VETASSESS职业评估Life Scientist nec 234599 其他未分类的生命科学家职业介绍Information Sheet

Life Scientist nec 234599 其他未分类的生命科学家职业基本介绍


Life Scientists examine the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of humans, animals, plants and other living organisms to better understand how living organisms function and interact with each other and the environment in which they live. This occupation group covers Life Scientists not elsewhere classified.

以下职业 可以 算入该职业组别:

  • 解剖学家 Anatomist
  • 动物行为学家 Animal Behaviourist
  • 神经系统科学家 Neuroscientist
  • 寄生虫学家 Parasitologist
  • 药理学家(非临床) Pharmacologist (Non-clinical)
  • 生理学家 Physiologist
  • 毒理学家 Toxicologist

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 纳米技术专家 Nanotechnologist
  • 食品技师 Food Technologist
  • 化学家 Chemist
  • 微生物学家 Microbiologist
  • 临床研究员 Clinical Researcher


Life Scientist nec 234599 其他未分类的生命科学家职业评估要求

  1. Life Scientist nec 234599 其他未分类的生命科学家属于VETASSESS评估的Group A职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以,专业必须与提名职业相关才可以,且相关专业学历后有一年提名职业相关工作经验。

  2. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业包括:

  • 生物学 Biology
  • 解剖学或生理学 Anatomy or physiology
  • 生物化学 Biochemistry
  • 生物技术 Biotechnology
  • 植物学 Botany
  • 海洋生物学 Marine biology
  • 微生物学 Microbiology
  • 动物学 Zoology
  • 生物医学科学 Biomedical Science
  • 动物行为学 Animal Behaviour Studies
  • 寄生虫学 Parasitology
  • 药理学 Pharmacology
  • 毒理学 Toxicology
  • 生命科学 Life Sciences
  1. 工作经验要求, 只有相关学历后的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责包括但不限于:
  • 研究细胞、组织和生物体的基因、化学、物理和结构组成 Studying the genetic, chemical, physical and structural composition of cells, tissues and organisms
  • 在受控环境中研究生物,以了解它们在真实环境中的生存和生长 Studying organisms in controlled environments to gain an understanding of their survival and growth in real environments
  • 预测人类和其他影响因素将如何影响自然生态系统的结构和相互作用 Predicting the way humans and other influences will affect the structure and interactions in natural ecosystems
  • 为管理者、政治家、初级生产者、卫生保健工作者和公众提供建议 Providing advice to managers, politicians, primary producers, health care workers and the general public.
  • 设计并进行实验,进行观察和测量,研究信息,分析数据,准备或监督实验室报告和科学论文的准备,在科学会议和会议上展示研究结果,并监督员工的工作 Designing and conducting experiments, making observations and measurements, researching information, analysing data, preparing or supervising the preparation of laboratory reports and scientific papers, presenting findings at scientific meetings and conferences, and supervising the work of staff.
  1. Life Scientist nec 234599 其他未分类的生命科学家就业情况:

Listed specialisations:
Anatomist or Physiologist: Studies the forms and structures of bodily organs and tissues by systematic observation, dissection and microscopic examination
Animal Behaviourist: Studies the behaviour of wild and domestic animals
Neuroscientist: Studies the nervous system and the brain
Parasitologist: Provides a source of information regarding fundamental biological principles, parasites and disease control
Pharmacologist (Non-clinical): Organises and oversees tests of new drugs and medicines, ensuring quality control and securing approval for their use
Toxicologist: Studies the amount of exposure to a substance (e.g. from pollution caused by environmental contaminants such as industrial waste products or emergency events such as a gas leak) and the potential effect it may have on public health, plants, animals and/or the ecosystem

  1. 其他证明材料:除开常规的VETASSESS职业评估要求的材料,申请人还可以提供政府资助项目申请报告,科研文章,会议文章,实验师报告,专利以及科研项目等,并列明自己的职责。同时,申请人也需要附上一个COVER LETTER说明提名NEC职业的合理原因。

You may also submit a cover letter that justifies the rationale for choosing an ‘nec’ category.
You may provide additional evidence supporting your role, such as summary briefs for grant applications or similar projects, research articles or conference proceedings, laboratory reports, patents and list of research projects outlining your responsibilities.

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