VETASSESS职业评估加急审理服务针对的是新递交的VETASSESS职业评估申请(Full Skills Assessment for General Professional occupations (including Post-485 applications)),VETASSESS一般会在两个工作日内确认申请人的职评申请是否合适加急审理,如果VETASSESS认为不能在10个工作日内审理完成,将不会受理加急,比如有的申请人学历特别复杂之类的情况。因此,申请人在选择VETASSESS职业评估加急审理服务之前可以先确认是否符合加急审理的要求,具体可以参考 飞出国VETASSESS职业评估加急服务Priority Processing详解


  1. 申请人确保所提交的文件材料含括VETASSESS需要的所有信息
  2. 申请人材料的翻译件需要是认可的译员翻译的
  3. 申请人材料的翻译件对应的文件原件扫描件也需要提供
  4. 申请人需要说明假期,工作休假日期以及休假期前是否带薪等细节
  5. 申请人的材料准备好之后,需要确认所有的信息是否符合VETASSESS要求,声明是否签字


5 tips for Priority Processing

Paying attention to the fine details really matters in a skills application. Dates need to match and you must be able to prove where and when you studied and worked.

Here are some tips to avoid common pitfalls:

You need to be able to show us the positions you held in your employment and the exact dates (day, month, year) of those positions through official documentation. It can be hard to provide this level of detail in a Statement of Service from an employer. Their information may be too brief and the employer may not want to rewrite a letter, but applicants can sometimes still meet our requirements by sending us contracts or letters that congratulate them on a new position. These documents may contain the detail required on positions that the applicant has held at the organisation, and the dates they held those roles. If we have sufficient supporting documentation like this, we can sometimes accept a statutory declaration from the applicant concerning their employment responsibilities for each position held.

  1. Ensure your documents contain all the detail we require.
  2. Make sure your translations have been done by an accredited translator. We need to know we can trust the translation.
  3. Don’t forget that we also need the original documents of your translation, so we can authenticate them.
  4. Remember to include dates of study leave, or a break from employment. We need the exact dates and we need to know whether study leave was paid or unpaid.
  5. Once your application is ready, double check the information against the requirements listed on our website and ensure all declarations have been signed. That final check may pick up a simple error or missing information and so speed the time for processing your application.