澳洲IML(原AIM)高管职业111211 Corporate General Manager 总经理评估要求



The Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is the basis for the assessment of applicants’ qualifications and experience required to perform specific jobs and what the tasks are that the applicant is expected to have performed in that occupation.


The Country Education Profiles prepared by the Australian Government Department of Education are the basis for any educational assessment.


  1. 如果申请人有本科或者硕士学历,则需要满足:
  • 至少有三年高管经验,以及
  • 近两年需要是总经理职位

Where an applicant holds a relevant or industry-specific Bachelor’s or Master’s degree comparable to an equivalent AQF qualification, the applicant must have demonstrated employment experience:

  • in a managerial role for at least three years; plus
  • in the role as Corporate GM for at least two years.
  1. 如果申请人没有本科学历,则需要满足:
  • 至少五年高管经验,以及
  • 近两年需要是总经理职位

Where the applicant does not hold a relevant or industry-specific Bachelor’s or Master’s degree comparable to an equivalent AQF qualification, the applicant must have demonstrated employment experience

  • in a managerial role for at least five years; plus
  • in the role as Corporate GM for at least two years.


  1. 总经理通过领导部门经理及其他下属高管来规划,组织,领导,控制以及审核商业/工业/政府或者其他企业单位的日常运营和主要职能。

Corporate General Managers plan, organise, direct, control and review the day-to-day operations and major functions of a commercial, industrial, governmental or other organisation through departmental managers and subordinate executives.

  1. 总经理的职责需要在决策水平,且对公司的日常运营有决策权。

The applicant’s responsibilities as Corporate GM must clearly be at a strategic level with decision-making authority for day-to-day operations of the organisation.

  1. 总经理的职责需要包括持续性的领导员工活动以及监督员工业绩和发展。

The applicant’s responsibilities must have included directing the employees’ activities and monitoring their performance and development on an ongoing basis.

  1. 总经理的具体工作职责需要符合ANZSCO,具体如下:
  • 为企业机构规划政策,制定标准和目标 planning policy, and setting standards and objectives for organisations
  • 为企业机构提供日常指导和管理,管理并签署相关政策已达成企业目标,实现特定目的,并使利益和效率最大化 providing day-to-day direction and management of organisations, and directing and endorsing policy to fulfil objectives, achieve specific goals, and maximise profit and efficiency
  • 通过下达命令与指示给下属以应对相应变化情况 assessing changing situations and responding accordingly by issuing commands and directives to subordinate staff
  • 同直接下属和部门领导,针对运营方法、设备需求、财政、销售、人力资源等问题进行商讨 consulting with immediate subordinates and departmental heads on matters such as methods of operation, equipment requirements, finance, sales and human resources
  • 批准资金使用于重大政策实施方案 authorising the funding of major policy implementation programs
  • 代表企业机构出席官方场合、谈判、例会、研讨会、公开听证会和论坛,并在责任区内进行关系联络。 representing the organisation at official occasions, in negotiations, at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums, and liaising between areas of responsibility
  • 准备或安排编写报告、预算方案并将其提交给理事会 preparing, or arranging for the preparation of, reports, budgets and forecasts, and presenting them to governing bodies
  • 选拔并任命高级职员 selecting and managing the performance of senior staff
  • 可能会担部分或全部的会计、销售、营销、人力资源和其他职能的运营工作 may undertake responsibility for some or all of accounting, sales, marketing, human resources and other specialist operations


  1. 申请人需要IML定义的IML’s Management Competency Framework来说明管理职责级别,主要有以下三方面(具体参考 飞出国2021澳洲IML(原AIM)高管职业评估介绍 ):
  • Manage Self 自我管理能力
  • Manage and Lead the Business 管理和领导公司的能力
  • Manage and Lead Others 管理和领导他人的能力
  1. 从以上三个方面,申请人需要各自选择一个能力要素,并针对所选的能力要素来进行说明,每一个能力要素说明不少于300字,具体要求:
  • 用工作中的实际案例来说明管理职责
  • 说明个人如何做以及为什么这么做的
  • 说明这么做的结果如何,以及
  • 从所做的事情中学到了什么

For each of the three competencies selected, the applicant must describe how they achieved these in 300 words or less. The applicant must

  • use specific examples from their demonstrated work experience,
  • state what they personally did and why,
  • what the outcome was and
  • what they learned from it.


  1. 总经理的职业评估会因为公司机构的规模及架构复杂度有所影响,比如公司规模越大,那么应该是越符合的
  2. 总经理应该是公司机构日常运营的最高职位,汇报对象是CEO/MD等,且应当有直接下属的管理人员
  3. 一般说来,如果公司是少于50人员工数规模的,不符合总经理的评估要求
  • The Corporate GM position held by the applicant must be the most senior day-to-day operational position;
  • The applicant is expected to have reported to the CEO or Managing Director or the Head of a division/ department or equivalent; and
  • The applicant is expected to have directed managerial staff.

To be assessed as a Corporate GM for migration purposes, the size and complexity of the organisation will influence the assessment.

It is unlikely that employment with an organisation with a total staff of less than 50 employees would support employment experience at the required level.