VETASSESS职业评估Private Tutors and Teachers NEC 249299其他未分类的私人导师和教师职业介绍Information Sheet

Private Tutors and Teachers NEC 249299其他未分类的私人导师和教师职业基本介绍


Private tutors and teachers nec teach students in the practice, theory and performance of various subjects in private training establishments. This occupation group covers Private Tutors and Teachers not elsewhere classified.

NEC职业意思是not elsewhere classified其他未分类的。如果提名职业是NEC职业,申请人需要确认其学历和工作履历是与某一特定的职业相关的。如果申请人的职责与NEC职业相符,而不与其他职业代码的相符,则可以被考虑评估NEC职业。提名NEC职业,则需要注意自己的职业不能与其他代码相符(不论是不是VETASSESS评估的职业代码),同时,需要注意自己提名的NEC职业是否与该职业的下面细分职业匹配。

Some occupations assessed by VETASSESS are listed as ‘nec’ which means ‘not elsewhere classified’. If nominating one of these occupations, you must ensure that your qualifications and employment are highly relevant to one of the occupation titles given in the ANZSCO description for the particular occupation. Other specific occupation titles which cannot be found elsewhere in ANZSCO will be considered on a case by case basis so long as they are relevant to the ‘nec’ codes.
Your employment in these nominated occupations should not better match another ANZSCO code (whether assessed by VETASSESS or not).
When considering whether to nominate a ‘nec’ occupation, you should consider the sub major group description and determine whether your skills best fit this category.


  • 语言教师(私人培训)Language Tutor (Private Tuition)
  • 数学教师(私人培训)Maths Tutor (Private Tuition)
  • 裁缝教师(私人培训)Dressmaking Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 手工艺教师(私人培训)Handicrafts Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 其他未分类的特定课程的培训老师 Any other subject-specific form of tuition which is not already elsewhere classified on ANZSCO

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 艺术教师(私人培训)Art Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 舞蹈教师(私人培训)Dance Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 戏剧教师(私人培训)Drama Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 音乐教师(私人培训)Music Teacher (Private Tuition)
  • 大学导师 University Tutor

Private Tutors and Teachers NEC 249299其他未分类的私人导师和教师职业评估要求

  1. 属于VETASSESS评估的Group B职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以。
  • 如果所学的专业是与提名职业高度相关的,那么需要近五年内有一年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验即可。
  • 如果所学专业不与提名职业高度相关,那么需要近五年内有三年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验。
  • 如果申请人是有相关专业的专科学历,但是本科学历专业不相关,那么需要近五年内有两年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验即可。
  • 如果申请人的相关工作经验是在获得学历之前的,那么需要额外有五年相关工作经验,且在近五年内有一年相关工作经验才可以。
  1. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业可以包括:
  • 与所教科目相关的教学或者学科专业 relevant teaching / subject area to subsequent tutoring experience
  • 教育学 education studies
  1. 工作经验要求:学历前的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责,包括但不限于:
  • 为个别学生和团体编写学习规划 planning programs of study for individual students and groups
  • 准备和展示学科领域的理论材料 preparing and presenting material on the theory of the subject area
  • 指导并展示学科领域的实践问题 instructing and demonstrating practical aspects of the subject area
  • 设定涉及到学生的培训需求和才能的问题和练习 assigning problems and exercises relative to students’ training needs and talents
  • 评价学生,并提供意见,批评和鼓励 assessing students and offering advice, criticism and encouragement
  • 修改教学大纲、课程内容、课程教材和教学方法 revising curricula, course content, course materials and methods of instruction
  • 准备学生的考试,表演及评估 preparing students for examinations, performance and assessments
  • 通过出席专业会议,研讨会及课程,阅读最新的文献以及与同事们谈论以了解学科领域的最新发展 keeping abreast of developments in the subject area by attending professional conferences, seminars and courses, reading current literature, and talking with colleagues
  1. Private Tutors and Teachers NEC 249299其他未分类的私人导师和教师就业情况:
  • 249299其他未分类的私人导师和教师的ANZSCO职业代码的要求就是申请人需要在私人培训机构工作,提供特定科目的教育和培训。因此,VETASSESS评估标准会要求申请人必须是在私人培训机构工作且不是常规学校课程的教学。对于241职业组别下的教师,从学前到专业院校,都是有其他职业代码的。
  • 如果申请人所教的内容是属于官方正式课程里面的(除非是补习),不论所教的是一般课程还是专业课程,通常都不算是私人教师职业。通过以下各职业组别的比对可以看出,中小学教师是在规定的课程范围内教学,而私人导师和教师却不是。
    • 2412小学教师在规定的课程范围内向小学生教授一系列科目,促进学生的社交、情感、智力和身体发展。
    • 2414 中学教师在规定的课程范围内向中学生教授一系列科目,促进学生的社交、情感、智力和身体发展
    • 2492 私人导师和教师在私人培训机构中教授学生各种科目的实践,理论和表现,比如艺术,舞蹈,喜剧和音乐。

The ANZSCO requirements for the Unit Group 2492 Private Tutors and Teachers relate to an applicant’s employment with a private education provider, providing training in specific areas of education or training. Therefore, our assessment criteria for Private Tutors and Teachers nec requires that an applicant must be employed within a private tuition institution and/or be teaching a course of study that is not primarily taught within a prescribed curriculum in schools. The occupations of Minor Group 241 School Teachers, who educate students in settings ranging from pre-primary to secondary and special institutions, are already elsewhere classified in ANZSCO.

Applicants whose teaching content is part of the official curriculum (unless it is supplementary tutoring) are excluded from the Private Tutors and Teachers occupations, whether they are generalist or specialist teachers, as both are covered by Minor Group 241 School Teachers.
Compare the ANZSCO definitions below:

  • PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (ANZSCO 2412) teach a range of subjects within a prescribed curriculum to primary school students and promote students’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.
  • SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (ANZSCO 2414) teach one or more subjects within a prescribed curriculum to secondary school students and promote students’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.
  • PRIVATE TUTORS AND TEACHERS (ANZSCO 2492) teach students in the practice, theory and performance of subjects, such as art, dance, drama and music, in private training establishments.

According to ANZSCO, Primary and Secondary School Teachers teach within a prescribed curriculum, whereas Private Tutors and Teachers do not.