育空EE申请表yg6114_e(YNP Yukon Express Entry Application Form )

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育空省提名EE类别简介和申请流程(YNP Yukon Nominee Program Express Entry) 继续讨论:

育空EE申请表yg6114_e(YNP Yukon Express Entry Application Form ) - 飞出国


育空EE申请表是由雇主和申请人一起完成的,必须完整填写,最后需要雇主和申请人双方的签字。申请表中会要求申请人填写EE Profile Number 和 Job Seeker Validation Code. 申请表中主要包含的信息有:申请类别,雇主公司的信息,职位信息,招聘广告信息,以及雇主声明,EE信息,申请人个人信息,申请人的声明。

Yukon Express Entry(YEE) Application Form - Section 1 - 飞出国

1. 申请类别: 育空YNP在EE下可以申请的类别有3种,即技术类别FSW,技工类别FST,和加拿大经验类别CEC。

  • Yukon EE Skilled Worker Program
  • Yukon EE Skilled Trades Program
  • Yukon EE Canadian Experience Class

2. 填写雇主公司信息:

3. 雇主提供的职位信息:

4. 招聘广告:
申请提名前,雇主至少连续登了4个星期的招聘广告。直到申请获批之前,招聘广告必须一直有效。招聘广告的形式需要包含以下三种:在Job Bank注册;在本地报纸,时事通讯,就业中心登广告;招聘网站发布信息。或者不登广告的话,可以提供LMIA.



5. 雇主声明 - 飞出国

  • 我声明在申请中提供的信息是真实,完整和准确的,并且由本人核实。
  • 我声明企业在育空就业标准和育空工人健康和安全补偿委员会有着良好的剩余,并且目前没有劳资纠纷。
  • 我声明提供的岗位不会与现有的协议、 任何劳动争议解决或参与卷入此类纠纷的人的就业问题发生冲突。
  • 我声明我已经对申请人进行了面试,并决定他/她的语言技能足够执行职位的职责。
  • 我声明我已经对申请人进行了面试,并决定他/她有足够的技能和经验来执行岗位职责。
  • 我同意为外国工人提供永久全职的工作,正如在EE Guaranteed Employment Offer列出来的。
  • 我了解,如果提供不完整的申请,包括所有所需表格和认证的证明文件,可能会导致申请被退回或拒绝。
  • 我会在申请人的登陆育空地区的14个自然日内,联系育空政府,尤其是高等教育部门,安排申请人的面试。面试会安排在申请人开始工作前进行。
  • 我同意育空移民官可能会访问工作场所,已确保遵守育空地区移民政策的要求。关于访问的时间,次数和访问的时间长短,将由政府的自由裁量权。
  • 我了解,豁免劳动市场影响评估(LMIA)的雇主,需要提交IMM5802表格,并且向CIC支付一定的费用。这些需要在申请人申请工作许可之前完成。

Employer declarations

  • I declare that the information given in this application is truthful, complete and correct and verified by me.
  • I declare that the business is in good standing with Yukon Employment Standards and Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board and that there are no current labour disputes.
  • I declare the employment of the position does not conflict with any existing bargaining agreements, the settlement of any labour dispute or the employment of a person involved in such a dispute.
  • I declare that I have interviewed the applicant and determined that his/her language skills are sufficient in English and/or French to be able to perform the duties of the position.
  • I declare that I have interviewed the applicant and determined that he/she has sufficient skills and experience to perform the duties of the position.
  • I agree to provide employment for the foreign worker or nominees on a permanent (indeterminate) full-time basis as outlined in the Yukon EE Guaranteed Employment Offer.
  • I understand that failure to provide a complete application, including all required forms and credible supporting documentation, may result in the return or denial of this application.
  • I will contact the Government, specifically the Advanced Education Branch, within 14 calendar days of the applicant’s arrival in Yukon to schedule an entry interview for the foreign national. The entry interview must be held before the applicant commences work.
  • I agree that a Yukon Immigration Officer may visit the site of future employment to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Yukon Immigration Policies. The timing, number and length of site visits will be at Yukon’s discretion.
  • I understand that failure to provide a complete application, including all required forms and credible supporting documentation, may result in the return or denial of this application.
  • I understand that employers of foreign nationals who are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process will be required to submit information about their organization and the offer of employment (IMM 5802E), and pay a fee directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This will need to be done before the foreign national can apply for an employer-specific work permit, at a Mission overseas or in-Canada office.

6. EE信息:申请人需要先满足EE下的申请条件要求,成功注册EE并进入候选池,获得Express Entry Profile Number和Job Seeker Validation Code。

7. 外国工人工人信息:
包括个人信息,家庭住址,提供EE Profile Number和Job Seeker Validation Code,移民身份相关的信息(工作许可,学习许可等),语言考试种类及成绩,家庭成员信息。


(The applicant must submit his/her high school certificate or its equivalent in order to meet the minimum education requirement. If higher education is required for the position/NOC, please submit those diplomas, certificates, degrees, etc.)


