Pei pnp 爱德华王子岛省提名劳动力影响类移民材料清单

1 主申、配偶的出生证明、户口;

2 子女的出生证明;
如果子女不陪同你去加拿大,那么提交你已经履行了监护协议上的所有义务 的证明(如果适用);

3 主申、配偶及受抚养子女的护照或旅行证件;

4 证明申请人与居住在加拿大的家属之间血缘关系的文件(如果适用);

5 主申和配偶的高中毕业证(如果适用);
成绩单 (如无法提供高中成绩单,可以用学校出具的证明信代替);

6 主申和配偶的简历;

Letters of reference for work experience for the past five years for the applicant and spouse.

  • Specific period of employment;
  • Position held;
  • List of tasks/duties and main responsibilities in the position;
  • Contact person;
  • Contact information;
  • Website address and business card.

7 主申和配偶当前服务公司和过去5年服务公司的公司综述;

8 如果自雇,还需提供:

  • 营业执照;
  • 近五年的完税证明;
  • 劳务合同;
  • 财务报告;
  • 公司产品综述;
  • 提供的服务;
  • 组织结构图;
  • 员工数量;
  • 年收入;
  • 运营年限;
  • 联系信息;
  • 网址;
  • 名片。

If self-employed, please also provide business documents

  • Business license;
  • Business tax records for each year the business is in operation for the most current five-year period;
  • Work contracts;
  • Financial reports ;
  • Overview of company’s products and/or services offered, organizational structure;
  • Number of staff;
  • Annual revenues;
  • Number of years in operation;
  • Contact information;
  • Website address;
  • Business card.

9 语言能力必须经批准的测试机构核实:雅思、 思培考试 (CELPIP)或法语水平测试(TEF)

下表显示了指定测试机构与CLB 4同等效力的分数分布:
Listening Reading Writing Speaking
4.5 – 3.5-- 4 – 4
CELPIP (参加考试在2014年4月1日之前)
2H-- 2H – 2H – 2H
CELPIP (参加考试在2014年4月1日或之后)
4 – 4 – 4 – 4
145 – 121 – 181 – 181


  • 雅思、思培考试(CELPIP)或法语水准测试(TEF),最少得分是4,并且是在过去的2年里获得的;或
  • 爱德华王子岛雇主对申请人语言能力的证明;或
  • 国际公认机构的教育或培训证明,证明申请人主要的学习或交流语言是英语或法语。

10 不随行亲属法定声明;

You have a spouse, common-law partner or dependent child and you do not intend to include them in your application for permanent residence. You must submit with your application a notarized statutory declaration stating your intention to proceed to Canada without those family members. You must confirm that you understand that your family members must meet immigration requirements in their own right if they wish to join you in Canada.

11 定居费(主申10000美元,每个副申2000美元);

Bank statements and transaction records from financial institutions for the most current six months, in applicant’s and/or spouse’s name showing access to transferable liquid funds.

12 定居计划;

Settlement Plan - The settlement plan must include (if applicable) but not limited to the following sections:

  • Travel
  • Moving logistics
  • Accommodation/Housing (rental/lease/purchase/sale)
  • Transportation
  • Employment/Job
  • Social System (i.e. driver license, health card)
  • Household (i.e. food, phone, TV, internet, heat, electricity)
  • Finances (i.e. available funds for settlement, banks, currency)
  • School/child care
  • Time lines
  • Language training plans
  • Integration into community

13 上次申请的拒签信。(如果适用)

14 申请费

The Labour Impact Category application fee is $250 CAD per application. The Office of Immigration, Settlement and Population will accept a bank draft, certified cheque or money order made payable to Island Investment Development Inc. (IIDI). Cash will not be accepted and the application fee is non-refundable. Please include the fee with the application.