Dear XXX,

Below is the second of five surveys which will be sent to you by the Victorian Government. The surveys form part of your two year commitment to Victoria and you are required to complete them in order to fulfil your nomination obligations. Please take a few minutes to reply to this email.

  1.   What is your current residential address?

Email address:

  1.   Select the scenario that best describes your current employment status (choose one).

 I am employed in my nominated occupation
 I am employed in a different occupation until I find work in my nominated occupation
 I am employed in a different occupation by choice
 I am unemployed
 I am studying
 I am not working due to family duties
 I am unable to work
 I am retired
 Other – provide details

  1.   If you are working, provide details of your employer.
  2.   If you are working, indicate your job title/position.
  3.   If you are working, provide details of the information or services that helped you find employment.  For example, job seeking websites, newspapers, seminars or connections through family/friends or work.
  4.   If you have any feedback regarding your employment, or migration to Victoria, please comment.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to receiving your response.

Please quote Reference Number: XXX in all of your communication to us.

Kind regards,
Skilled and Business Migration Program
Investment and Trade
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
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