Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) NSW Orana指定区域移民协议

综述 :2019年4月,NSW Orana地区(Regional Development Australia Orana)与澳洲政府签订了Orana指定区域移民协议DAMA。协议期限5年,旨在为该地区面临关键技术和劳动力短缺的雇主提供担保海外技术工人的途径。RDA Orana同样提成优先保证澳洲公民和居民的就业机会。

一. Orana DAMA定义及实施-飞出国

  1. 定义:Orana DAMA是Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana与澳洲政府签订的关于该地区的移民协议,属于雇主担保签证项目,个人不得独立申请。

  2. 大体申请流程:Orana DAMA适用于482临时技术短缺签证以及186雇主提名计划的劳动协议类别。

  • 在RDA Orana的认可下,企业申请并与内政部签订劳动协议;

  • 经认可的雇主提名所需职位;

  • 工人申请并可能获得TSS 482签证或ENS 186签证(在Orana DAMA协议下,部分半技术的职业只能申请TSS签证)。

  1. 基本要素:
  • 是Orana DAMA 签证持有者 获得永居 的重要途径;

  • 广泛涵盖了Orana紧缺的技工和半技工类职业;

  • 部分职业英语要求降低;

  • 提供的工资减免反映了Orana地区的市场价格,确保不损害当地工人的就业条件;

  • 纳入了一系列风险和诚信行为,以确保保护雇员和雇主的权利;

  • 期限为5年。

  1. RDA Orana权限:
  • 管理雇主认可/背书程序;

  • 监督雇主的市场行为以及政府各项举措的影响;

  • 为雇主和签证持有者提供背书程序和后续就业阶段的支持。

  • 汇报和评估 DAMA的效果以及对Orana地区的影响。

  1. 澳洲政府权限:
  • 管理所有DAMA协议;

  • 根据法律要求,对劳动协议,提名和签证阶段的个人申请进行评估。

  1. 雇主义务
  • 证明有能力长期雇佣所要担保的移民申请人;

  • 证明已做出适当的尝试来招募和雇用澳大利亚公民;

  • 证明在澳洲就业或者工作部门没有不良记录;

  • 证明愿为移民雇员提供至少相同的工作条件。

  1. 雇主资质要求及申请材料清单:

How does it work?

A Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is an agreement between the Australian Government and a Designated Area Representative (DAR), in this case, Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana in New South Wales.

The Orana DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program and individual workers cannot apply for a visa independently.

The Orana DAMA utilises the labour agreement stream of the Temporary Skills Shortage visa (TSS subclass 482) and the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS subclass 186). Following endorsement from RDA Orana, businesses apply for and enter into a labour agreement with the Department of Home Affairs. Endorsed employers then lodge a nomination for the position required, and workers then apply for and may be granted a TSS Subclass 482 or ENS Subclass 186 visa.

Note: some semi-skilled occupations are only eligible to apply for the TSS visa under the Orana DAMA.

RDA Orana has negotiated an agreement for the Orana region that includes specific occupations and conditions that will assist our region to address our most acute labour shortages. You can find the DAMA Skills List HERE.

Essential elements of the Orana DAMA:

  • It is a pathway to permanent residency for Orana DAMA visa holders
  • It caters for a broad range of occupations that reflect skilled and semi-skilled shortages in the Orana
  • It offers English language concessions for some occupations
  • It offers salary concessions that reflect the Orana regions market rates, ensuring that local worker terms and conditions of employment are not eroded
  • It incorporates a range of risk and integrity actions to ensure that the rights of both employees and employers are protected.
  • It is a five-year agreement.

What is the role of RDA Orana?

As the Designated Area Representative (DAR), RDA Orana’s role is to manage a number of aspects of the DAMA on behalf of the Australian Government.

The responsibilities for RDA Orana include:

Managing the employer endorsement process.

Employers interested in a Labour Agreement under the Orana region DAMA must first be endorsed by RDA Orana. As a part of this process, RDA Orana must ensure that the business has undertaken the appropriate steps to ensure the aims of the DAMA are upheld and that legislative requirements for the relevant visa pathways will be met.

If the employer is endorsed, the RDA Orana will provide a letter of endorsement to the employer and the Department of Home Affairs.

Monitor the labour market behaviour of employers and the impact of various government initiatives in the Orana region to ensure that Australians are not disadvantaged by the DAMA and that the DAMA objectives are met.

