Visa application centre- 签证申请中心

Visa application centre- 签证申请中心-飞出国

Visa application centre:签证申请中心的初级角色是接收签证申请,确保身材材料完整,然后把材料寄送签证处进行处理。签证申请中心一般很少有签证处,不负责处理签证事务并且不提供任何关于签证相关的咨询。

Visa application centres (VACs) provide administrative support services to applicants related to the submission of their application. The primary role of VACs is to receive visa applications, ensure they are complete, and to securely transmit these to the respective visa offices for processing.
VACs are useful in countries or regions where there are few or no visa offices. They play no role in the decision-making process and are expressly forbidden to provide any visa-related advice to applicants. All decisions on applications are made by visa officers at the visa office. VACs also do not represent the Government of Canada.