Exploratory Visit Report - 萨省省提名企业家移民考察访问报告EVR(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Entrepreneur Category)

萨省省提名企业家移民简介(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Entrepreneur Category) 继续讨论:

萨省省提名企业家移民考察访问报告EVR(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Entrepreneur Category Exploratory Visit Report) - 飞出国


  • 提供访问期间专业企业服务提供商的名字,及联系方式;
  • 活动或会议的描述,以及它与创办企业或定居的联系;
  • 在加拿大和萨省逗留期间的,所有机票、登机牌和酒店收据的复印件;
  • 访问期间收集的所有企业服务提供商的名片;
  • 如果打算收购企业,需要提供访问现有企业的经营地点的细节,以及与现有企业主的会谈细节。需要提供企业名字,地点以及当前所有者的名字和联系方式。

Exploratory Visit Report

The exploratory visit is mandatory for applicants investing in a business succession opportunity,a joint venture or a regional business opportunity.

To be eligible for points, complete and submit an Exploratory Visit Report to their onlineapplication, stating the activities undertaken during your visit. The report must cover the entire length of your stay in Canada, including time spent in other provinces, if any.

The information required for the report must be submitted online including attaching any relevant documents.

The report must include:

  • The name of the professional business service providers or settlement organizations youvisited during your trip, including mailing addresses, telephone numbers and emails;
  • A description of the activity and/or meeting and how it relates to your businessestablishment or settlement;
  • Copies of all airline tickets, boarding passes and hotel receipts during your entire stay inCanada and Saskatchewan;
  • Copies of business cards you collected from relevant contact and business serviceproviders contacted during your visit; and
  • Details of visits to existing business locations and meetings with current owners, ifyou’re planning to purchase an existing business. You should include the business name,location and the current owner(s) name(s) and contact details.

Please don’t include photographs, brochures, flyers, maps or other promotional materials collected during the exploratory visit.

飞出国 SINP Entrepreneur Category 商业考察报告-2016-05-10:89679-Exploratory Visit Report-May10-2016-flyabroad.pdf (272.4 KB)。