RDA Orana does this by undertaking monthly job ad surveys, an annual skills shortage survey and regular briefings with a broad range of employers within the Orana region. We also regularly consult with business organisations and RDAs from across the country to monitor labour markets and activities taking place in a broader context.

Supporting employers and visa holders through the endorsement process and subsequent employment period.

RDA Orana acts as a conduit between the employer and various government departments and service providers:

  • to ensure both the employer and the employee have access to information on their working rights and responsibilities
  • to assist employers where variations in arrangements need to be made, and
  • to provide settlement support information about regional relocation, health, emergency services and education is available to ensure the migrant family’s settlement is as smooth as possible.

Reporting on and evaluating the effectiveness of the DAMA and its impacts on the Orana region.

What is the role of the Australian Government?

The Department of Home Affairs undertakes two major functions in relation to the DAMA.

  1. It manages all DAMAs and their objectives on a national level and ensures that all parties meet their obligations under these agreements.

  2. It undertakes the assessment of an individual applications against the legislative requirements for the Labour Agreement, nomination and visa stages.

What is the role of the employer?

As an employer, you must submit an honest, accurate and complete application to show your business:

  • has the capacity to employ the migrant you wish to sponsor on a long-term basis
  • has made a suitable attempt to recruit and employ an Australian citizen (subject to specific requirements)
  • does not have a history of adverse dealings with Australian employment or workplace departments
  • is looking to provide at least the same working conditions to the migrant employee as is required by both law and the Australian labour market (subject to TSMIT requirements)

Download the Business Application Form for full details of the requirements and responsibilities of an Endorsed Employer.

Download the Document Checklist and Standards for Employer Sponsored Visas for the full details of the documents you will need to submit for your endorsement application.

Step by Step Application Process

二. Orana DAMA 职业清单-飞出国

DAMA协议下,可申请雇主担保的职业清单如下表,部分职业涉及工作经验(Skills/Work Experience)、最低工资收入(TSMIT,Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold)或者英语语言(English)要求的减免(Concession)。

The table shows occupations that are eligible for sponsorship under the Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA).

It also shows the concessions that may be applied to the relevant occupations. For specific information that relates to each concession see this page

ANZSCO Code Skill Level Occupation Skills/Work Experience Concession TSMIT Concession Available English Concession Available PR Pathway
132211 1 Finance Manager TSS to ENS
221213 1 External Auditor TSS to ENS
221214 1 Internal Auditor TSS to ENS
233211 1 Civil Engineer TSS to ENS
233212 1 Geotechnical Engineer TSS to ENS
233214 1 Structural Engineer TSS to ENS
233215 1 Transport Engineer TSS to ENS
233512 1 Mechanical Engineer TSS to ENS
233513 1 Production or Plant Engineer TSS to ENS
233611 1 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) TSS to ENS
233912 1 Agricultural Engineer TSS to ENS
233915 1 Environmental Engineer TSS to ENS
234213 1 Wine Maker TSS Only
234399 1 Environmental Scientists nec TSS to ENS
234411 1 Geologist TSS to ENS
234517 1 Microbiologist TSS to ENS
234611 1 Medical Laboratory Scientist Y Y TSS to ENS
251513 1 Retail Pharmacist TSS to ENS
252411 1 Occupational Therapist TSS to ENS
254412 1 Registered Nurse (Aged Care) TSS to ENS
254414 1 Registered Nurse (Community Health) TSS to ENS
254418 1 Registered Nurse (Medical) TSS to ENS
254422 1 Registered Nurse (Mental Health) TSS to ENS
254424 1 Registered Nurse (Surgical) TSS to ENS
141311 2 Hotel or Motel Manager TSS to ENS
149999 2 Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers nec Y TSS to ENS
311111 2 Agricultural Technician Y Y TSS to ENS
312211 2 Civil Engineering Draftsperson TSS to ENS
312212 2 Civil Engineering Technician TSS to ENS
312311 2 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson TSS to ENS
312511 2 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson TSS to ENS
312512 2 Mechanical Engineering Technician Y TSS to ENS
351311 2 Chef Y TSS to ENS
411715 2 Residential Care Officer Y TSS to ENS
321211 3 Motor Mechanic (General) Y Y TSS to ENS
321212 3 Diesel Motor Mechanic Y TSS to ENS
322311 3 Metal Fabricator Y TSS to ENS
322313 3 Welder (First Class) Y TSS to ENS
323211 3 Fitter (General) Y TSS to ENS
323212 3 Fitter and Turner Y TSS to ENS
323214 3 Metal Machinist (First Class) Y TSS to ENS
323299 3 Metal Fitters and Machinists nec Y TSS to ENS
331212 3 Carpenter Y TSS to ENS
331213 3 Joiner Y Y TSS to ENS
332211 3 Painting Trades Worker Y Y TSS to ENS
333212 3 Solid Plasterer TSS to ENS
333411 3 Wall and Floor Tiler Y Y TSS to ENS
334111 3 Plumber (General) Y TSS to ENS
334114 3 Gasfitter Y TSS to ENS
334115 3 Roof Plumber Y TSS to ENS
341111 3 Electrician (General) Y TSS to ENS
351112 3 Pastrycook Y Y TSS to ENS
351211 3 Butcher or Smallgoods Maker Y Y TSS to ENS
351411 3 Cook Y Y TSS to ENS
394111 3 Cabinetmaker Y Y TSS to ENS
411411 3 Enrolled Nurse TSS to ENS
421111 4 Childcare Worker Y TSS to ENS
423111 4 Aged or Disabled Carer Y TSS to ENS
423312 4 Nursing Support Worker Y TSS to ENS
423313 4 Personal Care Assistant Y TSS to ENS
551111 4 Accounts Clerk Y Y TSS to ENS
551112 4 Cost Clerk Y Y TSS to ENS
551211 4 Bookkeeper Y Y TSS to ENS
551311 4 Payroll Clerk Y Y TSS to ENS
712212 4 Miner Y Y TSS to ENS
712311 4 Engineering Production Worker Y Y Y TSS to ENS
721111 4 Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator Y Y Y TSS to ENS
721211 4 Earthmoving Plant Operator (General) Y Y Y TSS to ENS
721999 4 Mobile Plant Operators (nec) Y Y Y TSS to ENS
733111 4 Truck Driver (General) Y Y Y TSS to ENS
831211 4 Meat Boner & Slicer Y TSS to ENS
831212 4 Slaughterer Y TSS to ENS
841611 5 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker Y Y Y TSS Only

