APEGS 萨省初级工程师认证流程 - Engineer-in-training EIT flow chart

Apegs 萨省工程师协会职业认证申请指南 继续讨论:

EIT flow chart - Engineer-in-training 流程图 :

Engineer-in-training流程图,即 EIT flow chart,可以让国际工学学历的申请人对申请流程有个大致的了解。

申请人首先需要提交Engineer-in-training申请并支付申请费,然后选择适合的申请路径(Registrar’s Acceptance List 或者 Not Registrar’s Acceptance List))

一、 Registrar’s Acceptance List

符合此类别的申请人,只要学位属于下列列表中的任何一个,就可以在递交Engineer-in-training并支付申请费后,直接支付会员费(Pay annual dues),成为注册工程师 (Registered as an engineer-in-training).

Registrar’s Acceptance List 所包含的学位有:

  1. EIT with equivalent Association in Canada;
  2. 持有加拿大工程师认证委员会 CEAB (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board) 认可的学士学位 CEAB accredited Bachelor’s degree;
  3. MRA认可的学士学位 MRA accredited Bachelor’sdegree;
  4. PE designation(USA) with a Bachelor level degree in engineering;
  5. Bachelors institution meets Engineers Canada criteriaand has a Canadian/WA graduate degree in engineering in same or closely related discipline;
  6. PhD facultyat U of R or U of S;
  7. Previouslyrecognized by Council;
  8. CEAB recognized(substantially equivalent) Bachelor degree

二、 Not Registrar’s Acceptance List

符合此类别的申请人,会被安排参加确认考试 confirmatory exams。考试由2门必修课和1门选修课组成,选修课可以从 specific syllabus 中选择。

Unless you meet the Registrar’s Acceptance List, at a minimum, you will be assigned confirmatory exams. These exams are comprised of two compulsory subjects and one elective from the appropriate discipline specific syllabus (syllabus descriptions). APEGS will consider all your information to determine if the exams can be waived (Looking to Waive policy). Additional exams/courses, over and above the confirmatory exams, may be required if deficiencies are found in your program of study.


首先要准备申请材料 Application Requirements:

  • 学历评估表格和申请费;
  • 自我评估表(APEGS会发给申请人);
  • Proof of ID;
  • 成绩单原件,公证件或认证件;
  • 简历;
  • 毕业确认文件。
    1. Academic Assessment form and fee
    1. Self Assessment
    1. Proof of identification
    1. Original, notarized or certified transcripts
    1. Resume
    1. direct confirmation of graduation document

评估学校是否符合加拿大工程师标准 Institution meets Engineers Canada criteria

What is Engineers Canada?
Engineers Canada is a national, non-profit organization that represents all of Canada’s professional engineering associations and helps develop guidelines, examinations and national engineering standards. Engineers Canada does not grant licences to practise.

如果学校不符合加拿大工程师标准:需要提供课程描述(Course descriptions required),然后ARC对其进行详细的审核(ARC - detailed review ),之后的步骤跟 下面的 1 之后的步骤相同。

如果学历符合加拿大工程师标准: 学术审查委员会会对申请进行综合审查( ARC -general review(Academic Review Committee))。


ARC会对其进行详细的审核(ARC - detailed review );

1.1 如果详细的审核也未通过,说明有Deficiencies,根据 Deficiencies 的数量:
1.1.1 如果Deficiencies的数量6个及以下,可以通过以下3种方式fulfill Deficiencies :

    1. Technical exams
    1. University course(s)
    1. Recognition of prior learning 如果 fulfill 成功,则会分配确认考试 Confirmatory exams assigned 如果 fulfill 失败,则结果和1.1.2的一样,会员申请失败,当然可以申请复审。

1.1.2 如果Deficiencies的数量是7个或以上,则会员申请失败 Application
denied,当然如何申请人愿意,还可以选择申请复审 Appeal to Council (optional)

1.2 如果详细的审核通过了,说明没有缺陷 No deficiencies (meets syllabus),直接进行 步骤 2 即可。


说明No deficiencies (meets syllabus),就会被分配确认考试 Confirmatory exams assigned。确认考试有以下3中情况:

2.1 如果满足以下条件,可以豁免确认考试 Waive Exams by:

    1. ERC approved work experience (5 years minimum)
    1. Additional education in engineering
    1. FE exam
    1. Performance in exams

2.2 如果考试失败,需要重新进行考试

2.3 考试通过。

3. 豁免考试或者考试通过,申请都会被批准 Application approved,然后申请人需要交年费 Pay annual dues ,交完年费后,EIT 的 注册程序就完成了 ,申请人就成为注册工程师了 Registered as an engineer-in-training 。


  1. ARC - Academic Review Committee
  2. CEAB - Canadian Eng’g Accreditation Board
  3. EIT - Engineer-in-Training
  4. ERC - Experience Review Committee
  5. FE - Fundamentals of Engineering (USA)
  6. MRA - Mutual Recognition Agreement
  7. RPL - recognition of prior learning
  8. WA - Washington Accord


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