NZQA PAR 预评估可用于 EOI 申请 - Pre-Assessment Result

NZQA 预评估结论 Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) 是专门针对新西兰技术移民 EOI 阶段的一项服务。申请 NZQA PAR 的优点是评估速度快,费用低。万一 EOI 阶段没有被邀请的话就不需要继续后面的 IQA 评估了。但同样这也是它的缺点,如果开始就做 IQA 就不需要单独申请 PAR 了。

Designed for immigration purposes, the Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) is an indicative assessment of how your international qualification is likely to fit within the New Zealand context. It’s a part of the Expression of Interest that you’ll complete for Immigration NZ, during the process of applying for the Skilled Migrant immigrant visa.

What is a qualification?

A qualification is a complete programme of learning that is offered by an accredited education provider in the country in which it is awarded, at the time of study, and is a minimum of (approximately) one full-time semester of study.

Accredited education providers and/or qualifications are those that are recognised by a government or government-mandated authority in the country in which the qualification was studied and awarded, at the time of study.

The PAR should only be used for the Expression of Interest for Immigration NZ, as a step along the path towards your move to New Zealand.

Guide to applying for a PAR

  1. Apply online
    You can complete the online PAR form. Unlike the IQA, with the PAR you aren’t required to send any documentation. However we ask that you be as detailed as possible with your qualification information, and you’ll need to complete a separate PAR form for each qualification you’d like to have assessed.
  2. Use your PAR for your immigration process
    Armed with your PAR, which gives you an indication of where your qualification will fit within the New Zealand context, you should be able to complete your Expression of Interest with Immigration NZ. If this is successful, you’ll be given an ‘Invitation to Apply’ to continue your process towards moving to New Zealand. As a part of this process, you may then need to go on to complete an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA), also completed by NZQA – please check whether you’re required to complete an IQA with Immigration NZ before applying.