VETASSESS职业评估Project Builder 133112项目建造师职业介绍Information Sheet

Project Builder 133112项目建造师职业基本介绍


A Project Builder plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the construction, alteration and renovation of dwellings and other buildings, and the physical and human resources involved in the building process.

以下职业 可以 算入该职业组别:

  • 专业建造师 Professional Builder

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 施工项目经理 Construction Project Manager
  • 建筑协理 Building Associate
  • 建筑督查 Building Inspector
  • 建筑估价员 Construction Estimator
  • 合同管理员 Contract Administrator
  • 项目管理员 Program or Project Administrator
  • 建筑师/建筑绘图员 Architects / Architectural Draftsperson
  • 其他未分类的建筑,测量和楼宇技术人员 Architectural, Surveying and Building Technicians nec
  • 设计经理 Design Managers


Project Builder 133112项目建造师职业评估要求

  1. Project Builder 133112项目建造师属于VETASSESS评估的Group A职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以,专业必须与提名职业相关才可以,且相关专业学历后有一年提名职业相关工作经验。

  2. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业包括:

  • 建筑科学和技术 Building Science and Technology
  • 建筑施工管理 Building Construction Managemenet
  • 其他相关专业,比如建筑Achitecture,需要包括核心课程建筑施工,施工项目控制,现场准备及布局,建筑法规和时间,建筑成本估算等
  1. 工作经验要求, 只有相关学历后的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责包括但不限于:
  • 解释建筑图纸和规格 Interpreting architectural drawings and specifications
  • 协调劳动力资源,以及材料、厂房和设备的采购和交付 Coordinating labour resources, and procurement and delivery of materials, plant and equipment
  • 咨询建筑师、工程专业人士和其他专业人士,以及技术和技工工人 Consulting with Architects, Engineering Professionals and other professionals, and Technical and Trades Workers
  • 运营和实施现场的协调工作计划 Operating and implementing coordinated work programs for sites
  • 确保遵守建筑立法和性能、质量、成本和安全标准 Ensuring adherence to building legislation and standards of performance, quality, cost and safety
  • 安排向地方当局提交计划 Arranging submission of plans to local authorities
  • 承包建筑,或分包专业建筑服务 Building under contract, or subcontracting specialised building services
  • 监督分包商工作的标准和进度 Overseeing the standard and progress of subcontractors’ work
  • 安排地方当局进行建筑检查 Arranging building inspections by local authorities.
  1. Project Builder 133112项目建造师就业情况:
  • 要评估项目建造师这个职业,申请人需要证明其具备组织和管理一个建筑项目的能力,并全方面了解施工的所有技术方面。提名该职业,申请人的工作应该是执行一个有明确期限,成本,相关利益方及资源的建筑工程合同,同时需要熟悉当地的建筑法规法则,与顾问和其他建筑专业人士进行沟通,与施工供应商,技工人员,安装人员有着广泛的联络以完成建筑施工工作。项目建造师的工作背景包括但不限于是施工企业或者地产开发企业。
  • 项目建造师所涉及的建筑施工和改造可以包括只住宅,商业,零售和工业项目,项目规模包括中小型项目。
  • 项目建造师也通常会有自雇的情况,通常他们会自己完成大部分的工作任务。自雇的话,要对应提供自雇的证明材料。
  • 如果工作职责更多的是土建项目,比如道路,桥梁,隧道等,或者大型施工项目,更适合提名施工项目经理。

In order to be considered as a Project Builder, the position must demonstrate an ability to organise and manage a building project and be involved with understanding the technical aspects of construction. Applicants applying under this occupation are expected to have held employment where they have executed a building works contract with regards to timelines, costs, responsibilities of associated parties and resources. They should be familiar with building regulations and codes in local council areas, liaise with consultants and other building professionals, and may have an extensive network of building suppliers, tradespersons and installers to complete the buildings works.

Categories of acceptable employment contexts include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction Company
  • Property Development Company

Project Builders may be involved in the construction and renovations of buildings of a range of typologies such as residential, commercial and retail, industrial projects.
The scale of projects ranges from small to medium.

It is common for Project Builders to be self-employed. A self-employed builder may carry out a majority of the tasks themselves including being ‘on the tools’. Please refer to ‘Supporting Material for Assessment’ for documentation requirements relating to selfemployed applicants.

Employment focused on civil projects (such as roads, bridges, tunnels) or large scale construction projects are considered more appropriate for the occupation Construction Project Manager.

  1. 其他证明材料:除开常规的VETASSESS职业评估要求的材料,申请人还需要提供组织结构图,如果不能提供组织结构图,则需要出具法定声明写明以上信息并说明无法提供的原因。 * 如果申请人是自雇的,则需要提供以下材料:
  • 自雇证明材料,比如营业执照,会计报告等,如果是律师或者会计出具的声明,则需要用律师或会计的信头纸,提及申请人的姓名,自雇的时间段,自雇业务性质,律师或者会计的签字和联系方式
  • 列明自雇工作职责的声明文件
  • 自雇收入证明,比如银行流水,纳税记录,客户发票等
  • 其他材料,比如与客户或者供应商签订的合同,客户的证明,项目证明等

If you are nominating this managerial occupation, you must submit an organisational chart.
If you are unable to obtain an organisational chart from your employer, you must provide a statutory declaration outlining the required information and the reasons why you cannot provide the information.
If you are nominating this occupation, and you are selfemployed, you are required to provide the following:
a) Evidence of self-employment such as sole trading or business registration details and / or official statements issued by your (registered) accountant and / or legal team. The statement from your accountant or solicitor must include the accountant’s or solicitor’s letterhead, your full name, how long you have been continuously self-employed including official dates in each role, the nature of the business conducted, the signature and contact details of the accountant or solicitor
b) Statutory declaration listing your main duties during self-employment;
c) Payment evidence showing regular income from self-employment, such as client invoices together with corresponding bank statements and / or official taxation records;
d) Supplementary evidence, such as contracts with clients or suppliers, client testimonials, evidence of projects completed, etc.

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