TAS 132 塔州商业天才签证(永久)Tasmania Business Talent subclass 132 visas

塔州132商业天才签证(永久) - 飞出国

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  1. 显赫商业背景类别 SBH:要求申请人是企业主,至少拥有150万可转移资产,并且打算来塔州进行对塔有重大经济利益的商业活动。
  2. 风险投资企业家类别 VCE:申请人需从澳洲风险资本基金企业获得至少100万澳元的资金。

塔州132显赫商业背景签证 - 飞出国



  • 现有企业年营业额不低于300万澳元;
  • 股权要求:
    • 51%,若企业年营业额不足 40 万澳元
    • 30%,若企业年营业额达到 40万澳元或以上
    • 10%,若企业为公开上市公司
  • 可转移的净资产150万澳元;
  • 年龄不满55周岁,除非获得州政府豁免。

塔州132风险投资企业签证 - 飞出国

申请人需从一家符合条件的澳大利亚风险资本企业中至少获得 100 万澳元资金,用于塔州的项目。

Tasmania 132 Nomination Criteria

Business Talent subclass 132 is a permanent resident visa for successful business owners who want to establish a new or develop an existing business in Tasmania, or for people who have obtained funding from an Australian venture capital firm to be used in a Tasmanian project.

Two subclasses of the 132 visa require state government nomination. These are the Significant Business History stream and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream.

The Tasmanian Department of State Growth is responsible for issuing nominations for this visa.

To apply for this visa, applicants must meet all visa requirements set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

For the Significant Business History stream, you are invited to meet with the Business and Skilled Migration Unit in Tasmania to discuss your business proposal. To book an appointment, please contact us using this online contact form.

For the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, you must submit evidence of having received at least A$1 million in funding from an AVCAL registered Australian venture capital firm for your business proposal which will bring significant economic benefits to Tasmania.

Progress Report: The Tasmanian Government tracks investment progress and relevant outcomes of the program. You are required to respond to all questionnaires.