Professional Consultant 雇主证明信样本

Reference 14: Employment - Professional Consultant

October 18, 2014

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To Whom It May Concern:

Letter of Reference - Arun Uday

I got to know Arun Uday over an 18 month period while he worked for me as a consultant on a project sponsored by the World Bank in Jaipur. During that time I was able to closely observe Arun on a day-to-day basis. I am therefore pleased to offer my observations on him as a professional.

Arun Uday joined Thomson Publications under my Directorship as Manager, MIS in early, 2005. He was later re-designated as Senior Consultant as a result of his superior performance. His specific duties during that period included the following:

§ Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of information systems.
§ Develop and implement policies and procedures for computer systems development.
§ Manage a team of IT professionals to design, develop, implement, operate and administer computer networking software, network management software, and information systems.
§ Perform network design for multiple locations, including RIP, OSPF and BGP protocols.
§ Design and develop the WAN with links between nineteen geographically dispersed locations.
§ Design data backups, Internet procedures, and online data transportation mechanisms.

Although inexperienced in the beginning, Arun quickly demonstrated that he was a fast and very willing worker. In a relatively short period he made the adjustment to his role and duties as MIS Manager. He performed extremely well in what was often a multi-tasking situation that required working for different organizational components while still handling his primary IT duties.

I was particularly impressed by how quickly and seamlessly Arun was able to provide support to the financial /accounting group of the organization, which involved learning the project financial structure and the processing of complex and varied financial transactions. He played a lead role in designing the structure of the network that connects the districts to Head Office. He also designed and developed a unique project monitoring matrix.

In summary, based on our time working together, I would rate Arun Uday Sharma as an intelligent, well-organized and hard working professional who brings a lot of enthusiasm to his work. I therefore recommend him highly for future assignments in his field.


V.J. Haryana
Managing Director