加拿大口腔认证委员会-NDHCB (The National Dental Hygiene Certification Board)

About the NDHCB

The National Dental Hygiene Certification Board - or “NDHCB” for short - was formed in 1994 to address an important need of dental hygienists working in Canada.

The Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA), acting on research conducted with hygenists across Canada, began to investigate a certification process to enhance portability (the ability of dental hygienists to become licensed or registered in all Canadian jurisdictions) through a nationally recognized credential.

The NDHCB was then given the mandate to develop and administer the National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination (NDHCE).


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Exam Eligibility


Who is Eligible to Write the Examination?

1. Student in an Accredited Dental Hygiene Program

A student in a dental hygiene program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) or the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA/CODA), may apply to write the NDHCE upon confirmation by the dental hygiene program director or designate, that the student, at the application deadline date, is within four months of completion of the dental hygiene program.

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2. Graduate of an Accredited Dental Hygiene Program

An applicant who is a graduate of a dental hygiene program that was accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) or the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA/CODA), on the date of the applicant’s graduation may apply to write the NDHCE.

2. 认证的口腔卫生课程毕业生


3. Graduate of a Non-Accredited Dental Hygiene Program

An applicant who is a graduate of a dental hygiene program that was not accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) or the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA/CODA) on the date of the applicant’s graduation, including all graduates of a dental hygiene program outside of Canada or the US, may apply to write the NDHCE following verification of eligibility by the NDHCB in accordance with the following criteria.


Educational Requirements/Credential Standards

In order to be considered for an Assessment of Credentials and Qualifications, any applicant must be able to provide evidence of minimum requirements. In its assessment process, the NDHCB uses four (4) minimum criteria that must be met before it can proceed further:

  • Criterion 1 - the applicant must have graduated with a diploma or its equivalent, in dental hygiene.

  • Criterion 2 - the dental hygiene program must be established as a separate school, faculty, division or department recognized by the appropriate government agency in the country/jurisdiction where the program is established at a post-secondary institution which is also recognized by the appropriate government agency.

  • Criterion 3 - the program must be of a minimum of two (2) full time academic years of formal dental hygiene education in a recognized Dental Hygiene program, including a clinical component with direct client care supervised by dental hygiene faculty.

  • Criterion 4 - the program must have learning outcomes/competencies and evaluation criteria set out in a clear, concise and detailed manner to the satisfaction of the NDHCB.

Note: Applicants must meet all of the Educational Requirements (criteria 1 to 4 above) before the NDHCB can even open an Eligibility evaluation file on their behalf. If those criteria are not met, the NDHCB will not conduct an evaluation of the applicant’s curriculum, will reimburse the application fee minus a non-refundable fee of $100 + tax, and the applicant will be denied eligibility. Please make sure to consult the Educational Credentials and Qualifications Assessment for Eligibility to write the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Examination Handbook (see “Equivalency Assessment Handbook” in the “Quick Links” menu) for further details about how to apply for eligibility.



为了能够有资格参加资质评估,申请人须尽可能多的提供满足要求的证明。 在评估过程中,必须满足NDHCB的4项标准:

  • 标准一,申请人必须有口腔卫生专业的毕业证或同等学力
  • 标准二,口腔卫生专业必须是由国家或司法区域的相关政府部门认可的独立学校,机构或部门设立,并且课程也是由相关政府部门认可的高等院校设立的
  • 标准三,项目须是经过认证的口腔卫生项目并且是不少于两年的正规教育,包括有口腔卫生学院设立的临床服务
  • 标准四,项目必须设置好清晰,简明和详细的学习成果和能力,满足NDHCB的要求

注: 申请人必须满足以上要求(标准1-4)才有NDHCB的评估资格。 如果申请人不满足以上要求,NDHCB则不会对申请人的课程进行评估并退回申请费,减去不可退回的费用$100+税,申请人也会失去资格。可对教育证书和资格评估方面进行咨询以确认如何申请NDHCB考试。

Assessment Policies and Decisions

The NDHCB determines eligibility to write the NDHCE, in accordance with established criteria. One copy of the assessment report result will be issued to the applicant or his/her agent. A successful assessment result establishes eligibility for the applicant to apply to write the NDHCE within a period of three (3) years from the date of approval.

When an applicant’s assessment of credentials is deemed eligible to write the NDHCE, a letter to the applicant will outline the process on how to apply for the examination (NDHCE). The letter will also include the date of the next scheduled examination for which the applicant is eligible to apply.

