1. 什么是Date Deemed Skilled?
    答:作为职业评估流程的一部分,VETASSESS会确定申请人什么时候开始计算移民加分工作年限。VETASSESS会综合看申请人近十年的工作经验并评估与提名职业的相关度。Date Deemed Skilled就是从这个日期开始申请人满足了提名职业的要求,从这开始可以算作加分工作年限。
  1. What is Date Deemed Skilled (DDS)?
    As part of the Skills Assessment process, we work out when you were considered (deemed) skilled in your occupation. We determine this by looking at your employment over the last 10 years and how it relates to the occupation we are assessing. The Date Deemed Skilled is the date when you have met the VETASSESS skills assessment requirements for your occupation.
  1. VETASSESS职业评估函有效期是多久?
  1. How long is the VETASSESS Skills Assessment outcome letter valid for?
    VETASSESS Skills assessments are valid for three years from the original date of issue. Applicants should also seek confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs regarding the requirements for their visa application.
  1. 由于之前的雇主已经倒闭无法提供新的推荐信,可以提供其他材料替代吗?
  1. I cannot provide an updated letter of reference because my previous employer went out of business. What can I provide as an alternative?
    You must submit as many other official documents as you can to support evidence of the company’s existence and your employment claims. These may include business registration records, your contract documents, your letter of appointment, previous letters of reference and/or promotion, position descriptions, formal notice of business closure, official taxation receipts, pay slips and bank statements that have your employer’s details.
  1. 组织结构图需要打印在公司信头纸上吗?
  1. Does the organisational chart need to be issued on company letterhead?
    Yes. Managerial positions are commonly evidenced by an organisation chart issued on official company letterhead and endorsed by appropriate level/authorised people within the organisation. If you are unable to provide this evidence on company letterhead, please provide the reasons and relevant organisational chart details in a statutory declaration.
  1. 如果是自雇或者自己有公司的,如何证明工作履历情况?
  1. I am a self-employed/owner of a company. How can I prove my employment and
    role within the company?
    To support any self-employment claims, we require official evidence/testimonies from authorised service providers. This could be a legal practitioner or a qualified accountant. Accountant/legal testimonies should clearly explain your primary responsibilities at the company and the details of your annual income received. You should supply evidence of your employment responsibilities with official client testimonies for work/projects/performance of tasks completed. These must be accompanied by payment evidence, which can include taxation receipts.
  1. 如果同时给两位雇主工作,VETASSESS会认可两份工作满足20工作小时每周的要求吗?
  1. I have been working for two different employers simultaneously. Will you accept both employment positions to meet the 20 hours per week requirement?
    Work experience of at least 20 hours per week generally means 20 hours per week for each employment position. However, where your contract of employment provides for variable distribution of hours, we may take this into consideration in determining whether you satisfy the employment requirement of at least 20 hours per week.
    To provide evidence of this claim, you must supply detailed official evidence of your terms of employment and payment evidence. To avoid any doubt, any period of employment that fails to meet the “minimum 20 hours per week” benchmark will not meet our skills assessment requirements.