Student Teacher (neutral) 雇主证明信样本

Reference 19: Employment - Student Teacher (neutral)

April 30, 2014

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To Whom It May Concern:

Student Teacher Reference – David Goss

David Goss was a student teacher under my supervision for ten weeks from January 15, 2007 to April 12, 2007 at Oakmount Valley Secondary School. During that term David taught three Algebra 1 classes.

Oakmount is a comprehensive high school in an urban setting with a large and diversified student population. Overall, David adapted quickly to the “inner city” situation and progressed well as a student teacher. He demonstrated good command of the subject matter, was very cooperative, and a pleasure to work with. He was always receptive to my suggestions and was continuously striving to improve his teaching methods.

David did encounter a few discipline and control problems with two of his large classes. However, after focusing on improving his class management skills and techniques, David was able to better manage these classes. I believe that this is one area that David needs to work on. In spite of his class management problems David was able to develop good relationships with the majority of students. He was well-liked by his fellow teachers.

David is a great person and very dedicated to his teaching aspirations. I am sure that with his kind of commitment, coupled with continued experience and training, David will be a fine addition to the teaching profession.


Ian Salter
Department Head, Mathematics