VETASSESS职业评估Judical and Other Legal Professionals NEC 271299司法和其他法律专业人员职业介绍Information Sheet

Judical and Other Legal Professionals NEC 271299司法和其他法律专业人员职业基本介绍

司法和其他法律专业人员解释、分析、管理和提供有关法律的建议,并起草立法。 该职业组涵盖未在其他地方分类的司法和其他法律专业人员。

Judicial and Other Legal Professionals interpret, analyse, administer and provide advice on the law, and draft legislation. This occupation group covers Judicial and Other Legal Professionals not elsewhere classified.

以下职业 可以 算入该职业组别:

  • 家事法庭登记员 Family Court Registrar
  • 家庭法调解员 Family Law Mediator
  • 司法登记员 Judicial Registrar
  • 法律人员 Legal Officer
  • 法律研究员 Legal Researcher
  • 议会顾问 Parliamentary Counsel

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 大律师 Barrister
  • 律师 Solicitor
  • 法律执行员 Legal Executive
  • 法律秘书 Legal Secretary
  • 法官 Judge
  • 地方法官 Magistrate
  • 法庭成员 Tribunal Member
  • 知识产权律师 Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • 办理不动产等让与事务者 Conveyancer


NEC职业意思是not elsewhere classified其他未分类的。如果提名职业是NEC职业,申请人需要确认其学历和工作履历是与某一特定的职业相关的。如果申请人的职责与NEC职业相符,而不与其他职业代码的相符,则可以被考虑评估NEC职业。申请人也需要附上一个COVER LETTER说明提名NEC职业的合理原因。

Some occupations assessed by VETASSESS are listed as ‘nec’ which means ‘not elsewhere classified’. If nominating one of these occupations, you must ensure that your qualifications and employment are highly relevant to one of the occupation titles given in the ANZSCO description for the particular occupation. Other specific occupation titles which cannot be found elsewhere in ANZSCO will be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as they are relevant to the ‘nec’ codes. In order to be assessed against an ‘nec’ code, your occupation would generally be described as non-classified, yet specialised or related to its ANZSCO Unit Group description.

Your employment in these nominated occupations should not better match another ANZSCO code (whether assessed by VETASSESS or not). When considering whether to nominate an ‘nec’ occupation, you should consider the ANZSCO sub major group description and determine whether your skills best fit this category.

VETASSESS conducts a case-by-case assessment to determine whether the employment can be considered highly relevant to the classification. If an applicant’s employment is highly relevant to another ANZSCO occupation, the same period of employment cannot be assessed suitably against an ‘nec’ classification, regardless of whether the occupation is available for migration purposes or not. You should provide a cover letter that justifies the rationale for choosing an ‘nec’ category

Judical and Other Legal Professionals NEC 271299司法和其他法律专业人员职业评估要求

  1. Judical and Other Legal Professionals NEC 271299司法和其他法律专业人员属于VETASSESS评估的Group A职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以,专业必须与提名职业相关才可以,且相关专业学历后有一年提名职业相关工作经验。

  2. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业包括法律Law,法学Legal Studies,其他专业如果是与所从事工作以及所从事专业高度相关,也可认定为相关专业

  3. 工作经验要求, 只有相关学历后的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责包括但不限于:

  • 研究与案件相关的法规和以前的法院判决 Researching statutes and previous court decisions relevant to cases
  • 就法律问题提供书面意见 Providing written opinions on points of law
  • 监控和管理组织内的所有法律事务 Monitoring and managing all legal affairs within an organisation
  • 准备拟通过成为法律的立法 Preparing legislation that is proposed to pass into law
  1. Judical and Other Legal Professionals NEC 271299司法和其他法律专业人员就业情况:
  • 司法和其他法律专业人员可以在各种组织中工作,例如私营公司、法院、监管机构、公司和政府组织。 该职业属于 ANZSCO“法律专业人士”子组别。如果要通过职业评估,申请人必须能够证明其职责的主要目的是研究、起草、解释、分析和提供法律建议。

  • 如果申请人更适合其他ANZSCO职业代码,则不适合申请该职业。 有其他 ANZSCO 职业代码的职业包括大律师(ANZSCO 代码 271111),他们在民事、刑事和工业法庭和其他法庭上为案件辩护; 律师(ANZSCO 代码 271311)代表客户就法律相关事宜提供法律建议、准备和起草法律文件并进行谈判,以及在 大律师或事务律师监督下代表客户行事的法律执行官(ANZSCO 代码 599112)。

Judicial and Other Legal Professionals may work in a range of organisations, such as private companies, courts, regulatory bodies, corporations and government organisations. This occupation is within the ANZSCO ‘Legal Professionals’ minor group. For a positive outcome, applicants must be able to demonstrate that their role has the primary purpose of researching, drafting, interpreting, analysing and advising on the law.

Employment which is a better fit under any other ANZSCO code is not considered for this occupation. Occupations that are classified elsewhere in ANZSCO include Barrister (ANZSCO Code 271111), who pleads cases before civil, criminal and industrial courts and other tribunals; Solicitor (ANZSCO Code 271311) who provides legal advice, prepares and drafts legal documents and conducts negotiations on behalf of clients on matters associated with the law, and Legal Executive (ANZSCO Code 599112) who acts for and on behalf of clients under the general supervision of a Barrister or Solicitor.

  1. 其他证明材料:除开VETASSESS常规要求的工作材料,组织信息专员需要提供Cover Letter说明选择提名NEC职业的理由。

When applying for a Skills Assessment, please ensure you submit sufficient evidence supporting your proof of identity, qualification and employment claims. A full list of the documents required can be found on the VETASSESS website under Eligibility Criteria.

You should provide a cover letter that justifies the rationale for choosing an ‘nec’ category.

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