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2015年7月31日NSW发布2015-2016年度190担保职业清单NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List),总配额4000个,和去年持平,相比较2015的担保职业清单,无新增职业,删除的职业包括城市区域规划师232611,牙科专家252311,牙医252312

NSW has published the 2015-16 NSW 190 Prioroty Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List).

We anticipate nominating another 4,000 skilled candidates for the 190 visa in 2015-16.


From July 2015, the NSW 190 program has two streams:

Stream 1: occupations on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List)
Stream 2: very highly ranking candidates in CSOL occupations*


Throughout the 2015-16 financial year NSW will also select and invite a limited number of very highly scoring skilled candidates in occupations from the broader DIBP CSOL.* Selection under this stream will be determined on an ongoing basis and limited to occupations where there is labour market demand.

*NSW will not be inviting candidates in the following CSOL occupations : Primary School Teacher (241213), Retail Pharmacist (251513), Architectural Draftsperson (312111), Industrial Pharmacist (251512), Hospital Pharmacist (251511) and Architect (232111).

NSW cannot provide an indication of the likelihood of invitation under either of these streams.


The standard processing time for applications is 12 weeks*. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in refraining from making progress enquiries within these first 12 weeks.

  • *Please note that this does not apply to EOIs. There is no set timeframe for receiving an invitation after you have lodged an EOI. Selection is not guaranteed.
233111 化学工程师 Chemical Engineer
261112 系统分析师 Systems Analyst
221111 会计师(普通) Accountant (General)
224512 估价师 Valuer
272312 教育心理学家 Educational Psychologist
233211 土木工程师 Civil Engineer
263312 电信网络工程师 Telecommunications Network Engineer
263311 电信工程师 Telecommunications Engineer
134211 医疗行政人员 Medical Administrator
253917 诊断和介入放射科专家 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
351311 主厨 Chef
334111 管道工(普通) Plumber (General)
251312 职业健康与安全顾问 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser
224511 土地经济学家 Land Economist
411211 牙科保健员 dental hygienist
253411 精神科医生 Psychiatrist
253322 肾脏医学专家 Renal Medicine Specialist
253518 泌尿科医师 Urologist
253521 血管外科医生 Vascular Surgeons
253913 妇产科医生 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
253915 病理学家 Pathologist
254411 执业护师 Nurse Practitioner
254414 注册护士(社区卫生服务) Registered Nurse (Community Health)
254417 注册护士(残疾和康复) Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)
254421 注册护士(医疗实践) Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
254425 注册护士(儿科) Registered Nurse (Paediatric)
261311 分析程序员 Analyst Programmer
232212 测量员 Surveyor
233112 材料工程师 Materials Engineer
233212 岩土工程师 Geotechnical Engineer
233213 工料测量师 Quantity Surveyor
233215 交通工程师 Transport Engineer
233513 生产或工厂工程师 Production or Plant Engineer
251214 超声波检验师 Sonographer
253211 麻醉师 Anaesthetist
253312 心脏病学家 Cardiologist
253316 胃肠病学家 Gastroenterologist
253323 风湿病学家 Rheumatologist
253399 其他未分类专科医生 Specialist Physicians nec
232213 制图师 Cartographer
221214 Internal Auditor 内审
233212 岩土工程师 Geotechnical Engineer
233214 结构工程师 Structural Engineer
233511 工业工程师 Industrial Engineer
233512 机械工程师 Mechanical Engineer
234112 农业科学家 Agricultural Scientist
241111 幼儿教育(学前教育)教师 Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher
241511 特殊需求教师 Special Needs Teacher
253111 全科医生 General Medical Practitioner
253311 专科医师(综合内科) Specialist Physician (General Medicine)
253314 医疗肿瘤学家 Medical Oncologist
253315 内分泌学家 Endocrinologist
253318 神经学家 Neurologist
253321 儿科医生 Paediatrician
253324 胸腔医学专家 Thoracic Medicine Specialist
253512 心胸外科医生 Cardiothoracic Surgeon
253513 神经外科专家 Neurosurgeon
253515 耳鼻喉科专家 Otorhinolaryngologist
253912 急诊医学专家 Emergency Medicine Specialist
253999 其他医疗执业人员 Medical Practitioners nec
254412 注册护士(老年护理) Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
254415 注册护士(重症监护和急救) Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
254416 注册护士(发展迟缓) Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)
254418 注册护士(医学) Registered Nurse (Medical)
254423 注册护士(围手术期) Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
261111 ICT业务分析师 ICT business Analyst
272399 未分类的精神治疗医师 Psychologists nec
312312 电气工程技术员 Electrical Engineering Technician
313211 无线电通讯技术员 radioco mmunications technician
321211 汽车技工(普通) Motor Mechanic (General)
322312 压力焊接工 Pressure Welder
253511 外科医生(普通) Surgeon (General)
253514 矫形外科医生 Orthopaedic Surgeon
253516 儿科医生 Paediatric Surgeon
