VETASSESS专家答职业评估常见问题(六) 继续说起,


1. 已经按照正常审理周期递交了VETASSESS职业评估申请,能改成加急审理吗?


  • 申请人有收到移民局或者州政府的邀请且该邀请有到期期限
  • 申请人的签证将在六周内过期且无法申请其他签证
  • 申请人将在六周内满33,40或者45周岁
  • 申请人的英语成绩(雅思或者PTE等)将在六周内过期
  • 申请人配偶的职业评估或者英语成就将在六周内过期

I’ve applied for the standard service. Can I switch to Priority Processing?

You can ask us to convert your application to Priority Processing. We consider these requests on a case-by-case basis so please tell us why you want Priority Processing. You can email your request, with your evidence supporting urgency, to [](javascript:void(0);).

We will consider requests if:

  • You have received an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs or a state or territory government that will expire by a set date
  • Your visa expires in six weeks and you cannot obtain another visa
  • You are turning 33, 40 or 45 in six weeks
  • Your English Test Result (IELTS or PTE) expires in six weeks
  • Your Partner Skills Assessment or English Test Result expires in six weeks.

Other requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. 对于普通类职业评估,是否可以申请与学历不相关的职业评估?比如,申请人是烹饪专业毕业的,但是从事的是快餐餐馆管理工作。

答:可以。所有普通类职业,Group A职业除外,都是不要求必须有相关专业学历的,申请人需要证明其有更多的相关工作履历即可。举例说明,Group B职业,申请人如果持有的是非相关专业的本科学位,那么近五年内有三年相关工作经验,就可以用于职业评估。相对的,如果是相关专业的学历,则需要近五年内有一年相关工作经验就行。

For a professional occupation, can I apply for a skills assessment for an occupation not really close to my degree? I’m a culinary graduate and my skill and experience is in managing a fast food restaurant.

Yes, you can apply. For any general professional occupations we assess, except for those in Group A, we can consider an unrelated degree as fulfilling the qualification level requirement. An applicant will typically need to demonstrate more time in their employment to be deemed skilled.

For example, for Group B, if a person holds a qualification comparable to an Australian Qualifications Framework bachelor degree that is not highly relevant, then 3 years of highly relevant employment, performed within the last 5 years would be deemed skilled – opposed to the requirement of just 1 year if the qualification was relevant.

You can read more here

3. 如果申请人是自雇的技工,可以提供什么材料证明工作履历呢?因为VETASSESS对于技工类职业的申请人不认可Statutory declaration自我声明。


If someone is a self-employed tradesperson who has been handling the duties and responsibilities of the nominated occupation, what evidence and documents do they need to submit? I know that VETASSESS does not accept a statutory declaration for people in trade occupations.

In trade occupations, we require documents such as a letter from your accountant stating your taxation obligations, business registration documents, invoices and annual business and tax returns. Trade applicants have a technical interview and, for licensed trades, a practical assessment, to demonstrate their skills.

4. 如果申请人只是有主厨的工作经验,可能可以评估下来主厨和厨师两个职业吗?


Is it possible to have a skills assessment as a cook as well as a chef if someone has experience only as a chef?

The two occupations are different. Additional duties are required of a chef.

5. 工作经验是4-5年前的了,会不会因为VETASSESS的审理周期导致损失了12周的工作经验?


If my work experience was 4 – 5 years ago, could I potentially lose 12 weeks of work experience due to processing times?

You will not lose any time. Consideration of your employment starts from the day you lodge your application; processing time does not affect our assessment of your experience.

6. 如果之前职业评估没通过,换一个提名职业重新申请,那么之前的申请会对新的申请造成影响吗?


If an applicant was unsuccessful under one occupation and now applies under a different occupation, would the unsuccessful application have any impact on the new application?

No. The new assessment is looked at with ‘new eyes’ against the official evidence you have provided for that occupation.