Prohibition:永久居民因为犯了某种罪行而被禁止入籍的一个时期。具体包括:正在服刑;过去三年里犯了严重罪行;当前被控重罪;正在遣送离境令;正在被调查、 被指控或被判战争罪或危害人类罪;过去五年被取消公民资格。

Permanent residents who have committed crimes in Canada may not be eligible to become Canadian citizens for a period of time. People may be considered under a prohibition and cannot get citizenship if they:

  • are currently serving a sentence,
  • have been convicted of a serious crime in the last three years,
  • are currently charged with a serious crime,
  • are under a removal order (been asked by Canadian officials to leave Canada),
  • are under investigation for, are charged with, or have been convicted of a war crime or a crime against humanity, or
  • had Canadian citizenship taken away in the last five years.