VETASSESS职业评估Graphic Designer 232411平面设计师职业介绍Information Sheet

Graphic Designer 232411平面设计师职业基本介绍

Graphic Designers plan, design, develop and prepare information for publication and reproduction using text, symbols, pictures, colours and layout to achieve commercial and communication needs with particular emphasis on tailoring the message for the intended audience.


  • 平面艺术家 Graphic Artist


  • 展览设计师 Exhibition Designer
  • 电影和视频平面设计师 Film and Video Graphics Designer
  • 出版设计师 Publication Designer

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 插画师 Illustrator
  • 多媒体设计师 Multimedia Designer
  • 网页设计师 Web Designer
  • 工业设计师 Industrial Designer
  • 广告专员 Advertising Specialist
  • 多媒体专员 Multimedia Specialist


Graphic Designer 232411平面设计师职业评估要求

  1. Graphic Designer 232411平面设计属于VETASSESS评估的Group B职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以。
  • 如果所学的专业是与提名职业高度相关的,那么需要近五年内有一年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验即可。
  • 如果所学专业不与提名职业高度相关,那么需要近五年内有三年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验。
  • 如果申请人是有相关专业的专科学历,但是本科学历专业不相关,那么需要近五年内有两年与提名职业相关的学历后工作经验即可。
  • 如果申请人的相关工作经验是在获得学历之前的,那么需要额外有五年相关工作经验,且在近五年内有一年相关工作经验才可以。
  1. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业可以包括:
  • 平面设计 Graphic Design(一门学习将概念和信息进行视觉呈现的设计和产出的学科the study of designing and producing visual representations of concepts and information)
  • 视觉传达 Visual Communication
  • 传播设计 Communication Design
  • 工业设计专业,如果有相关的课程或者与后续工作从事的领域相关,也有可能算作相关专业 A degree in Industrial design may be considered on a case-by-case basis if there are relevant units covered throughout the degree and/or the field of study is highly relevant to the subsequent employment.
  1. 高度相关的工作职责,包括但不限于:
  • 通过与客户和相关人士协商,以确定设计纲要的目标和限制 determining the objectives and constraints of the design brief by consulting with clients and stakeholders
  • 对功能性传播需求进行研究和分析 undertaking research and analysing functional communication requirements
  • 为产品制定设计理念 formulating design concepts for the subject to be communicated
  • 准备草图,图表,插图,版式以交流设计理念 preparing sketches, diagrams, illustrations and layouts to communicate design concepts
  • 与客户,管理人员,销售人员以及生产人员协商设计方案 negotiating design solutions with clients, management, sales and production staff
  • 选择,指定或推荐功能和美学材料以及媒体以用于出版,传送或展示 selecting, specifying or recommending functional and aesthetic materials and media for publication, delivery or display
  • 详细介绍和记录选定的设计以用于出版 detailing and documenting the selected design for production
  • 监督或在所选择的媒体中进行制作 supervising or carrying out production in the chosen media
  • 可能为方便今后的客户使用存档信息 may archive information for future client use
  1. 平面设计师通常工作于以下单位或者组织机构:
    设计公司 Design houses
    广告中介 Advertising agencies
    政府部门 Government departments
    个体户 Sole proprietors
    合同自由职业者 Contract freelancers
    非营利性机构 NGOs
    需要内部设计师的企业(比如建筑/室内设计,印刷公司,包装公司/工厂,出版社,电视工作室,后期制作工作室,技术公司,零售)Businesses which require an in-house designers (e.g. architectural/interior design practices, printing businesses, packaging companies/factories, publishing houses, TV studios, post production studios, tech companies, retail.

  2. 平面设计师就职情况:

  • 对于UX和UI设计师,需要明确在满足平面设计师的评估要求的前提基础是申请人在从事UX/UI之前有过很强的平面设计基础(色,形,布局)
  • 对于没有相关专业学历,或者之前没有平面设计的相关工作经验,即使当前从事的是UX或者UI设计师,仍然可能无法通过评估,而可能是被认可为是网页设计师

UX and UI Designers
In order to be considered suitable against the requirements of a Graphic Designer, it is important to note the applicant must have a strong foundation of skills in graphic design (colour, type and layout) before they consider UX / UI as a career pathway.
For applicants who do not hold a highly relevant qualification, do not have any previous employment experience in graphic design, and are currently working as a UX or UI Designer, they are unlikely to be considered under Graphic Designer. They may, however, be considered under Web Designer.

  1. 平面设计师工作证明材料:评估平面设计师,建议申请人提供其设计作品集的复印件或者网页链接,或者提供设计工作的范例

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