加拿大探亲访问签证清单(无访加记录) Visit your children or grandchildren

加拿大访问签证(临时居留签证) visit(temporary resident visas) 继续讨论:

加拿大探亲访问签证清单(无访加记录) - 飞出国

Checklist for Private Visitor Temporary Resident Visa Application (Visiting family or friends) 个人访问者临时居留签证申请审核表(探亲或访友)

  1. Completed “Application for a Temporary Resident Visa” (IMM 5257). An Application form is required for each applicant, including each accompanying child. 填写完整的“临时居民访问签证申请表 (IMM5257)”。每位 申请人及每位随行子女均需一份单独的申请表格。

  2. Completed “Family Information” form (IMM 5645) for you and each accompanying family member aged 18 years old and above, completed in English or French AND Chinese. 申请人及每位年满 18 周岁及以上的随行家庭成员完整填写 “家庭信息表”(IMM5645),请使用中英文或中法文填写

  3. Completed “Education and Employment” form for you and each accompanying family member aged 18 years old and above, completed in English or French AND Chinese. 申请人及每位年满 18 周岁及以上的随行家庭成员完整填写 “教育和就业细节表”,请使用中英文或中法文填写

  4. Two (2) identical photos of the applicant and each accompanying family member, colour or black and white taken against a plain white or light coloured background within the last 6 months. The frame size is 35mm X 45mm. On the back of one photo in each set, write the name in pinyin and date of birth (day/month/year) of the person appearing in the photo.
    申请人及每位随行的家庭成员每人需递交两张相同的在最近六个月内拍摄的彩色或黑白照片,背景为纯白色或浅色。相片外框大小为 35 毫米 X 45 毫米。每张照片后以拼音注明此人的姓名及出生日期(日/月/年)。

  5. A valid passport for the applicant and each accompanying family member. There must be one completely blank page other than the last page, available in each passport and each passport must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to travel

  6. Copy of your national identity document (two sides)

  7. Two (2) self-addressed adhesive labels with the applicant’s current address in Chinese characters (no envelope). 两份用中文写有申请人现住址的粘性贴纸 (无需信封)。

  8. The correct application processing fee paid in cash. Fee is non- refundable. 以现金支付正确的申请受理费。受理费不予退还。

  9. “Use of a Representative” form (IMM5476E) if someone has assisted you in making this application. 如有第三方人士帮助你准备此次申请,请填写代理人信息表

  10. For children less than 18 years old, Parental Letter of Consent from your non-accompanying parent(s) authorizing your travel. This letter should contain the dates of travel and your parent(s)’ contact information.
    18 岁以下的申请人需有其未随行父/母出具的同意其旅行的父 母同意函,此函应包含申请人旅行日期及其父母联系方式等信息。

  11. If you are employed, a signed original letter on company letterhead from the employer granting leave of absence and including the following information:

  • the applicant’s name, position, current salary and date of hire; and
  • the employer’s name and address in Chinese characters as well as the telephone and fax number.


  • 申请人的姓名、职位、目前收入及起聘日期;以及
  • 用中文注明的雇主全称和地址,以及电话和传真号码。

12.If you are retired, a Retirement Certificate indicating the amount of the applicant’s pension. 如果退休,说明申请人养老金的退休证明。

13.If you are a student traveling during periods other than school holidays, an original letter from your school confirming that you are enrolled and in good standing and that the school has approved your absence. 如果申请人为学生且于非学校假期期间旅行,一份学校出具 的确认其在读及良好表现、并同意其缺勤的信函原件。

14.Original bank documents showing financial history over several months (e.g. Certificates of Deposits, bank books, etc.). 显示过去若干月中财政历史的银行文件原件(如存款证明、存 折等)。

15.Evidence of assets in China (e.g. original house property certificate, vehicle registration, etc.).
在中国的资产证明 (如房产证原件、车辆登记证原件等)。

  1. Proof of relationship with the inviter in Canada (e.g. copy of birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate, proof of correspondence, etc.).
    与加拿大邀请人关系的证明(如出生证复印件、结婚证复印 件、信函往来证明的复印件等)。

17.An invitation letter stating the purpose and duration of the visit

18.A list showing the number of people in inviter’s household.

19.A copy of the inviter’s citizenship or immigration status document (e.g. Permanent Resident Card – please copy both sides, Study Permit, Work Permit, etc.). 邀请人的公民或移民身份文件的复印件(如永久居民卡 – 请 复印双面、学习许可、工作许可等)。

20.Proof of inviter’s income and financial situation in the form of independent, third-party documentation from a Canadian source which is reliable or easily verifiable. For example, but not limited to: Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessments [NOA], employment letters showing salary, pay stubs, banks statements, Statements of Remuneration Paid or financial statements prepared by a licensed professional. 邀请人的收入及财政状况证明,须为来自于加拿大的独立第 三方性质的文件,可靠并且易核实。例如但不局限于:加拿 大税务总局出具的税单 (NOA), 显示收入情况的雇佣证明 信,缴款存根,银行对账单,执业专业人士出具的薪酬支付 报表或财务报表。

21.If the inviter is studying in Canada, a letter of acceptance from the school.