OOPNP human-capital-priorities-stream 资料准备要求(SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS)

安省省提名EE技能优先类别申请要求及流程(OOPNP Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream) 继续讨论:

human-capital-priorities-stream 资料准备要求 - 飞出国:

  • 均是copy件;对于加拿大境内递交的,需提供认可的翻译Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontari- (ATIO).
  • 对于加拿大境外的申请,所有的翻译 必须公证

If you are applying from outside Ontario, the translation can be completed by any translator. However, the translation must be notarized.

human-capital-priorities-stream 需提供的工作方面的资料 - 飞出国

  • 简历 Copy of current résumé indicating relevant work experience.
  • 推荐信(含证明资料,如劳动合同工资单) Copies of employment reference letters from previous/current employers for all periods of work stated in the application(Copy of work contracts; and Copy of pay stubs)

教育方面的资料 - 飞出国

  • 学位证书
  • 成绩单
  • ECA report(五年内的)

human-capital-priorities-stream 语言要求 - 飞出国

  • Listening: IELTS 6 or CELPIP 7 or TEF 249-279
  • Reading: IELTS 6 or CELPIP 7 or TEF 207-232
  • Writing: IELTS 6 or CELPIP 7 or TEF 310-348
  • Speaking: IELTS 6 or CELPIP 7 or TEF 310-348

安家资金 - 飞出国

1                                  $11,931
2                                  $14,853
3                                  $18,260
4                                  $22,170
5                                  $25,145
6                                  $28,359

If you d- not have a personal bank account in Canada, you must provide six months of original up-to-date bank statements from a recognized financial institution.
The bank statements must:

  • Demonstrate a personal account standing / final balance that meets or exceeds the LICO; AND
  • Include the following details:
    • Your name;
    • Account number;
    • Transit and institution number;
    • Account balance; and
    • Currency.

必须是银行证明,需提供6个月的银行流水以及存款证明 - 飞出国


You are required t- declare your intention t- reside in Ontari- in Section F of the Nominee Application Form. You must provide a statement of intent stating your reasons t- settle in Ontari- and your ties t- Ontario.
You may als- provide evidence of your ties t- Ontario. Ties t- Ontari- can include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Employment in Ontario;
  • Job offers or jobs applied/interviewed for in Ontario;
  • Volunteer work in Ontario;
  • Lease agreements for a residence in Ontari- or property ownership;
  • Professional networks and affiliations;
  • Family ties;
  • Social connections or personal relationships; and/or
  • Previous visits t- Ontario.

身份文件 - 飞出国

  • 2张移民照片,需背面写上申请人名字,生日,装在小信封里,放在申请的首页

Dimensions: final frame size of the phot- must be at least 35mm by 45mm (1 3/8” x 1 3/4”), showing full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photograph and including the top of the shoulders.

  • Head, from chin t- crown, must be between 31mm and 36mm (1 1/4” or 1 7/16”).

  • The background of the phot- must be white.

  • Your name and date of birth must be written on the back of each photo.

  • The photos must be placed in a small envelope and attached t- the first page of the application t- enclose with your application package submission

  • 出生证明

  • 护照全本的复印件

Please provide a copy of your entire passport:

  • The passport copy must include clear copies of each page including all blank pages, Temporary
    Resident Visas, entry stamps, and/or any other immigration stamps. You must als- include copies of
    Work Permits, Study Permits, and/or any other Canadian immigration documents;
  • Your passport must have been valid for at least tw- years prior t- submission of your nominee
    application. If your passport has not been valid for at least tw- years (i.e., the previous
    passport expired less than tw- years before the submission of the nominee application), then copies
    of all of the pages of your previous passport must als- be included; AND
  • Your passport should be valid for at least tw- more years. If you are unable t- renew your
    passport prior t- applying t- the program, you must apply with your current passport with an
    explanation of why your passport could not be renewed at the time of the application.

这里面的work permits/ study permits 是指? 比如在美国留学我们有I-20(证明学生身份,学习时间)是这样的么?谢谢!


大家好!这个申请阶段除了提供 ECA 报告,还需要提供 certified true copies of applicant’s university degree(s), college diploma(s)?


1500刀的申请费以哪种方式付比较合适呢? 是汇票么? 那The receiver 该填什么



我申请了OOPNP,但是拿到了negative decision。理由如下,你觉得我这个情况还需要申诉吗?谢谢

 You are currently employed as a biologist at XX University. Your contract is for two years, from XX, 2014 to January 31, 2016.
 Your baby was born in U.S. on February xx, 2015
 You responded to our email, sent September 24, 2015, by telephone as you stated you
will not send a formal response. Our email outlined our concerns of your intent to reside and work in Ontario and requested supporting documents, such as proof of job search
 You stated you did not try to look for jobs in Ontario because the economy was not good, that the economy was better in America
 You stated you will return to Ontario only if OINP grants the nomination
Based on a balance of probability, I am not satisfied that you intend to permanently reside and work in Ontario.