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Employment – Project Support

Recommendation 5: Employment – Project Support

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July 27, 2014

Ms. Roberta Carnavon
Director, Administrative Services
Corporate Connection Inc.
128 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY, 10011

RE: Recommendation – Ingrid Heintzman
Dear Ms. Carnavon:

Ingrid Heintzman worked under my direct supervision for the six-month period, June through November 2006. Her role was that of Project Coordinator for the planning and implementation of a major international conference that was held in Toronto from October 8-10, 2006. On that project, I believe that I was able to develop a pretty fair idea of Ingrid’s professional capabilities, as well as her primary personal attributes as they relate to the job.

Although relatively inexperienced in project management when she started, Ingrid was very quick to catch on to the required tools and techniques. Using state of the art project management software, she developed an extensive and detailed Project Work Plan which was the basic tool for project planning and status reporting/tracking. In addition, Ingrid developed a Project Accountability Matrix which became the primary day-to-day operational tool for assigning and monitoring staff resources assigned to the various project tasks.

As Project Coordinator Ingrid was responsible for organizing and chairing daily project review/status meetings. She performed this role with ease and was always well-prepared for the meetings. In addition, Ingrid functioned very well as a member of the project team and consistently dealt with difficult situations appropriately. She is well-organized and is always willing to put in extra time when required.

In addition to the above-mentioned project work, Ingrid was also asked to review and evaluate the Board’s Contacts Database. On this project, she did an excellent job of supervising the two employees engaged in updating and modifying this important corporate database. I was particularly impressed with the thorough, well-written, and professional report that Ingrid prepared on her assessment of the database at the end of that project.

As a co-worker and colleague, Ingrid was outstanding. She was co-operative and positive at all times and was very well-liked by both her colleagues and the senior managers she dealt with. She has a very pleasant and positive demeanor and is a pleasure to work with.

In closing, based on my experience working with Ingrid Heintzman, I would recommend her very highly to you. I believe that her presence at the Junior/Intermediate Officer level would greatly benefit your organization. For further information, please contact me at (613) 772-4957.


Robert Brady, M.B.A
Executive Director, Corporate Services