Employment – Supervisor

Recommendation 2: Employment – Supervisor

(print a Recommendation Letter on company letterhead paper)

June 28, 2014
Mr. Stewart Hamilton
Project General Manager
Airport Expansion Project
Grantley Adams Int’l Airport
Christchurch, Barbados, West Indies

Dear Stewart Hamilton:

I am writing this letter at the request of David Handridge who has recently applied for the position of Graphic Design Supervisor on your project.

David worked under my direct supervision in the position of project team Graphic Artist and Designer for a three-year period in the late 1990’s. Overall, I would say that he was an excellent employee who fulfilled the duties of his position in an exemplary way.

As an artist and designer, David was first rate, consistently producing high quality work in a timely fashion. When creative work was required, his work was always innovative and fresh. On the technical and engineering side he also produced good accurate work, even though he much preferred the creative assignments. I think it is fair to say that David never let his creative passion get in the way of his technical obligation.

The only area of weakness that I ever noted in David’s performance was in his supervisory skills. In his position with the project team he had two junior artists reporting to him. In addition, he was occasionally called upon to supervise contracted graphic artists on larger rush projects.

The problem that came up on a number of occasions was David’s inability or reluctance to fully delegate work to his staff. We discussed this issue a number of times and our conclusion was that, David being a perfectionist by nature, felt he had to have a direct hand in all of the work of his subordinates, no matter how routine. Needless to say, on occasion this tendency did cause some problems with staff and had some repercussions on meeting overall project deadlines.

When David approached me about writing this letter, we did discuss this one area of weakness. He now assures me that, in the three years since we worked together, he has completely overcome this one shortcoming through a combination of training and ongoing practical experience.

This being the case, I have no hesitation in recommending David Handridge to you for the position of Graphics Design Supervisor on your team.

I should add that, on the interpersonal side, David is a wonderful person and a good communicator who gets along with people very well, even under heavy deadline pressures.

Should you require further elaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me at (416) 742-1594.


Roger Neilson, CMA
Partner, ADN Engineering Systems Inc.