253517 整形外科医生 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
253911 皮肤科医生 Dermatologist
253914 眼科医生 Ophthalmologist
253918 放射肿瘤科专家 Radiation Oncologist
254413 注册护士(儿童和家庭健康) Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)
254422 注册护士(心理健康) Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
254424 注册护士(手术) Registered Nurse (Surgical)
254499 其他注册护士 Registered Nurses nec
261312 开发程序员 Developer Programmer
261313 软件工程师 Software Engineer
263111 计算机网络和系统工程师 Computer Network and Systems Engineer
272311 临床心理学家 Clinical Psychologist
272313 组织心理学家 Organisational Psychologist
272314 精神治疗医师 Psychotherapist
313213 通讯网络规划师 telecommunications network planner
313214 通讯技术官员或技术专家 telecommunications technical officer or technologist
321214 小型发动机修理工 Small Engine Mechanic
322311 金属构造工 Metal Fabricator
323313 锁匠 locksmith
332211 油漆工 Painting Trades Worker
271111 出庭律师 Barrister
271311 律师 Solicitor
312211 土木工程绘图员 civil engineering draftsperson
312212 土木工程技术员 civil engineering technician
312311 电气工程绘图员 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
313212 通讯现场工程师 telecommunications field engineer
321111 汽车电工 Automotive Electrician
321212 柴油汽车技工 Diesel Motor Mechanic
321213 摩托车修理工 Motorcycle Mechani
322211 钣金工 Sheetmetal Trades Worker
322313 电焊工(甲等)Welder (First Class) (Aus) / Welder (NZ)
323211 钳工(普通) Fitter (General)
323213 钳工和焊工 Fitter-Welder
324111 钣金工人 Panelbeater
331112 石匠 Stonemason
331212 木匠 Carpenter
334113 下水道工 Drainer
341112 电工(特种) Electrician (Special Class)
342212 电缆接线技工 Technical Cable Jointer
351411 厨师 Cook
323212 钳工和车床工 Fitter and Turner
323214 金属机械师(甲等) Metal Machinist (First Class)
331111 瓦工 Bricklayer
331211 木工和细木工 Carpenter and Joiner
331213 工匠 Joiner
333111 玻璃工 Glazier
333212 固体泥水匠 solid plasterer
334112 空调和机械服务水管工 Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
334114 煤气工 Gasfitter
334115 屋顶水暖工 Roof plumber
342111 空调和制冷技工 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
394111 家具工 Cabinetmaker
411213 牙科技术员 dental technicia
341111 电工(普通) Electrician (General)
342211 电气接线员 Electrical Linesworker
342313 电子设备行业工人 Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
399111 造艇者和修理工 boat builder and repairer
399112 造船工 Shipwright
411212 牙科修复师 dental prosthetist
411411 在编护士 Enrolled Nurse
351111 面包师 Baker
252712 语言病理学家 Speech Pathologist
342315 电子仪器行业工人(特别类) Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)
342314 电子仪器行业工人(普通) Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)
341113 电梯维修工 Lift Mechanic
333411 墙壁和地面瓷砖工 Wall and Floor Tiler
333211 纤维泥水匠 Fibrous Plasterer
272511 社工 Social Worker
254111 助产士 Midwife
252411 职业治疗师 Occupational Therapist
252112 整骨师 Osteopath
252111 脊椎按摩师 Chiropractor
251411 验光师 Optometrist
251311 环境卫生官员 Environmental Health Officer
251213 核医学技师 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
251212 医疗放射治疗师 Medical Radiation Therapist
251211 医疗放射诊断技师 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
241513 视障教师 Teacher of the Sight Impaired
241512 听障教师 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
241411 中学教师 Secondary School Teacher
234914 物理学家 Physicist
234912 冶金学家 Metallurgist
234711 兽医 Veterinarian
234611 医学实验室科学家 Medical Laboratory Scientist
234113 护林员 Forester
234111 农业顾问 Agricultural Consultant
233916 海军建筑师 Naval Architect
233915 环境工程师 Environmental Engineer
233914 工程技师 Engineering Technologist
233913 生物医学工程师 Biomedical Engineer
233912 农业工程师 Agricultural Engineer
233911 航空工程师 Aeronautical Engineer
233612 石油工程师 Petroleum Engineer
233611 采矿工程师(石油除外) Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)
233411 电子工程师 Electronics Engineer
233112 材料工程师 Materials Engineer
232112 景观设计师 Landscape Architect
231214 船舶主任 Ship's Officer
224111 Actuary 精算师
221113 税务会计师 Taxation Accountant
221112 管理会计师 Management Accountant
141311 酒店或汽车旅馆经理 Hotel or Motel Manager
134213 初级卫生机构管理者 Primary Health Organisation Manager
134111 托儿所经理 Child Care Centre Manager
133513 生产经理(采矿) Production Manager (Mining)
411214 牙科治疗师 Dental Therapist
Nsw 2015年政策及州担保清单变化
231213 船长 Ship's Master
133111 施工项目经理 Construction Project Manager
133112 项目建造师 Project Builder
133211 工程经理 Engineering Manager
134214 福利中心经理 Welfare Centre Manager
221213 外审 External Auditor
233215 交通工程师 Transport Engineer
233311 电气工程师 Electrical Engineer
233214 结构工程师 Structural Engineer
231212 船舶工程师 Ship's Engineer
232214 其他空间科学家 Other Spatial Scientist
134212 临床护理主任 Nursing Clinical Director
241599 特殊教育教师 Special Education Teachers nec
252511 物理治疗师 Physiotherapist
252611 足病诊疗师 Podiatrist
253313 临床血液学家 Clinical Haematologist
253317 重症监护专家 Intensive Care Specialist



