飞出国:存款证明是金融机构出具的(国内的一般建议使用大型银行出具的证明)为了证明移民申请人的可支配资金情况(Provide proof of unencumbered and readily transferable funds in a convertible currency - 存款可以是人民币,也可以是外币),飞出国建议申请人提前准备存款,有些项目要求申请前几个月就要有这笔钱,不能是临时借来的。

存款证明基本要求:存款证明都要求是官方出具的,打印在银行机构信头纸上(国内的包括银行章),中英文,可以开定期或者时点性的存款证明,如果开具定期证明,去柜台办理,说明定期多长时间即可;银行流水,一般招行的是中英文的,建行可以开中英文的存款发生额证明,每页只显示10 条左右的记录,其他银行都是中文流水。




开具存款证明时冻结6 个月,也可以指定更长的冻结时间(不必要),冻结期内无法提取存款,冻结期与存期没有直接关系。


有些客户资金不存定期用于理财,这样的话也可以开具活期的时点型存款证明;也可以开活期存款证明, 冻结6 个月, 存期不低于1 年, 这样存款证明上体现的存入日比较久远。当然建议有部分的定期存款证明。

2018年后很多加拿大省提名都逐步使用加拿大移民部IRCC的资金要求标准,下面是2018年加拿大移民部出台的资金要求(How much money you will need),该标准每年都有小幅调整:

Number of Family Members Funds Required(in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,475
2 $15,531
3 $19,093
4 $23,181
5 $26,292
6 $29,652
7 $33,014
For each additional family member $3,361

官方同样给出了被认可的存款证明的标准:2018 年加拿大联邦技术移民 EE 最低资金要求 - Proof of funds – Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

这里的存款证明不是花费,而是证明申请人有足够的资金去加拿大定居,移民申请过程中大概的花费飞出国论坛已经有介绍: 加拿大技术移民费用汇总(联邦ee及各省省提名)


这里飞出国主要介绍常见的 SINP,NS, ON, NB,QSW 对资金的要求(2018年要求)。

SINP 加拿大萨斯喀彻温省省提名定居资金要求

SINP(递交申请前三个月必须持续满足最低资金要求):萨省公布2018年3月5 日后资金会根据 IRCC 要求而变化,IRCC 要求提供近6 个月流水;因此,建议资金尽早存,递档前6 个月不低于萨省要求最低额。

飞出国注:其他资料准备齐全后再开具资金证明,一般一个人不低于8 万,夫妻2 人不低于10 万,一家三口不低于12 万人民币,主副申名下均可,有转出记录的提供转出卡的流水证明。

详细的请参考: 萨省技术移民存款证明要求 Settlement Funds for SINP ISWs in Occupations in Demand

NSNP 加拿大新斯科舍省省提名定居资金要求

NSNP 定居资金要求和加拿大移民部要求的一致,递交申请的时候满足资金要求即可,不要求近三个流水余额都满足,但是尽量提前准备好符合要求的资金。


飞出国注:其他资料准备齐全后再开具存款证明,一般夫妻2 人不低于10 万,一家三口不低于12 万人民币,主申名下不低于8 万人民币;递交时候,再附上3 个月的银行流水

Settlement requirements

Proof of Funds

You must show that you have sufficient funds to successfully establish yourself and your family in Nova Scotia and to pay your immigration costs and travel expenses (if applicable) at the time of application to NSOI and your application for permanent residency to IRCC (as well as at Express Entry profile submission stage).

The amount of money you need to demonstrate to NSOI to support your family is determined by the size of your family, as shown here.

The funds must be in your name or in the name of your accompanying spouse. These funds must be unencumbered by debts or obligations transferable and available to you. Funds must be liquid (i.e. not real estate) and cannot be borrowed. These funds can be in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Documents that show property or capital payable to you (such as stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills, etc.)
  • Documents that guarantee payment of a set amount of money, which are payable to you (such as bankers’drafts, cheques, travellers’ cheques or money orders)

You do not have to show that you have these funds if:

  • You have a valid job offer (offer of arranged employment) in Nova Scotia, AND,
  • You are currently working or authorized to work in Nova Scotia

OINP 加拿大安大略省省提名定居资金要求-飞出国

OINP (要求递交申请时,最终资金余额满足最低要求)

认可的资金形式:存款证明+最近6 个月流水扫描件;其他定期的存款证明,股票交割单,共同基金,投资,养老金等等可以作为辅助证明材料。OINP 对定居资金的要求还是比较严格的。

飞出国注:一个申请人等值8 万人民币,2 个申请人10 万,3 个12 万(家庭成员随同与否都不得低于这个数),存款证明建议是活期的(递交申请后不要挪动这笔钱),ON 是看是否能带过去,有客户收到过背调;如果资金在配偶名下,需要相关的金融机构(和/或配偶)出具声明,证明主申请人有权利使用这笔钱,基于这一点,不建议提供副申存款证明和副申流水。

Settlement Funds - OINP

You must possess sufficient funds and/or income to cover the settlement costs for yourself and your dependent family members, whether they are accompanying you to Ontario or not.