三. DAMA 减让政策(concessions)-飞出国

1.含义:《移民法案》(1958年)和《移民法规》(1994年)规定了雇主提名申请以及雇员签证申请的资格标准。DAMA协议下,RDA Orana和澳洲政府之间就部分标准的改变达成了协议,使得一些不完全符合标准签证申请要求但是能胜任预期角色的雇员能够被灵活录用。针对不同职业的减让政策(concessions)可以参考 二. Orana DAMA 职业清单-飞出国

2. 永久居民(permanent residence)申请途径—Orana DAMA

除酿酒师(234213 Wine Maker)、混合农牧业工人(841611 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker),Orana DAMA 职业清单上的所有职业,都有机会通过ENS 186 雇主担保签证获得永久居留权 ,前提是在Orana DAMA协议下,持有TSS签证在Orana地区居住和工作满3年。

A. 学历和工作经验要求减让(Qualifications and experience concessions under the Orana region DAMA)

  • 当前Orana DAMA协议下,对于Level 1-3的职业,技能要求没有减免,被提名人必须能够满足他们所申请的实体签证的要求;

  • Orana DAMA 清单上,Level 4的部分职业,以及level 5的职业,有职业技能要求的减免;

  • 部分职业(如下表),必须至少满足如下申请要求

    • 相关机构出具的职业评估函;以及

    • 相关的澳大利亚资历框架(AQF)II级证书或同等学历,以及至少1.5年(每周20小时)的相关资格后经验;或

    • 相关的澳大利亚资历框架(AQF)III级证书,以及至少1年(每周20小时)的相关资格后经验;或

    • 至少两年(38小时/周)的相关工作经验。

ANZSCO Code Occupation ANZSCO Skill Level
551111 Accounts Clerk 4
721111 Agricultural and horticultural mobile plant operator 4
551211 Bookkeeper 4
551112 Cost Clerk 4
721211 Earthmoving plant operator – general 4
712311 Engineering Production Worker 4
712212 Miners 4
721999 Mobile Plant Operators (nec) 4
551311 Payroll Clerk 4
733111 Truck driver – general 4
  • 部分职业(如下表),必须至少满足如下申请要求

    • 相关机构出具的职业评估函;以及

    • 相关的澳大利亚资历框架(AQF)III级证书,以及至少两年(38小时/周)的相关资格后经验。

ANZSCO Code Occupation ANZSCO Skill Level
423111 Aged or Disabled Carer 4
423312 Nursing Support Worker 4
423313 Personal Care Assistant 4
  • 部分职业(如下表),必须至少满足如下申请要求

