Short-Term 职业推荐信样本

Recommendation 7: Employment - Short-Term

(print a Recommendation Letter on company letterhead paper)

December 20, 2014
Mr. Adrian Singer
Project Manager
The Conference Organizers Inc.
5700 Orberlin Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, CA, 92121

Dear Mr. Singer:

Juanita Williams worked under my direct supervision for the seven-month period, May through November 2007. During that period she performed the dual role of Receptionist for the overall Agency, and Administrative Assistant for the Corporate Services Group. Supervising her in those capacities, I believe that I was able to develop a fair idea of Juanita’s performance and capabilities, as well as the primary personal attributes which she brought to those jobs.

Although relatively inexperienced when she joined the Agency, Juanita quickly demonstrated that she was a fast-learner and a very willing worker. After a short adjustment period, she performed her primary role as Receptionist in a very efficient and professional manner. At this Agency, that job frequently requires interaction with course participants from many different countries who speak a number of languages, and have different cultural perspectives and attitudes. Juanita was astute at handling these people and situations with tact and diplomacy.

As mentioned, Juanita was also required to perform work as an Administrative Assistant in support of various Institute groups/projects. In this capacity, she always demonstrated that she was a quick learner and very adaptable to performing a wide variety of different tasks efficiently and effectively. She performed extremely well in what was often a multi-tasking situation, working for a number of different supervisors, while still handling her primary Receptionist duties. I was particularly impressed by how quickly and seamlessly she was able to provide support to the Financial/Accounting Group of the Agency, which involved learning the Institute’s financial systems and processing varied and complex financial transactions.

On the personal attribute side, Juanita was truly a pleasure to work with. She displayed an extremely friendly, helpful, and outgoing demeanor at all times. As a result, she was very well-liked by both her colleagues and course participants. In fact, I would say that Juanita’s pleasant and skilled manner in dealing with the Institute’s multi-cultural clientele is likely to generate significant repeat business for the Agency. She has an intuitive understanding of the “client service” and “clients first” attitudes which are so necessary in business these days.

In closing, as I hope the above clearly attests, I would highly recommend Juanita Williams for positions similar to those she held with our organization. In addition, I believe that she demonstrated that she has the potential to perform even more complex and demanding duties.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (313) 913-1762.


Mary Steinhart
Director, Administrative Services