NSW SI RDA 489 偏远地区担保及2018年担保职业清单

2018-2019 年度 NSW SI RDA 489 偏远担保职业清单 - 飞出国

飞出国:NSW Southern Inland 南部内陆地区489职业清单更新于20180323,截止到 20180802 继续有效。相信会尽快更新。

当前 ICT 职业仍在担保,但都标记为 OSE,也就是有澳洲境内最少12个月每周20小时以上的工作经验。

OSE On Shore (in Australia) Experience Requirements:

  • Must have proven Australian work experience after completion of qualifications.
  • Work experience must be relevant to your qualifications.
  • Minimum 12 months not including Professional Year OR 2 years including Professional Year / Internship.
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week work experience.

NSW SI RDA 489 偏远担保职业清单 - 飞出国20180323

ANZSCO NSW SI 偏远地区担保职业 - 飞出国 行业领域-飞出国
251211 医用放射诊断技师 / Medical Diagnostic Radiographer HEALTH
251212 医疗放射治疗师 / Medical Radiation Therapist HEALTH
251213 核医学技师 / Nuclear Medicine Technologist HEALTH
252111 脊医 / Chiropractor HEALTH
252112 整骨专家 / Osteopath HEALTH
252411 职业治疗师 / Occupational Therapist HEALTH
252511 物理治疗师 / Physiotherapist HEALTH
252611 足病诊疗师 / Podiatrist HEALTH
253111 普通科医生 / General Practitioner HEALTH
253311 专科医师(全科医学) / Specialist Physician-Gen Med HEALTH
253312 心脏病专家 / Cardiologist HEALTH
253313 临床血液病医生 / Clinical Haematologist HEALTH
253314 肿瘤内科医生医生 / Medical Oncologist HEALTH
253315 内分泌学家 / Endocrinologist HEALTH
253316 胃肠病医生 / Gastroenterologist HEALTH
253317 重症监护专家 / Intensive Care Specialist HEALTH
253318 神经学家 / Neurologist HEALTH
253321 儿科医生 / Paediatrician HEALTH
253322 肾内科专家 / Renal Medicine Specialist HEALTH
253323 风湿病专家 / Rheumatologist HEALTH
253399 专家医师NEC的 / Specialist Physicians nec HEALTH
253511 外科医生(普通) / Surgeon General HEALTH
253521 血管外科医生 / Vascular Surgeon HEALTH
253912 急诊医学专家 / Emergency Medicine Specialist HEALTH
253913 产科医生和妇科医生 / Obstetrician & Gynaecologist HEALTH
253914 眼科医生 / Ophthalmologist HEALTH
253915 病理学家 / Pathologist HEALTH
253917 诊断和介入放射科专家 / Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist HEALTH
253918 放射肿瘤科专家 / Radiation Oncologist HEALTH
253999 其他医疗执业人员 / Medical Practitioners nec HEALTH
254111 助产士 / Midwife HEALTH
254411 护士执业 / Nurse Practitioner HEALTH
254412 注册护士(老年护理) / Registered Nurse (Aged Care) HEALTH
254413 注册护士(儿童和家庭健康) / Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health) HEALTH
254414 注册护士(社区卫生服务) / Registered Nurse (Community Health) HEALTH
254415 注册护士(重症监护和紧急) / Registered Nurse (Critical Care & Emergency) HEALTH
254416 注册护士(发展迟缓) / Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) HEALTH
254417 注册护士(残疾和康复) / Registered Nurse (Disability & Rehabilitation) HEALTH
254418 注册护士(医学) / Registered Nurse (Medical) HEALTH
254421 注册护士(医疗实践) / Reg Nurse (Medical Practice) HEALTH
254422 注册护士(心理健康) / Registered Nurse (Mental Health) HEALTH
254423 注册护士(围手术期) / Regegistered Nurse (Perioperative) HEALTH
254424 注册护士(手术) / Registered Nurse (Surgical) HEALTH
254425 注册护士(儿科) / Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) HEALTH
254499 其他注册护士 / Registered Nurse nec HEALTH
134111 幼儿中心经理 / Child Care Centre Manager EDUCATION
241411 中学教师 / Secondary School Teacher EDUCATION
241511 特别需要教师 / Special Needs Teacher EDUCATION
241599 特殊教育教师NEC / Special Education Teachers nec EDUCATION
351311 主厨 / Chef TOURISM & HOSPITALITY
321111 汽车电工 / Automotive Electrician AUTOMOTIVE TRADES
321211 汽车技工(普通) / Motor Mechanic (General) AUTOMOTIVE TRADES
321212 柴油汽车技工 / Diesel Motor Mechanic AUTOMOTIVE TRADES
321214 小型发动机技工 / Small Engine Mechanic AUTOMOTIVE TRADES
324111 钣金工人 / Panel Beater AUTOMOTIVE TRADES
322211 钣金行业工人 / Sheetmetal Trades Worker METAL TRADES
322311 金属构造工 / Metal Fabricator METAL TRADES
322313 焊工(甲等) / Welder (First Class) METAL TRADES
323211 钳工(普通) / Fitter (General) METAL TRADES
323212 钳工和车床工 / Fitter & Turner METAL TRADES
323213 钳工,焊工 / Fitter-Welder METAL TRADES
323214 金属机械师(甲等) / Metal Machinist (First Class) METAL TRADES
331211 木工和细木工 / Carpenter & Joiner BUILDING TRADES
331212 木匠 / Carpenter BUILDING TRADES
331213 细木工 / Joiner BUILDING TRADES
334111 管道工(普通) / Plumber (General) BUILDING TRADES
334112 空调和机械服务水管工 / Airconditioning & Mechanical Services Plumber BUILDING TRADES
334114 煤气工 / Gasfitter BUILDING TRADES
341111 电工(普通) / Electrician (General) BUILDING TRADES
341112 电工(特种) / Electrician (Special Class) BUILDING TRADES
342111 空调和制冷技工 / Airconditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic BUILDING TRADES
394111 细木工 / Cabinetmaker BUILDING TRADES
272311 临床心理学家 / Clinical Psychologist SOCIAL & WELFARE PROFESSIONALS
272399 心理学家NEC / Psychologists nec SOCIAL & WELFARE PROFESSIONALS
272511 社工 / Social Worker SOCIAL & WELFARE PROFESSIONALS
263111 计算机网络和系统工程师 / Computer Network & Systems Engineer *OSE ICT
263311 电信工程师 / Telecommunications Engineer *OSE ICT
263312 电信网络工程师 / Telecommunications Network Engineer *OSE ICT
313212 电信领域工程师 / Telecommunications Field Engineer *OSE ICT
313214 电信技术人员或技师 / Telecommunications Technical Officer *OSE ICT

