
  • conduct financial investigations, undertake audits, prepare reports and advise on such matters as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, financing, suspected fraud, insolvency and taxation
  • examine the income and expenditure of institutions
  • provide assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements
  • provide financial and taxation advice about business structures, plans and operations
  • liaise with bankers and brokers to establish funds management arrangements
  • advise on the selection and application of computer-based accounting systems
  • appraise cash flow and financial risk of investment projects.


Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant analyses and prepares accounting documents for use as
evidence, often for a court of law.


A bursar responsible for the accounting and general business operation of
schools or tertiary institutions. This may include fundraising.

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst evaluates the value of companies for potential buyers
and investors, and investigates businesses being sold, bought or merged.


An auditor ensures financial statements are true and fair by checking that
assets and liabilities mentioned in reports exist, analysing samples of work
done and interviewing staff. Auditors are increasingly asked to audit figures
relating to environmental emissions.

Cost Accountant

A cost accountant develops and directs systems so that costs can be recorded
and analysed to determine each unit cost. This involves analysing changes that
affect production costs (raw materials, manufacturing methods, factory
overheads and wages, for example). They provide management with reports to
assist in decision-making about production volumes, sale prices and additions
or deletions to product lines and/or manufacturing or distribution resources.

Liquidator and Receiver

A liquidator and receiver assists and advises businesses in financial
difficulties, organises company closures in line with legal requirements and,
in the case of bankruptcies, sells assets.

Taxation Consultant/Taxation Agent

A taxation consultant/taxation agent prepares taxation returns and reports,
provides advice about tax issues and handles disputes with taxation


A treasurer plans short-term and long-term finance and advises on the
financial consequences. They design and manage investment portfolios to
minimise financial risk.

Budget Accountant

A budget accountant primarily concerned with the development and maintenance
of budgeting systems. This involves monitoring budgets and comparing them with
actual costs and revenues. They analyse records to determine trends, which
assists in managerial control.

Systems Accountant

A systems accountant analyses financial information needs for organisations by
reviewing existing systems and working out the best way to meet those needs.

Finance Manager

A finance manager prepares reports for management, summarising the business’
financial position in the areas of income, expenses, capital usage and cash
flows, and assists with the preparation of strategic plans, budgets and
financial forecasts. Finance managers also determine fund requirements and
strategies to invest surpluses and assist in the development of accounting and
management policies and procedures.

请问我的工作title是 financial analyst,那应该算这一类了吧?