2018.11.29 ACT 博士类别州担保政策 190 Streamlined PhD nomination

一.ACT 博士类别申请要求概述-飞出国

飞出国:2018.11.29,随着matrix评分系统的引入,ACT更新了博士类别州担保移民申请要求:在 ACT 大学完成博士学位、满足移民局(DHA)65分(含州担保5分)要求、提名职业属于Department of Home Affairs List of Eligible Skilled Occupations 上的任一职业并具备相关的职业评估函,无州担保费用。


  1. 注册Canberra Matrix,表达申请ACT190州担保的意向并填写‘personal information’相关信息,不要求获得matrix(Canberra Create Your Future)评分;

  2. 7个工作日内收到 ACT邀请邮件,并在14天内递交州担保在线申请。

ACT 190 Streamlined PhD nomination

You must be satisfied that you meet the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) points test before applying for Australian Capital Territory (ACT) nomination of a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.

Applying for ACT 190 streamlined PhD nomination is a two stage process:

You must express an interest in applying for ACT 190 nomination by registering your contact details on the Canberra Matrix. You are not required to score Matrix points.

You will receive an invitation email with a ‘one time’ web link to the online application for ACT 190 nomination within seven working days.You must complete and submit the online application within 14 days.

Your nominated occupation does not have to be in demand in Canberra. You may nominate any occupation on the Department of Home Affairs List of Eligible Skilled Occupations as long as you have the relevant skill assessment.

二. 申请条件(eligibility)-飞出国

  • 堪培拉居住(Canberra residents):收到邀请时至少已在堪培拉境内居住12个月, 并且在ACT大学完成博士(PhD)学位;

  • 其他州居住(Interstate resident):ACT博士学位需是过去两年内获得的;

  • 澳洲境外申请人(Overseas applicant):ACT博士学位需是过去两年内获得的。

三. 申请材料(Document checklist)-飞出国

  1. ACT 190 EOI;

  2. 提名职业相关的有效职业评估函;

  3. 澳洲学历证书:

  • 堪培拉境内申请人(Canberra resident)提供ACT博士课程完成信或者博士学位证书及成绩单(PhD course completion letter or PhD award from an ACT university)

  • 堪培拉境外申请人(interstate or overseas)提供博士学位证书及成绩单(PhD Award)

  1. 申请费:无。

四. 处理周期-飞出国:

递交后一周内分Case Officer