An applicant who did not have his/her credentials deemed equivalent to those of a graduate of a Canadian accredited dental hygiene program will NOT be eligible to write the NDHCE. The assessment report sent to the applicant will outline specific deficiencies and suggest other mechanisms that may be available to pursue eligibility to write the NDHCE in the future. Once an applicant has been notified, in writing, of the negative result of the assessment, the applicant’s assessment of credentials’ file is closed. If the applicant wishes to reactivate the file, a new application, appropriate fees, and additional documentation must be submitted.

Assessment of credentials reports may differ over time as the NDHCB’s assessment decisions are based on the most recent educational assessment standards for the profession.

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Notice of Right to Formal Review

Any applicant who is denied eligibility and believes that he/she was treated unfairly can request a formal review. Please refer to Appeal Procedures (see “Quick Links”) for more details about how to appeal an NDHCB decision.

Note: If the applicant is deemed eligible to write the NDHCE, a language deficiency in either English or French shall not be grounds for review of examination results or for any form of special accommodations.

申诉权利 飞出国####


注: 如果申请人有资格参加NDHCE考试,英语或法语水平不好不会成为核查考试结果或需要任何特殊照顾的理由。


How to apply for the NDHCE (National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination)

Please note that Applicants must meet all of the criteria for eligibility before applying for the Exam. If those criteria are not met, the NDHCB will not allow the application and will reimburse the application fee minus a non-refundable fee of $100 (+ Tax).

There are 2 ways to apply for the NDHCE; by Mail or Online.

Online (preferred option)

You can fill an exam application, upload a photograph of yourself and pay by credit card online by clicking here. See the “Quick Links” (left side) to access the Online Examination Application Guide for more details.

By Mail

You can download and print an Examination Application Form to write the NDHCE. You will then have to complete it by hand and mail it to the NDHCB with the supporting documentation required. See the “Quick Links” (left side) to access the print version of the form and the Manual Examination Application Guide for more details.

如何申请NDHCE考试 飞出国##

申请考试之前,请确认申请人满足申请的所有要求。 如果申请人不满足申请要求,NDHBC不会接受申请并退回申请费用,除去不可退回的费用 $100(+税)。



你需要填申请表,上传自己的照片,点击[这里] (https://secure.ndhcb.ca/examregistration/application.aspx)网上付费。



What is the NDHCE?

The National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination (NDHCE) is designed to assist the provincial and territorial dental hygiene regulatory authorities to determine whether or not an applicant for certification, registration, or licensure possesses adequate knowledge and/or skill related to entry-level dental hygiene practice standards.

The NDHCE is intended to fulfill the written examination requirement. However, acceptance of the NDHCB Certificate is completely at the discretion of the individual provincial or territorial dental hygiene regulatory authority.
The format of the NDHCE is as follows:

  • The exam is delivered in electronic form in computerized testing centres across Canada and is comprised of 200 multiple choice questions;
  • This four-hour exam consists of 2 two-hour sessions delivered back to back but with a compulsory 15 min break in between;
  • the passing score is calculated using a proven psychometric method. It should however be noted that over the last few years, it has always been between 66% and 71% for any specific examination;
  • the International tooth numbering system is used in the exam;
  • the Metric system is used throughout the exam; and
  • the examination is offered three times a year (in January, May and September) in at least one centre in each region in Canada (see list).

The NDHCE tests the candidates’ ability to apply their knowledge as entry-to-practice professionals to solve oral health care problems and answer questions related to dental hygiene practice. The examination is based on dental hygiene competencies (e.g. Dental Hygiene Process (DHP): Assessment & Diagnosis, DHP: Planning, DHP: Implementation, DHP: Evaluation) outlined in the latest Examination Blueprint. The dental hygiene competencies were reviewed and validated by dental hygiene professionals representing all fields of practice and all regions of Canada. Regulatory authorities were consulted to ensure that the competencies reflect dental hygiene practice in all jurisdictions.

