Student Teacher (favorable) 雇主证明信样本

Reference 18: Employment - Student Teacher (favorable)

December 18, 2014

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To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Marion Melich – Practice Teaching Evaluation

I supervised Marion Melich’s student teaching assignment at Wendell Miller Memorial High School during the fall term of 2007. She also participated in an evening course I taught on “New Approaches to High School Teaching.”

Marion did a solid job as a student teacher, particularly for her first time. She closely observed her fellow teachers and gradually developed her own approach to the teaching of English Literature. She went out of her way to give students individual attention and worked hard to make sure that all students understood the material. She learned to pace her lessons so that they kept the students’ attention. She quickly developed a sense of confidence about her own teaching style but remained open to the suggestions of others.

Marion got along very well with her cooperating teacher. The students clearly liked and respected her and were sad to see her leave.

Marion is bright, conscientious, and personable. I believe she will make an excellent teacher if she decides that this is the career she would like to pursue.


Hermine Grant
Superintendent, Student Teaching