曼省省提名技术移民综述(MPNP for Skilled Workers Overview)

曼省省提名技工移民综述(MPNP for Skilled Workers Overview) - 飞出国


申请曼省技工移民的申请人,需要提交曼省定居计划(Settlement Plan),解释他们打算如何在曼省定居。申请人一旦被提名,曼省政府将根据他们的定居计划为其提供相应的资源,帮助其达成目标。


一、直接向曼省政府提交的类别: 分为境内申请类,境外申请类别。中国人最关注的是境外类别: 曼省省提名海外技术移民申请条件(SWO Eligibility - MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas)

  • 技术移民曼省境内类别 Skilled Workers in Manitoba
    • 曼省留学毕业生类别
    • 有雇主offer的技术工人类别
  • 技术移民曼省境外类别 Skilled Workers Overseas
    • 亲友 family or friends
    • 曼省学习或工作经历 past education or employment
    • 曼省邀请 invitation of the MPNP


Manitoba has been awarded up to 500 additional nomination spaces to be used for candidates who qualify under Express Entry. Manitoba has now implemented a formal “sub-stream” for MPNP applicants which in Phase 1 can be used by existing applicants who are invited by the MPNP only. Once Phase 2 is introduced later this year, the Express Entry “sub-stream” will be open to all new applicants to the MPMNP who qualify.

当前曼省开放是是自己的 EOI: 曼省技术移民 EOI 评分标准及邀请情况记录(MPNP under the Expression of Interest System Draws)


飞出国:曼省也要带着企业一起开移民信息说明会了,这次是在奥地利,维也纳,职位以长途卡车司机,畜牧工人,地板安装,水泥工,瓦工,焊工,机械操作工,汽修服务,重型设备操作员,运输经理为主。邀请年龄 21-45 周岁,中学学历,近5年有3年相关工作经验,英语要求 CLB 4,也就是雅思4-4.5的样子。长途汽车司机需要有相当于曼省1级驾照。

MPNP Information Sessions in Vienna, Austria

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program staff will be in Vienna, Austria along with Manitoba employers to conduct interviews with individuals who can demonstrate qualifying skills in the following areas:

Long Haul Truck Drivers – Vienna Mission

Operate and drive tractor – trailer (articulated) weighing 4,500 kg to transport goods and materials over long distances.
Plan trip logistics and obtain required documentation to transport goods.
Perform pre-trip and post trip inspections of vehicle systems.
Obtain special permits and additional documents to transport cargo on international routes.

Experience in transporting live haul is also being considered, so please specify related experience on your resume.

Specialized Livestock Workers – Vienna Mission

Agricultural service contractors provide agricultural services such as livestock and poultry breeding, soil preparation, crop planting, crop spraying, cultivating or harvesting. Farm supervisors supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting labourers. Specialized livestock workers carry out feeding, health and breeding programs on dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, hog and other livestock farms.

Floor Covering Installer – Vienna Mission

Inspect, measure and mark surfaces to be covered, Measure, cut and fasten underlay and underpadding. Install hardwood floors, such as strip floors, block floors, laminated or plank floors, using glue, staples, nails or other means. Inspect and repair damaged floor coverings, Install hardwood on steps, may estimate material and labour costs.

Stucco/Plasterers – Vienna Mission

Plasterers apply finish, and maintain and restore plaster or similar materials, on interior and exterior walls, ceilings and building partitions to produce plain or decorative surfaces. Erect and install scaffolding, falsework and other working platforms, finish corners and angles and create decorative designs in finish coat, if required; trowel or spray coats of stucco over exteriors of buildings to form weatherproof surfaces, apply, level and smooth coats of plaster, clean and prepare surfaces, cure freshly plastered surfaces, mix plaster ingredients to desired consistency

Bricklayers – Vienna Mission

Masons lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone and other similar materials to construct or repair walls, arches, chimneys, fireplaces and other structures in accordance with blueprints and specifications. Company specializes in exterior finishing (both residential and commercial projects). Work Site Environment – work in the cold or heat; at heights (on ladders, scaffolding and machines). Specific skills – experienced in using hand tools and power tools

Welders and related machine operators -Vienna Mission

Read and interpret blueprints or welding process specifications; operate manual or semi-automatic, welding equipment; operate manual or semi-automatic flame cutting equipment. Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments using processes such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), plasma arc welding (PAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), oxy-acetylene welding (OAW), resistance welding and Welding, brazing and soldering machine operators perform some or all of the following duties. Operate previously set up welding machines such as spot, butt and seam resistance or gas and arc welding machines to fabricate or repair metal parts. Operate previously set up brazing or soldering machines to bond metal parts or to fill holes, indentations and seams of metal articles with solder. Start up, shut down, adjust and monitor robotic welding production line. Assist with the maintenance and repair of welding, brazing and soldering equipment, May adjust welding heads and tooling according to work specifications.

Automotive Service Technicians – Vienna Mission

Automotive service technicians diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and light and commercial transport trucks. Primary duties of are adjust, repair or replace parts and components of commercial transport trucks, trailers and agricultural equipment. Review work orders and discuss work with supervisor, Inspect motor in operation, road test motor vehicle, and test automotive systems and components using computerized diagnostic and other testing devices to diagnose and isolate faults. Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of automotive systems including fuel system, brakes, steering and suspension, engine and drive train, emission control and exhaust, cooling and climate control, and electrical and electronic systems using hand tools and other specialized automotive repair equipment. Test and adjust repaired systems to manufacturer’s performance specifications. Perform scheduled maintenance service, such as oil changes, lubrications and tune ups. Advise customers on work performed, general vehicle condition and future repair requirements.

