SINP 审理流程 - v. review of recommendation and decision


SINP 第五步做决定阶段是最复杂的,有3种情况(所有完整且在配额内的申请都会收到email通知):

  1. 通过:SINP将发出 SINP Nomination Approval Letter,SINP Work Permit Support Letter (if applicable),同时通知cic,申请人递交cic申请后6个月内会获得签证。
  2. 不合格:email会说明不合格情况,例如不够分,资料不充分,或者不能让vo相信你确实希望去sk定居。
  3. 失实(Misrepresentation):任何阶段发现可能的Misrepresentation都会被 “hold pending investigation”,SINP 同样会给申请人或代理或雇主发 procedural fairness letter,如果证据确实相关人将被上黑名单2年。加拿大雇主或律师有严重作假行为的按照加拿大法律可能会被判刑。如果没有证据或发现不是 misrepresentation 申请会被继续受理。


  • The SINP may perform further verification or review prior to making a final decision.
  • The SINP will make a decision on the application, which will be sent to the applicant by email.
  • The final decisions include:

i. Approved/Nominated Applications

  • The nomination package that will be sent to the approved/nominated applicant or to the applicant’s representative will include:
  • A SINP Nomination Approval Letter
  • A SINP Work Permit Support Letter (if applicable)
  • Information for proceeding with an application for Permanent Residency (PR).
  • The SINP will notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) Centralized Intake Office of the nomination. Applicants must submit their application for permanent residency (PR) to CIC within six months of being nominated by the SINP. CIC will consider the application after they receive the nomination information from the SINP. CIC will conduct final selection assessment of the application including health, security, and criminal record review before issuing visas to applicants and accompanying family members.
  • CIC may also request any additional information deemed appropriate at any time during the application process.

ii. Ineligible Applications

  • A letter will be sent to the applicant by email notifying them that they are not eligible for the SINP.
  • An application will be deemed ineligible if any of the following situations is true:
  • The applicant does not meet the program criteria;
  • The applicant fails to submit documentation as requested by the SINP to provide proof of their eligibility; and,
  • The applicant fails to establish that their intent to live and work in Saskatchewan is genuine.
  • If the SINP has not received a request for a secondary review within 45 days (see below), then the file is closed. Immigration Representatives can only represent active files (i.e. a file that is in process by the SINP or that has been nominated and is being processed by CIC).

iii. Misrepresentation

  • If there are grounds to believe there has been misrepresentation in an application, the processing of the application is put on hold pending investigation. The applicant, their employer and/or representative will be sent a procedural fairness letter, which outlines the grounds the SINP has to believe that misrepresentation has occurred. The letter provides the individual with an opportunity to submit evidence that they did not commit misrepresentation.
  • A review for misrepresentation can occur at any stage of the SINP process.
  • After considering any information provided in response to the procedural fairness letter, the SINP will make a decision.
  • If misrepresentation is found to have occurred, an applicant, employer or representative may be banned from using the program for up to two years (or more in the case of a repeat offence). Representatives and employers may also be subject to court ordered penalties under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act.
  • If misrepresentation is found to not have occurred, the application is returned to processing.