排队情况外部看不到,两人职业都在 NSW List 上,60分也是很有希望的。





Regularly check your emails to see if you have been invited by NSW. There is no set timeframe to expect an invitation after submitting an EOI. Invitations are not guaranteed.



说明不怎么缺这个职业了,所以给个 limited 的配额。但各行各业都还缺条件好的人,因此分数高的大多可以考虑。加拿大加拿大ee大概就是这个思路。

看了一下,NSW 489担保234411 地质学家,190不担保。



CSOL 职业也有机会了。

对ICT类的189职业来说,如果60分申请189何时被捞不确定,也可以考虑申请nsw 190,例如ict ba这类189容易满的职业。

请问多少分算高分,我是城市规划专业,189 190相继取消这个职业,是不是等190的邀请基本不太可能了?我分数60,


自身够60申请nsw还是有希望的,现在也没其他机会。189和190相继取消都被你赶上了 :neutral_face:

nsw 担保规划师489,不在乎489的话可以申请nsw 489,过去以后再看政策,条件符合时可以申请190,或者等以后转887这些。


我现在分数55+5,不在乎489,只想早点过去,我爱人是CIVIL ENGINEER,不过TA才开始做职业评估,想知道拿到TR后在澳洲境内能否通过CIVIL ENGINEER 申请190 的PR