1. 通过在线递交的TRV临时签证申请,将继续审理,无法进行在线申请的残障人士除外;
  2. 无论是新递交的申请还是当前正在审理中的申请,移民局依然将优先审理豁免出入境限制的申请人的案子;
  3. 在出入境限制政策之前,即2020年3月18日之前递交申请,不会获得优先审理的资格,除非他们通过IRCC webform 渠道提交请求并证明自己满足豁免标准;
  4. 非优先审理类别的申请人,也会按照正常审理周期审理;
  5. 针对准签的TRV申请人,移民局也会发送英语和法语推送通知电子邮件,告知他们尽管获得了批准,但旅行限制仍然存在,而且对大多数人来说,现在还不能前往加拿大。

Temporary resident visas (TRVs): COVID-19 program delivery

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.


Foreign nationals who are required to undergo a medical examination may be unable to arrive in Canada before the expiry date of their medical examination. Until a change request can be implemented to modify the letter of introduction to include the medical examination validity date, officers may use the port of entry facilitation letter. The letter can be modified to include instructions that the client must enter Canada before the expiry of their medical examination.

These program delivery instructions align with the ministerial instructions (MIs) that are in effect from February 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. While processing, to the extent possible, will continue for temporary resident visa (TRV) applications, intake has been limited, until further notice, to applications submitted online (with exceptions for those with a disability who cannot apply online). Information about the new cohorts of applicants who are exempt from the requirement to submit a TRV application using electronic means can be found at Temporary residence: COVID-19 program delivery.

Applications will continue to be prioritized for those who are eligible to travel based on the current travel restrictions; this includes both new applications and applications that are currently in progress. TRV application fees still apply.


Even if an applicant meets the travel restrictions exemption criteria and, when applicable, establishes they are travelling for a non-discretionary purpose, they must continue to meet all the usual eligibility and admissibility requirements in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to be approved.

Applications submitted prior to the travel restrictions will not be prioritized unless the applicant contacts IRCC by submitting a request through the web form indicating how they meet the exemption criteria and providing acceptable documentation.

While the priority is to continue processing applications where the client meets a travel restriction exemption and, where applicable, has established that they are travelling for a non-discretionary purpose, non-priority TRV applications can continue to be processed, and approved or refused, pursuant to regular TRV processing . English and French push notification emails will be sent to approved TRV applicants advising them that despite their approval, travel restrictions remain in place, and that for most, now is not the time to travel to Canada.

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