Dependent family members can include your spouse or common law-partner, your children under the age of 22 and their children.

The settlement fund requirement can be met through one or both of the following:

  1. Unencumbered funds that are readily transferable in a convertible currency that meet or exceed the required amount for your family size. “Unencumbered” means that your funds are easily accessible and free of debt or other financial liability. You must be able to use this money to pay the costs of living for you and your dependent family members; and/or
  2. A job offer in Ontario with a salary that meets or exceeds the required funds for your family size, or a salary, that when combined with your savings, meets or exceeds the required funds for your family size.

To determine the settlement funds required for your family size, please review the chart found on IRCC’s website. These amounts are updated every year.

Note: If the number of family members in your household changes (e.g., through marriage, birth of a child, death, divorce, etc.), you must inform OINP. See section 5.4 on Changes in Personal Information.

You must maintain the minimum amount of funds required from the time of application submission up until the time a decision is made on your application.

To demonstrate that you meet the settlement funds requirement, you must submit copies of six months of your most recent bank statements. All applicants must submit their bank statements, including those who are claiming ongoing employment income in Ontario.

  • The bank statements must include your name or your spouse or common-law partner’s name, account number, transit and institution number, account balance and currency.
  • The bank statements must also demonstrate a personal account standing/final balance that meets or exceeds the required settlement funds, unless you submit further documentation to support your funds.

If you provide bank statements in your spouse or common-law partner’s name, you must include a letter from the financial institution and/or your spouse or common-law partner indicating that you have access to these funds.

If your bank statements include a one-time large deposit to meet the settlement fund requirement, you must include additional documents to explain the source of funds. This may include an affidavit attesting to the source of funds, additional bank statements and/or remittance forms issued by a bank confirming the wire transfer of funds to your account.

If your account balance on your bank statements does not meet or exceed the settlement fund requirement, you may also submit copies of your fixed term deposits, stocks, mutual funds, investments, and/or pensions to demonstrate you have the required funds. However, you must confirm that these funds can be immediately liquidated and indicate at what value, and that they are free of debt or financial liability.

Remember: all of your funds must be immediately accessible and transferable in a convertible currency in order for the funds to contribute towards your required settlement funds.

You may also claim your ongoing employment income in Ontario OR a valid job offer in Ontario to satisfy the settlements funds requirement if you do not possess the minimum amount of funds. To be eligible, you must be currently residing in Ontario and be able to legally work in Canada. You will be required to submit proof of your employment or job offer in Ontario to demonstrate your salary.

Note: The OINP may request additional proof of funds (i.e. more recent bank statements) at any point during the processing of your application.

NBPNP 加拿大新不伦瑞克省省提名定居资金要求

NBPNP 递交申请的时候满足资金要求即可,但是尽量提前准备好符合要求的资金,定居自己要求与加拿大联邦一致。

认可的资金形式:无明确要求,建议提供存款证明以及近6 个月银行流水原件。

Proof of funds - NBPNP

You must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family (even if they are not coming with you) after you get to Canada.

You cannot borrow this money from another person. You will need to show proof to the Canadian visa office in your home country that you have enough money when you apply to immigrate.

The funds must be in your name or in the name of your accompanying spouse.

These funds must be unencumbered by debts or obligations (i.e., not real estate), transferable and available to you.

The amount of money you need to support your family is set by the size of your family. These amounts are updated every year.

You do not have to show that you have these funds if:

  • you have a valid offer of arranged employment in Canada; or
  • you are currently working or authorized to work in Canada.

QSW 魁北克技术移民定居资金要求:

魁北克技术移民要求申请人必须满足在魁北克3个月的生活开销,可以且必须拿到魁北克技术移民评分标准里 Financial self-sufficiency 的1分才能申请,该资金要求每年有调整。

因为只是3个月生活费,要求还是很低的,按汇率6(当前5.2左右)计算的话一般家庭只需要2-3万人民币存款既可以满足要求。详见: 魁北克技术移民存款证明要求(财政自足能力) - QSW Financial self-sufficiency

Financial self-sufficiency

For the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018, single persons must have at least $3,135 at their disposal to meet their basic needs for the first three months following their arrival in Québec. In addition to this sum, they must have at their disposal an additional amount for each family member accompanying them (spouse or de facto spouse and children). For example, a household with two adults and two children under 18 years of age must have at least $5,558 at their disposal for the first three months. The following table indicates the essential needs of main family units.

Basic needs of main family units for the three-month period after arrival in Québec

飞出国 One adult Two adults
No children $3,135 $4,597
One child(-18 years) $4,212 $5,150
Two children(-18 years) $4,755 $5,558
Three children(-18 years) $5,297 $5,966

Note: Amounts (in Canadian dollars) in effect from January 1st to December 31, 2018.

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