VETASSESS职业评估Geologist 234411地质学家职业介绍Information Sheet

Geologist 234411地质学家职业基本介绍


A Geologist studies the composition, structure and other physical attributes of the earth to increase scientific knowledge and to develop practical applications in fields such as mineral exploitation, civil engineering, environmental protection and rehabilitation of land after mining.

以下职业 可以 算入该职业组别:

  • 海洋地质学家 Marine Geologist
  • 古生物学家 Palaeontologist

以下职业 不能 算入该职业组别:

  • 地球物理学家 Geophysicist
  • 水文地质学家 Hydrogeologist
  • 地球科学技术员 Earth Science Technician


Geologist 234411地质学家职业评估要求

  1. Geologist 234411地质学家属于VETASSESS评估的Group A职业,要求至少有等同于澳洲本科层次学历才可以,专业必须与提名职业相关才可以,且相关专业学历后有一年提名职业相关工作经验。

  2. 学历要求至少有本科学位,相关专业包括:

  • 地质学 Geology
  • 应用地质学 Applied Geology
  • 地球物理学 Geophysics
  • 地球科学 Earth Sciences
  • 地质沉积学 Sedimentology
  • 岩石学 Petrology
  • 环境地球科学 Environmental Geoscience
  1. 工作经验要求, 只有相关学历后的工作经验可以纳入职评考虑范围内,高度相关的工作职责包括但不限于:
  • 解读遥感数据以识别地质构造和异常区域以进行远景勘探 Interpreting remote sensing data to identify geological formations and anomalous areas for prospective exploration
  • 使用光学,化学,电子和机械技术检查和分析地质标本,岩心,岩屑和样本 Examining and analysing geological specimens, rock cores, cuttings and samples using optical, chemical, electronic and mechanical techniques
  • 与其他专业人士合作确定开采矿产资源的经济可行性以及开发建议对地质环境的可能影响 Determining the economic viability of extracting mineral resources in cooperation with other professionals and the possible impact on the geological environment of development proposals
  • 确定资源开采提案的环境影响 Determining the environmental impact of resource extraction proposals
  • 解读实验室研究或勘探的研究数据,并准备地质报告和地图 Interpreting research data from laboratory studies or exploration and preparing geological reports and maps
  • 准备或者监督实验师报告和科学论文的准备 Preparing or supervising the preparation of laboratory reports and scientific papers
  • 监督技术人员,技术员和勘察人员的工作 Supervising the work of technical officers, technicians and survey hands.
  1. Geologist 234411地质学家就业情况:
  • 地质学是研究地球,包括地球的历史和组成,以及成型地球表面的动态系统。一个地质学家所就业的行业通常是采矿,油气开发,土木工程,城市规划建设等。
  • 海洋地质学家是地质学家的子分类,研究海底地貌的形成过程(如板块构造,火山活动和地震)。
  • 古生物学家则是通过化学记录研究地球生命历史的科学家。

Geology is the study of the Earth, including its history and composition, and of the dynamic systems that shape the Earth’s surface. The types of industry a Geologist might be found in include mining, oil and gas exploration, civil engineering, city planning and construction, among others.

This is a subset of geologists who study the processes (such as plate tectonics, volcanic activity, and earthquakes) of the land form that is underneath the ocean.

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the history of life on Earth through the fossil record.

  1. 其他证明材料:除开常规的VETASSESS职业评估要求的材料,申请人还可以提供政府资助项目申请报告,科研文章,会议文章,实验师报告,专利以及科研项目等,并列明自己的职责。

You may provide additional evidence supporting your role, such as a summary brief for grant applications or similar projects, research articles or conference proceedings, laboratory reports, patents and a list of research projects outlining your responsibilities.

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