ANZSCO 234915 运动生理学家 Exercise Physiologist

ANZSCO 234915 运动生理学家 Exercise Physiologist - 飞出国

234915 运动生理学家职业描述 Job description - 飞出国


Assesses, plans and implements exercise programmes for preventing and managing chronic diseases and injuries, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, cancer and arthritis, and assists in restoring optimal physical function, health and wellness.

234915 运动生理学家技术等级 Skill level - 飞出国

运动生理学家的技能等级为1(ANZSCO Skill Level 1)。

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CSOL - 澳洲CSOL职业列表 Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - 飞出国

234915 运动生理学家澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - 飞出国

VETASSESS - 澳洲普通职业类职业评估 Vocational Education and Assessment Services :评估不需要雅思,评估函有效期为3年。

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