Employment History (List employment history relevant to the position for which you are applying.)
Notarized copies of employment records confirming previous employment. Documentation must include letters of reference from the supervisor or Human Resources officer identified by name and title. Letters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be on company letterhead
  • Must indicate start and end date of employment
  • Job title
  • Job duties
  • Contact information of the supervisor or Human Resources officer issuing the letter (phone number,
    fax number, e-mail, company website)
    Additional documents may be requested by the assessing officers, such as:
  • Pay stubs
  • Income tax records
  • Other documents as requested by the assessing officer

8. 外国工人声明

  • 本人声明:
  • 我打算长期定居育空地区。
  • 我有足够的英语或法语语言能力胜任工作岗位,并会尽我最大的努力融汇社会。
  • 我确认我同意Guaranteed Employment Offer协议。
  • 我同意签署三方协议,其中列出了我需要履行的职责。
  • 我在此申请中提供的信息是真实,完整和正确的。
  • 我明白了任何虚假陈述或对真实材料的隐瞒都有可能导致我被逐出加拿大,和可能成为我被起诉我或驱逐的理由。
  • 我了解所有的声明。对于不明白的条款已经询问清楚并且得到解释。
  • 我的条件满足EE下3个项目FSW/FWT/CEC中的一种。

  • I declare that:

  • I intend to live in Yukon on a permanent basis.

  • I have sufficient English or French language ability to work in the position specified in the Guaranteed Employment Offer and will make my best effort to integrate into the community.

  • I confirm my agreement to the Guaranteed Employment Offer, which is included with this application.

  • I agree to sign a Tripartite Agreement that outlines my responsibilities under the Yukon Nominee Program or the Yukon Express Entry.

  • The information I have given in this application is truthful, complete and correct.

  • I understand that any false statements or concealment of a material fact may result in my expulsion from Canada and may be grounds for my prosecution or removal.

  • I understand all the forgoing statements. I have asked for and obtained an explanation for every point which was not clear to me.

  • I meet the criteria of at least one of the three federal economic programs under Express Entry.

Yukon Express Entry(YEE) Guaranteed Employment Offer - Section 2 - 飞出国


1. 工作职位详细信息

**2. 招聘情况:**参考上面提到的招聘要求

3. 雇主和申请人双方的授权签名。

Yukon Express Entry(YEE) Settlement and Retention - Section 3 - 飞出国


**即使不随行的家庭成员,计算安家资金时也要计算在内。**可以提供存款证明形式:Current bank certification letter;or Evidence of savings balance; or Fixed or time deposit statements。资金要求如下:

**2. 安家资金:**包括雇主给申请人安排住宿情况,健康和安全的就业环境等。

**3. 如何帮助申请人长期在育空定居:**福利、培训机会等。

4. 雇主和申请人双方的签字


  • 文件1:EE候选资格复印件。
  • 文件2:育空EE - 雇佣信(Guaranteed Employment Offer (GEO))。
  • 文件3:安家资金证明
  • 文件4:劳工市场意见(LMO)或劳动市场影响评估(LMIA)复印件(如适用),或两个地方加一个国家范围的招聘广告证明。
  • 文件5:所有的教育和培训证书复印件:所有与职位相关的教育、技工或课程证书的公证件。如果文件不是英语或法语翻译,需要提供认证的翻译件。
  • 文件6:ECA学历认证。
  • 文献7:英语或法语水考试成绩单原件。
  • 文件8:工作经验证明公证件。如果文件不是英语或法语翻译,需要提供认证的翻译件。打印在信头纸上,并且由提供职位人员的签字。
  • 文档9:外国工人的护照公证件。请提供所有其他适用的文件,例如临时工作签证,结婚或离婚证,同居伴侣声明,家庭成员的护照或出生证明。
  • Document 1: Copy of Express Entry candidacy from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Documentation must include the applicant’s name, Express Entry Profile Number, and, if applicable, Job Seeker Validation Code. Note that Yukon may request additional documentation to verify placement into the Express Entry pool.
  • Document 2: Yukon Express Entry – Guaranteed Employment Offer (GEO)
  • Document 3: Proof of settlement funds for applicants applying to the Yukon EE Skilled Worker Program and Skilled Trades Program refer to Settlement and Retention Plan (SRP) form for the amount of funds required.
  • Document 4: Copy of the Labour Market Opinion (LMO)/Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) (if applicable) or proof of two local and one national advertising.
  • Document 5 : Copy of the education and training certificates: Notarized photocopies of all education, trade or course certificates that are relevant to the position. All documents must be translated by a certified translator if not English or French.
  • Document 6: Copy of Educational Credential Assessment(s) (ECA) (if applicable): An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one. Express Entry applicants with foreign educational credentials who have included the results of their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in their Express Entry profile,must provide a clear photocopy of their ECA. Note that the Yukon may request an original copy of the ECA if needed. The ECA must be from a designated agency. ECAs are valid for five years from the day on which it was issued and must have been issued on or after April 17, 2013. ECAs must also be valid at the time of application for permanent residence. You will submit your original ECA to CIC if your application is approved for nomination under the Yukon Nominee Program or the Yukon Express Entry and you are invited to apply for permanent residence by CIC.
  • Document 7: Proof of English or French proficiency test. Submit original language test results from one of the designated testing agencies.
  • Document 8: Notarized copies confirming previous work experience. Must be translated by a certified translator if not English or French. The employment reference letter must state the job title and main duties, standard hours of work, etc. on the official company letterhead and signed by a person authorized to hire employees.
  • Document 9: Notarized copies of foreign national’s passport. Please provide all other applicable documents e.g. Temporary Work Permit, marriage or divorce certificates, common law declarations,

育空EE申请表官网链接: http://www.gov.yk.ca/forms/forms/0000/yg6114_e.pdf