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荷兰库拉索移民 适合技术移民无望或技术移民遥遥无期的高知中产阶层人群。一套提供持续较高收益的国际房产(酒店公寓),一个说走就走的国际身份(无移民监),一个中产阶层与欧洲强国护照最接近的移民项目(荷兰护照)。

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NSW - Southern Inland 南岸地区 489担保

Southern Inland 地区包括Bombala邦巴拉、Boorowa博洛瓦、Cooma-Monaro科马-莫纳罗、Goulburn Mulwaree古尔本穆瓦里、Harden、Palerang帕勒朗、Queanbeyan昆比恩、Upper Lachlan上拉克兰、Snowy River斯诺伊河、Wingecarribee、Yass Valley亚斯谷、Young。

Southern Inland 地区489申请条件 - 飞出国

  • 满足DHA基本要求,获得EOI评分65分(包括偏远地区担保的10分);
  • 提交申请之时,申请人的年龄低于45岁;
  • 能够提供所需语言成绩的认证副本;
  • 能够提供职业评估的认证副本;
  • 能够提供包括所有之前工作经验的简历,需指明每一工作的起始和终止时间;
  • 职业在 Southern Inland 紧缺职业列表之上;
  • 支付770澳币提名费。

Southern Inland 地区489申请流程 - 飞出国


RCB Manager
Regional Development Australia Southern Inland
PO Box 775
GOULBURN NSW 2580 Australia

Southern Inland 地区489申请费用 - 飞出国


NSW-RDA-Southern-Inland-23-March-2018.pdf (62.2 KB)。

State Sponsored Migration (489) Visa - RDA Southern Inland 2018

CLICK HERE to see the current Skilled Occupation List.