Heavy equipment operators/technicians – Vienna Mission

Operate, repair and maintain heavy agricultural, construction and operational equipment such as tractors, forklifts. Operate heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders and graders to excavate, move, load and grade earth, rock, gravel or other materials during construction and related activities, Operate bulldozers or other heavy equipment to clear brush and stumps prior to logging activities and to build roads at logging and surface mining sites. Operate heavy equipment with pile driver head to drive piling into earth to provide support for buildings, bridges or other structures. Operate heavy dredging equipment to deepen waterways or reclaim earth fill, Operate heavy paving and surfacing equipment to lay, spread or compact concrete, asphalt and other surface materials during highway and road construction, Operate power shovels to excavate rock, ore or other materials from open-pit mines, strip mines, quarries or construction pits. Operate heavy equipment to move, load and unload cargo, Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment and clean, lubricate and refill equipment.

Managers in Transportation – Vienna Mission

Plan, organize, direct the operations of transportation; oversee dispatch and dispatch vehicles, Set operations policies and standards, including determination of safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods, and ensure compliance with transport regulations. Oversee dispatch of vehicles, vessels or aircraft, Control the company or departmental budget, including acquisitions. Monitor company’s or department’s performance, prepare reports for senior management, and plan for changes to schedules and policies. Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of companies or departments responsible for co-ordinating, arranging and monitoring the transportation and movement of goods, Arrange for shipping documentation and oversee the scheduling and dispatching of goods and the tracking and tracing of goods in transit.

Employment opportunities are available to qualified and interested candidates. If you:

  • Are between the age of 21 – 45
  • Have post secondary education / training in the related occupations listed
  • Have a minimum of 3 years employment experience in the past 5 years in the related occupations listed
  • Are able to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 4) or Common European Framework Reference (CEFR B1)

Note: If you are interested in opportunities as a Long Haul Truck Driver, you must also currently hold the equivalent to a Manitoba Class 1 drivers license, including airbrake endorsement and clear driving record (must provide documentation).

飞出国:曼省自有 EOI 邀请记录:


Changes to Employer Registration under WRAPA for Provincial Nominees

Effective April 1, 2017, employers seeking to hire or retain foreign workers who are Manitoba Provincial Nominees (PNs) do not have to make an Employer Registration application under the Worker Recruitment and Protection Act.

WRAPA 代表曼省 Worker Recruitment and Protection Act。

需要获得相关移民及出国签证申请帮助可以联系飞出国微信(fcgvisabbs): http://flyabroad.me/contact


WPSL 曼省工作许可支持信

曼省省提名对持有雇主offer并在申请曼省提名的申请人,MPNP 会给申请人提供 WPSL 工作许可担保信,申请人持该信可以在加拿大联邦移民部申请工作许可。已经持有工作许可的需要在现有工作许可过期前2个月内更新工作许可。

How do I obtain a Work Permit Support Letter from the MPNP to apply for a Work Permit?

Posted on March 22, 2017

Work Permit Support Letters

If you are a provincial nominee, the MPNP may issue you a Work Permit Support Letter (WPSL) that will allow you to apply to IRCC for a work permit. If you are already working in Manitoba with a temporary work permit and need to renew your work permit, request a WPSL at least two months before your current work permit expires. If you have obtained a new job offer from a Manitoba employer, you may also request a WPSL to apply for a work permit.

Please make a written request for a WPSL by email to Immigratemanitoba@gov.mb.ca or in-person at the 7th floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg. With your written request, include a copy of your job offer letter from your Manitoba employer. The letter must be on company letterhead and include your job title, job duties, salary / wage information, start date and contact information for the signatory of the letter.

The issuance of a work permit support letter is at the sole discretion of the MPNP. The MPNP may not issue a work permit support letter if the MPNP is not satisfied with the bona fides of the employer, the employment conditions, or your ability to economically establish in Manitoba. Your employer must be incorporated or registered by or under an act of the legislature of a province or the Parliament of Canada and operating as a business that has an established production capability, plant or place of business in Manitoba. Your employer must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the MPNP that they are an established business with an ability to offer you full-time and long-term employment in Manitoba. If you are not issued a work permit support letter and seek other work permit options, please see the website of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

Note: Your employer must register on the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Employer Portal and pay the compliance fee before you are issued your work permit support letter. They should do this at the same time you apply to the MPNP if your work permit is valid for six months or less.

Manitoba Employment Standards

Neither a recruiter nor an employer can ever charge or collect a fee (directly or indirectly) from you for your job in Manitoba.

Manitoba Employment Standards administers laws on minimum wages, hours of work, holidays and other workplace entitlements and responsibilities. The program enforces The Employment Standards Code, The Construction Industry Wages Act, The Remembrance Day Act, The Worker Recruitment and Protection Act and The Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act. It also investigates complaints about violations of these laws.

If you have any questions or concerns about the terms of your employment, contact Employment Standards for further information.

需要获得相关移民及出国签证申请帮助可以联系飞出国微信(fcgvisabbs): http://flyabroad.me/contact



MPNP Skilled Worker Application fee takes effect May 15th 2017

The MPNP will begin charging a non-refundable $500 fee for skilled workers effective 9:00 a.m. CST May 15, 2017.

The MPNP Online application system will not be available May 14th, 2017 in order to complete technical changes.

The next draw from Expression of Interest for skilled worker applications will take place after May, 15th 2017.