NZQA IQA 国际学历评估报告可用于新西兰移民 - International Qualifications Assessment

新西兰 NZQA 国际学历评估 International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) 适用范围比 NZQA PAR 范围广的多。新西兰移民,工作,职业注册,留学等都用的到。

NZQA IQA 2017年评估费用是 746 纽币,评估周期 35 天,加急可以20天出报告,加急费 404 纽币。

International Qualifications Assessment (IQA)

The International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) is a full assessment of qualifications you’ve gained outside of New Zealand. It assesses which level your international qualification aligns to on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). You will be given a report that you can use for immigration purposes, for New Zealand employment, study and other reasons.

How does the IQA work?

The IQA is completed by our Qualifications Recognition Services (QRS) here at NZQA.

If your qualification can be recognised by NZQA, it will be compared to a level on the NZQF – and in some cases a qualification type – as a way to “translate” your qualification for New Zealand employers, education providers and/or Immigration NZ.

What is a qualification?

A qualification is a complete programme of learning that is offered by an accredited education provider in the country in which it is awarded, at the time of study or time of award, and is a minimum of (approximately) one full-time semester of study.

Accredited education providers and/or qualifications are those that are recognised by a government or government-mandated authority in the country/countries in which the qualification was studied and awarded, at the time of study or time of award.

Who needs to complete the IQA?

The IQA can be used:

  • when applying to Immigration NZ to move to New Zealand – after you've received their 'Invitation to Apply'
  • when applying for jobs where the New Zealand employer may be unfamiliar with your qualification
  • when applying for professional or industry registration in New Zealand – as a part of the wider registration process
  • when applying to do further study through a New Zealand education provider
  • when applying for school teacher salary assessment in New Zealand

How much does it cost?

There is an application fee of NZ $746 for the IQA. If you need to fast track your application, you’ll pay an additional NZ $404 on top of that amount. Payment is made as the last step on the application form.

How long does it take to get my qualifications assessed?

We aim to complete your application within the timeframes below, but this depends on you sending us all the correct and required documents.

  • Standard application:35 working days
  • Fast track application:20 working days

Some applications may take longer to process. This happens when information is missing from your initial document package; we need to check your information; or we need to request more information from you.

Please ensure you have all the necessary documents ready when you start your application to avoid delays.

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请问楼主,我2月份提交了EOI, 是用的PAR, 目前还在池子里面等。不过最近新西兰新政似乎对我们比较有利,我想问是否需要现在就去做IQA, 还是等被捞到之后再做IQA呢? 多谢,盼复!