• 2017.02.21,硕博类别开放,48小时关闭
  • 2017.05.01,硕博类别开放,3小时后关闭
  • 2017.10.12,硕博类别开放,半小时后关闭
  • 2018.01.29,硕士类别开放,1小时后关闭
  • 2018.04.05,硕士类别开放,1小时后关闭

March 4, 2019

Important notice

Please be advised that the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will open the Masters Graduate Stream at 10:00 am on Tuesday March 5, 2019. The opening will be limited to 1,000 registrations in the e-Filing Portal.

You must access the OINP e-Filing Portal directly from the Masters Graduate Streampage on the OINP website by clicking on the button ‘Submit an application.’

Please monitor this page for news, announcements and program developments.