NSNP-Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry 新斯科舍省提名经验类EE类别---材料清单

新斯科舍省提名经验类EE类别-材料清单 - 飞出国

NSNP 100 – Application Form
NSNP 50 – Use of a RepresentativeOptional
NSNP 60 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated IndividualOptional
Separation Declaration for Minors Travelling to Canada (if applicable) [IMM 5604]
Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (if applicable) [IMM 5409]

• 主申,配偶,孩子的都需要;
• 只交护照首页,加拿大签证页即可(在递交时护照距有效期不少于两年);
• 递交时不在本国居住,需要提供当前所在国的护照复印件;
• 临时居住许可证;
• 原先申请过加拿大移民的记录;
• 照片 passport-sized colour photograph (原件)
• 主申,副申出生公证(出生公证上需要有父母的名字);结婚证公证;离婚公证;死亡公证。(复印件)

Identity and Civil Status Documents

 One colour passport sized photograph for each family member.
 Birth certificates indicating both parents, for the principal applicant, spouse, or common-law partner.

If applicable:
 Marriage certificates for you and your dependants.
 Final divorce, annulment or separation documents for you and your spouse.
 Death certificate for a former spouse (for you and/or your current spouse).

孩子 (复印件)

Children’s Information

 Birth certificates indicating both parents.
If applicable:
 Adoption papers.
 Custody and maintenance documents for children under age 19 (0-18) and
 if accompanying, proof that the children may accompany the principal applicant to Canada
 if not accompanying, proof that you have fulfilled any obligation stated in custody agreements.

教育类 (复印件)
• 主审需要提供国外教育需要提供ECA报告(要求是收到申请时前2年内获得的ECA报告。);
• 加拿大高中及以上学历/国外等同学历的学位证,毕业证,成绩单。


 Canadian Educational Credential or Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report
For you as the principal applicant:

 Proof of a Canadian secondary or post-secondary educational credential; OR
 Proof of a foreign educational credential from a recognized institution or authority AND a copy of the ECA report issued by a designated organization indicating the authenticity of your completed foreign educational credential(s) and its equivalence to a completed Canadian educational credential(s)

Note: Your ECA report must have been issued on or after the date on which the organization was designated by CIC and must meet CIC format and content requirements.

Proof of Education
Proof of your completed Canadian or foreign educational credential(s) can include copies of your:
 Secondary or post-secondary education documents (certificates, diplomas or degrees), and
 Transcripts for successfully completed secondary or post-secondary studies, if available.

语言 (复印件)

Language Ability

 Copies of test results from one of the designated testing agencies. Language proficiency test results:
 IELTS (General Training test only)
 CELPIP (General test only)
Language test results must not be older than two years upon receipt at the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration.

工作证明材料 (复印件)
• 近三年的推荐信。工作职责需要符合NOC的要求,推荐信具体要求:

Letters must be:
 written on company letterhead
 signed by the responsible officer/supervisor
 show company’s full address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website addresses
 stamped with the company’s official seal (if applicable)

Letters must include all of the following information:
 the specific period of your employment with the company
 the positions you have held during the period of employment and time spent in each position
 your main responsibilities and duties in each position
 your annual salary plus benefits in each position, and
 the number of hours worked per week in each position

• 其他工作辅政:劳动合同,工资单;简历。

新斯科舍省提名经验类EE类别申请指南:Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Application Guide