    • 由MINTRAC注册评估师进行评估和验证,或获得联邦的批准,以具有与MINTRAC所引用的AQF III级证书有关的肉类加工最低技能;以及

    • 至少2年的相关资格后经验。

ANZSCO Code Occupation ANZSCO Skill Level
831211 Meat Boner and Slicer 4
831212 Slaughterer 4
  • 部分职业(如下表),必须至少满足如下申请要求

    • 相关机构出具的职业评估函;以及

    • 至少2年的全职资格后经验。

ANZSCO Code Occupation ANZSCO Skill Level
841611 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker 5

B. 临时技术移民收入门槛减让(Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) concessions under the Orana DAMA)



  • 两个让步:

    • Type 1: 企业必须证明,年度货币收入至少应为TSMIT的90%,同时还必须满足特定职业和地点的奖励要求和年度市场薪资水平预期:

    • Type 2: 企业必须证明货币收入至少为TSMIT的90%,且非货币收入(食宿)不得超过TSMIT的10%,并且总金额至少应等于TSMIT。总收入也必须满足特定职业和地点的奖励要求和年度市场薪资水平预期。

  • 构成非货币收入的规定细则:

    • 福利必须与雇员的实际生活费用有关,如果雇主未支付这些费用,则应由雇员来支付;

    • 收益必须是可衡量的(并且能够被记录/验证);

    • 福利必须在雇佣合同中得到保证,并且必须与其他类似雇员的利益保持一致;

    • 福利不包括无保证的加班费,奖金和佣金。

C. 语言要求减让 (English language concessions under the Orana DAMA)


在DAMA协议下,部分职业语言要求有让步,具体可参考DAMA职业清单(DAMA Occupation List )。

  • 针对TSS 签证申请人,IELTS(或者等同的澳洲移民局认可的其他语言考试)要求总分/均分不低于5.0且单项不低于4.0。如果提名职业的专业注册需要更高的水平,那么这是首要要求;

  • 针对ENS签证申请人,IELTS(或者等同的澳洲移民局认可的其他语言考试)要求总分/均分不低于5.0且单项不低于4.5。同样,如果提名职业的专业注册需要更高的水平,那么这是首要要求;


四. 雇主资格(Employer eligibility)-飞出国

Orana DAMA协议规定,雇主必须在Orana地区有实际业务,经营活动也必须实际的发生在Orana区域内。

Orana地区包括 Bogan Shire, Bourke Shire, Brewarrina Shire, Cobar Shire, Coonamble Shire, Dubbo Region, Gilgandra Shire, Mid-Western Region, Narromine Shire, Warren Shire, Walgett Shire and the Warrumbungle Shire的地方政府区域。

  • 企业必须:

    • 在澳洲境内有注册实体,并且已至少运营12个月;
    • 证明有能力至少在所要求的签证期限内雇用指定雇员;
    • 有遵守所有相关工作场所法规的历史(无不良信息)。
  • DAR在处理雇主申请时,会考虑到雇主的劳动力需求,包括以下因素:

    • 根据雇主当前和未来的劳动力需求来确定Orana DAMA协议下,将认可哪些职业和相应的减让政策;
    • 每个职业以及每个减让可以提名多少个职位。

寻求吸引更多海外工人的企业将需要向Orana DAR申请批准其他职位。


Employer eligibility

For a role to be eligible under the Orana DAMA, the employer business must have a physical presence in the Orana region and the activities of the role must be substantially within the Orana region.

The Orana region includes the local government areas of Bogan Shire, Bourke Shire, Brewarrina Shire, Cobar Shire, Coonamble Shire, Dubbo Region, Gilgandra Shire, Mid-Western Region, Narromine Shire, Warren Shire, Walgett Shire and the Warrumbungle Shire.

The business must:

  • be a registered Australian entity and have been actively operating for at least 12 months
  • be able to show the capacity to employ the intended employee(s) for at least the length of the requested visa
  • have a history of compliance with all relevant workplace legislation (no adverse information)

The Orana region DAR takes into consideration the needs of your workforce when considering your application. This includes factors such as:

  • your current and future workforce needs to determine which occupation(s) and concession(s) requested will be endorsed under the Orana DAMA;
  • how many positions can be nominated for each occupation and for each concession;

Businesses seeking to access additional overseas workers will need to apply to the Orana DAR for endorsement of additional positions.

The endorsement is valid for 1 year.