NDHCE定义 飞出国###



  • 此考试以电子形式在全加拿大的计算机测试中心进行。考试题型有200道多选题组成;
  • 考试时间为4个小时,分为两个阶段,每个阶段2个小时,中间休息15分钟;
  • 考试成绩的计算采用认证心理测量学方法,近些年来,考试通过率约为66%到71%;
  • 考试使用国际牙齿编号系统;
  • 考试使用公制计算;
  • 在加拿大的每个区域,至少一个中心,此考试每年举行3次(1月,5月和9月)

NDHBC考试测试候选人应用实践专业知识来解决口腔健康护理问题的能力和回答牙科卫生相关问题的能力。考试以牙科卫生能力为基础(例如牙科卫生步骤(DHP):评测&诊断, DHP:规划,实施,评估)以最新的考试蓝图为框架。牙科卫生能力被加拿大各个地区和牙科卫生领域的人检查和更新。监管机构可确定在所有司法管辖区内牙科卫生实践能力的体现。

Examination Administration Dates

Examination Dates - Application Deadline

  • January 18-19, 2016 - November 19, 2015
  • May 24-25, 2016 - March 24, 2016
  • July 21, 2016 - September 19-20, 2016

Note: the number of days the exam is offered may vary in certain exam centres depending on the number of candidates and seating availability.

考试日期-申请截止日期 飞出国###

  • 2016年1月18日-19日-2015年11月19日
  • 2016年5月24日-25日-2016年3月24日
  • 2016年9月19日-20日-2016年7月21日

注: 在某些考试中心考试天数会有所不同,考试天数由参加考试人数和座位数决定。

Examination Fees

The fees for the certification examination must be paid in full by credit card (VISA or Master Card), VISA Debit Card, certified cheque or money order in Canadian funds (payable to the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board), at the time of application.

  • 1st attempt Certification Examination Fee: $675 + applicable tax (if writing in: AB, BC, SK, MB, QC add $33.75 GST; in ON & NB add $87.75 HST; in NS add $101.25 HST) for 1st time attempt - includes a $100 (+ tax) non-refundable fee

  • Certification Examination Rewrite Fee: $575 + applicable tax (if writing in: AB, BC, SK, MB, QC add $28.75 GST; in ON & NB add $74.75 HST; in NS add $86.25 HST) for 2nd or 3rd attempts (or 4th for those who first wrote prior to 2015) - includes a $100 (+ tax) non-refundable application fee.

Examination fees are subject to change without notice.

考试费用 飞出国###

考试费用可通过以下方式支付:信用卡(VISA or Master Card),VISA 借记卡,保兑支票或加币汇票支付。

  • 首次考试费用: $675+税(如果在AB, BC, SK, MB, QC省,加$33.75GST ,在ON和NB省,加$87.75HST,在NS,加$101.25 HST)包括$100 (含税)不退还费用
  • 二次考试:$575 +申请税(如果在AB, BC, SK, MB, QC省,加$28.75GST,在ON和NB省,加$74.75HST,在NS,加$101.25 HST) 包括$100 (含税)不退还费用


Withdrawing or Transferring from the Examination

If you decide to withdraw from the examination or transfer to a later date, please inform the NDHCB in writing (email is fine) as soon as possible. The NDHCB will acknowledge your withdrawal or transfer in writing, and send you re-application information. Candidates who withdraw from the examination will receive the following refund.

  • Withdrawal 21 days or more before examination date
  • Refundable less $100.00 (+ GST/HST) application fee
  • Withdrawal less than 21 days before examination date
  • Refundable less $200.00 (+ GST/HST) application & late withdrawal fees
  • Transfer, one time only to a future examination date for eligible candidates, 14 days or more before examination date
  • Authorized once only - No transfer less than 14 days before examination

退出考试或更改考试时间 飞出国###

如果你决定退出考试或延迟考试时间,请尽快邮件通知NDHCB。NDHCB收到邮件后会发重新申请考试信息。 退出考试会收到以下退款:

  • 退出考试日期前21天或更早
  • 退少于$100.00 (+ GST/HST)申请费
  • 退出考试日期前少于21天
  • 退少于$200.00 (+ GST/HST)申请费&晚退费
  • 在考试开始前14天或更长时间,考生可以推迟一次考试时间,距考试开始时间少于14天时,不能推迟考试

Testing Accommodations

It is important that you complete the appropriate request forms for testing accommodations, if you have a professionally diagnosed disability that could adversely affect your performance on the examination. If you require some accommodation (e.g., separate room, large print examination, etc.) in taking the examination, please consult the page on Special Accommodations and then download, fill and return the Candidate Testing Accommodation Application Form. Don’t forget to have the documentation form supporting your accommodation request completed by a professional and to include all details about past accommodations in academic/exam settings. We cannot guarantee that the accommodations will be available unless the accommodations are requested at the same time as you apply to write the examination.

考试设施 飞出国###


官网: http://www.ndhcb.ca/#!home-2/c161a