NSW Orana新州奥兰纳地区预计于2019年10月开放接收491 EOI

NSW Orana新州奥兰纳地区官方消息宣称,随着澳洲移民局在2019年11月开始执行491签证,该地区将于2019年10月中下旬开放接收491 EOI,且该偏远地区的担保流程,申请要求,职业清单以及审理流程将和之前489州担保类似。




NSW Orana州担保2019年最新流程-飞出国

  1. 自2019年6月1日起,Orana地区引入EOI申请流程以筛选申请人,该EOI流程与移民局Skillselect EOI为两个概念,申请人可以于每月的1-14号递交EOI给Orana,包括基本的Form R申请表,Orana地区问卷以及声明文档,EOI申请费300AUD,该EOI有效期为2个月。

From June 1st 2019 Expressions of Interest may be submitted for the first 14 days of each month ie 1-14 inclusive.

You must formally express an interest in applying for Orana region subclass 489 nomination by submitting the following documents and paying the non-refundable EOI fee of $300 inc. GST .

  1. NSW Industry Form R (current version)- please note, hand filled copies will not be considered and your application will be rejected without refund.
  2. Form 956 (if using Migrant Agent)- please note, hand filled copies will not be considered and your application will be rejected without refund.
  3. Orana Region Questionnairefill out the form online, download as pdf and upload with your documents
  4. Current Resume
  5. Signed Nomination Obligations Declaration– this MUST be hand filled out and signed by the applicant (NOT the Migration Agent).

Expressions of Interest will be valid for a period of 2 months.

  1. 申请人EOI递交给Orana之后,如果被Orana选中了,将在7天内收到Orana通知,被要求提交后续申请文件;如果没有被选中,则在35天内收到通知,之前已交的300AUD申请费不退。Orana不答复与筛选与否相关的询问,且不提供加急服务。

Once EOI’s have been assessed and suitable applicants have been identified, they will be requested to provide all supporting documentation within 7 days.

If your EOI is unsuccessful you will be notified by RDA Orana within 35 days. Any fees that have been paid will NOT be refunded because an assessment has taken place.

Requests for selection information

Invitation are not guaranteed. RDA Orana will not respond to requests for information regarding when or if you will receive an invitation.

Candidates are advised to submit their EOI at least 3 months prior to the expiry of any current visa. Applications will not be prioritised or issued invitations on the basis of personal circumstances. For example: visas expiring or the loss of points caused by change in circumstances unless you have been living and working in the Orana region for at least 12 months at the time of the request.

  1. 申请人被Orana选中后,将收到通知邮件,告知7天内需要递交州担保申请,申请链接附在邮件中,申请人需要通过该链接提交所有申请文件以及剩余的500AUD申请费。

If you are selected to apply for NSW State nomination through RDA Orana, you will receive an invitation email with a web link to the online application and payment portal for the balance of your application fee ($500 inc. GST). This is also where you upload the documents required to support the claims in your previously submitted forms.

You will have 7 days from the issue of the email to complete the upload and payment process.

If the full application and documents are not submitted within 7 days, the invitation will automatically expire and cannot be reactivated.

The full list of documents required and the standards they must meet are found HERE. Please read this list carefully and ensure the documents you submit are complete and correct, especially in terms of certification.

An invitation does not mean that NSW State Nomination through RDA Orana will be approved.

A non-refundable processing fee is charged for processing and nomination of applications for NSW State Nomination through the Orana region. The processing fee is an administration charge only and does not guarantee the approval of a nomination.

The payment portal may charge a transaction fee for processing the transaction. This charge must be paid by the applicant, in addition to the processing fee.

  1. 申请提交后,Orana将基于申请人提交时的文件进行审理,不接受后续补充材料且不会要求申请人补料。申请人所提交的材料不完整或者无法证明claimed的移民打分则有可能被拒,申请费不予退还。

All applications are assessed in submission date order in the month following their receipt by RDA Orana.

The assessment of the application for NSW State nomination through RDA Orana will be based solely on the supporting documents provided at the time of application. Additional documents in support of the application will be accepted once the application is submitted.

The case officer will not request further information to clarify confusion or any inconsistencies in the application. If the application is:

  • Incomplete
  • Does not provide clear evidence of the Form R points claimed or the Orana region Questionnaire

Then the application will be rejected and whole process including the EOI must be restarted. Any fees that have been paid will NOT be refunded because an assessment has taken place.

  1. 申请人Orana担保通过后,会由NSW Department of Industry通过Skillselect EOI给申请人担保,申请人将会受到489签证申请,要求在60天内递交签证申请。

  2. 对于通过Orana担保拿到489/491签证的申请人,需要居住在Orana地区,且要与Orana地区政府保持联络。对于489是需要居住两年,491是需要居住三年,对于申请人没有做出任何尝试或者努力就不在Orana居住的,Orana地区保留向移民局举报的权利。

As part of your application for NSW State nomination through RDA Orana, you sign a declaration agreeing that you will relocate to the Orana. RDA Orana expects you to meet your obligations to live in the Orana region for at least two years for subclass 489 and three years for 491 visa from the date of visa grant/ permanent arrival in Australia. RDA Orana may inform Home Affairs if you do not make a genuine effort to meet your obligations to live in the Orana region.