*Please note: RDA Southern Inland are not processing any 489 visa applications until September.

**Please note: We are currently not accepting applications for Computer Network & Systems Engineer until September.

Step 1 - Expression of Interest (EOI)

To be considered for Sponsorship from RDA - Southern Inland you must first lodge an online Expression of Interest. To lodge an Expression of Interest you will require the following information in PDF format to upload to the website:

  • Up to date resume outlining all work experience and Employer references.
  • Skills assessment from the relevant Australian authority
  • English Language testing results
  • Bio/Details Page of Passport

Link to the Online Expression of Interest Form

Step 2 - Full Application

You cannot lodge your application until your EOI has been approved and a 489 reference number has been provided.

If RDA Southern Inland approves your EOI, we will notify you via email and request you provide the following documents, with payment of $770 (GST inclusive). Note, this payment is non-refundable.

Please supply:

  • Completed RDA Southern Inland Form R
  • Certified Copy of Passport details page and/or a certified copy of birth certificate (for ALL people included in your application)
  • Certified Copy of your English Language test results (unless country of origin is exempt)
  • Current Resume for any other adult applicants
  • Employment References which include a duty statement
  • Certified copies of qualifications & academic transcripts
  • Certified copies of appropriate skills assessment provided by the relevant Australian Assessing Authority and/or registration bodies of Australia and NSW
  • Signed Letter of Committment to RDA Southern Inland. Please click here for an example
  • Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) SkillSelect lodgement printout showing responses and EOI number
  • If using a Migration Agent , a copy of signed 956 form
  • Your RDASI 489- reference number.

The documentation above and payment should be sent to:

RCB Manager
Regional Development Australia Southern Inland
PO Box 775
GOULBURN NSW 2580 Australia

Please note: processing time for applications is up to 6 weeks.

Please do not request updates on the status of your application unless it is outside this timeframe.

Step 3 - Post Application Process

Your signed Form R will be forwarded to NSW State Government, they will then nominate you on SkillSelect for regional sponsorship.

You will receive an invitation from DIBP to complete your 489 Visa. You have 90 days from date of your nomination to advise RDA Southern Inland of your DIBP SkillSelect EOI reference number.

Once your Visa has been approved by DIBP you are required to advise RDASI of your estimated time of arrival to the Southern Inland Region. Your Sponsorship commitment is that you relocate to the Southern Inland region within 90 days of your visa being granted by DIBP.

It is your responsibility to keep our office up to date on your living and working arrangements from the time your visa is granted by DIBP.

Important Information for Applicants

Conditions for Sponsorship by RDA - Southern Inland

  • You must relocate to the Southern Inland Region within 90 days of your Visa being granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Applicants must live and work in the Southern Inland Region for a minimum of 2 years. Applicants are required to work full time in the Region for at least 12 months within that 2 year period. It is expected that the 2 year period is the first two years of your Visa.
  • You agree to make a fair and genuine effort to find employment in the Southern Inland Region.

Please use your RDA Southern Inland reference number in ALL communications with us.

An administration fee ($770 inc GST) applies for processing applications and is payable at the time of submitting a Full Application (not when submitting an Expression of Interest). The RDASI Credit Card Payment Form is available here.

For More Information

Contact the 489 Visa Team on 02 4822 6397 or via email [email protected] .


需要获得相关移民及出国签证申请帮助可以联系飞出国: http://flyabroad.me/contact/