NSNP 企业家移民属于高分选,申请第一步是提交EOI

NSNP 企业家移民高分选 - 提交 EOI 是第一步·飞出国


Step 1: Expression of Interest Criteria and Process

Prospective applicants must indicate their interest in applying for the Entrepreneur Stream by submitting an online Expression of Interest (EOI). An EOI is an expression of your interest in the Entrepreneur Stream. NSOI will select EOIs who will then be given an Invitation to Apply to submit a full application package for consideration by NSOI.

NSOI will select EOIs based upon their score on the points grid, with the top scoring EOIs being prioritized for selection. Submitting an EOI does not guarantee acceptance to the program or nomination.

Follow these steps to submit your EOI to the program:

  • Review the Entrepreneur Stream Eligibility Criteria. Only those who meet the minimum eligibility criteria can submit an EOI.
  • If you are eligible to apply under the Entrepreneur Stream review the Entrepreneur Points Grid in Appendix A prior to completing the online EOI.
  • Complete your online EOI at http://novascotia.ca/sns/access/online-services/immigration/eoientrepreneur.asp. Instructions are provided online. The system will calculate your score based upon the information you enter and your EOI will be placed in a pool for potential selection.
  • You must ensure you understand the questions before providing an answer. Review the NSNP website and this application guide if needed.
    • If selected, your EOI will form part of your application. You must ensure your EOI is up to date at the time of selection, and that all answers are accurate and truthful. If your EOI is not accurate, it may result in your EOI being removed from consideration for an Invitation to Apply (ITA). If you are selected, it is your responsibility to notify NSOI of any change in the information submitted in your EOI.
  • There is no fee for submitting an EOI.
  • Your EOI is ranked based upon your points assessment score and placed in an EOI pool.
    • You WILL NOT be contacted unless your EOI is selected.
    • EOIs can remain in the pool for twelve months from the date of receipt. If your EOI is not selected during this time, it will be removed from the pool but you will be able to submit a new EOI if you so choose.
    • If you are able to acquire additional points after submitting your EOI, you will need to submit a new EOI.

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