FST 加拿大联邦技工类别 Federal Skilled Trades Program


  • 意向生活在加拿大联邦地区(魁北克以外地区)
  • 满足最低雅思要求,听说 CLB 5,读写 CLB 4
  • 近5年有2年相关工作经验,且满足加拿大对该技工职业的职责要求
  • 获得加拿大雇主1年全职雇主offer或获得加拿大某省的技工认证
  • 没有学历要求
  • 职业限定为 72,73,82,92,632,633 这些类别

FST 类别属于加拿大联邦 EE 的一种,但因为他们学历,语言不占优势,有加拿大雇主offer加50分,有加拿大技工证书加50分后也很不一定达到400分,在当前 EE 需要 440 分以上才能获邀的情况下很多人都无法直接被 EE 捞取,因此,加拿大类别EE有时单独为 FSW 类别发邀请。

同时,安省最新的 EE 技工类别也是为了解决这个问题,安省 EE 下的技工类别与加拿大 EE 下的技工类别的区别是安省技工类别只受理满足 CEC 加拿大经验类移民且职业属于安省技工类别职业列表的申请人。也就是申请人必须已经在安省工作一年然后才能获得安省提名,然后申请人就可以直接加600分而获得 EE 邀请。

Determine your eligibility – Skilled trades

You can apply to this program through Express Entry.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to become permanent residents, based on being qualified in a skilled trade.

Minimum requirements

To be eligible, you must

  • Plan to live outside the province of Quebec (Note: The province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers. If you plan on living in Quebec, see Quebec-selected skilled workers for more information)

  • Meet the required levels in English or French for each language ability (speaking, reading, writing and listening)

  • Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience) in a skilled trade within the 5 years before you apply

  • Meet the job requirements for that skilled trade, as set out in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) of your primary occupation, except for needing a certificate of qualification

  • Have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least 1 year or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.

This means you have to work a total of at least 30 hours over a period of 1 week for 2 years in your skilled trade within the 5 years before you apply. For example:

Full time

30 hours per week for 12 months = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)

Part time

15 hours per week for 24 months = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)
30 hours per week for 12 months at more than 1 job = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)

Up to 2 employers can commit to employing you for at least 1 year of continuous, full-time work, meaning a total of at least 30 hours of work per week.

In Canada, the provincial, territorial and federal governments issue certificates of qualification in skilled trades. To get a certificate, the provincial, territorial or federal trades authority must assess your training, trade experience and skills to decide if you are eligible to write an exam to be certified.

Skilled work experience

Skilled trades that are currently eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are organized under these major and minor groups of the NOC:

  • major group 72: industrial, electrical and construction workers
  • major group 73: maintenance and equipment operation workers
  • major group 82: supervisors and technical workers in natural resources, agriculture and related production
  • major group 92: processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators
  • minor group 632: chefs and cooks
  • minor group 633: butchers and bakers

These major NOC groups are subdivided into different occupations (all are NOC skill type B).

You must show that you did the duties set out in the lead statement of the occupational description of the NOC, including all the listed essential duties and most of the main duties.

If you do not show that your experience meets the description of the NOC, we will not accept your application. Find out the NOC code, title and skill type or level of your job.

Federal Skilled Trades Program applications must be based on the 2016 version of the NOC. However, if an application includes a Labour Market Impact Assessment (previously Labour Market Opinion or LMO) from Employment and Social Development Canada, based on the 2011 version of the NOC, we will accept, it as long as your occupation corresponds to a 2016 NOC code that is eligible for the program.

What counts as work experience

Work experience in a trade can only count if you are qualified to independently practise that trade in the region where you got your work experience.

If you are qualified in 1 country, you might work in another country that has different rules for practising your trade. In that case, the work experience from the second country will only count toward the 2‑year work experience requirement if you also met the requirements to practise independently in that second country.

For example, if you are a plumber from Germany, and you worked for 1 year in Poland, you need to prove that you were certified to be a plumber in Germany and that you were qualified at the time to work in Poland, according to Polish regulations, for this work experience to count.


There is no education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. But, if you want to earn points for your education under Express Entry, you need either

  • a Canadian post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree


Note: The report must show your foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree. You will only benefit from getting an ECA if your foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian high school diploma or greater.

Language ability

You must

  • Meet the minimum language level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for reading and writing

  • Take a language test approved by Immgration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that shows you meet the level for speaking, listening, reading and writing

You must show that you meet the language requirements in English or French by including your test results when you complete your Express Entry profile. Your test results must not be more than 2 years old on the day you apply for permanent residence.

Principal applicant

If you are married or live with a common-law partner who also meets the above conditions, you can decide which of you will apply under Express Entry, as the principal (main) applicant.

A common-law partner is a person who has lived with you in a conjugal relationship for at least 1 year. Common-law partner refers to both different-gender and same-gender couples.

Check to see which of you is most likely to be found eligible. That person should apply as the principal applicant.

Other requirements

You must be admissible to Canada. Find out more about inadmissibility.

You must plan to live outside the province of Quebec.

Be assessed by a province or territory

You will likely have to go to a specific province or territory to be assessed. You may also need an employer in Canada to give you experience and training.

You should go to the website of the body that governs trades for the province or territory where you would like to live and work. The process is different, depending on where you want to go.

Each website has more details about whether or not you need a certificate of qualification to work in that province or territory in a specific skilled trade and what you have to do to get a certificate.

If your trade is not regulated by a province or territory (for example, airplane mechanic), it may be federally regulated. The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials provides information on credential assessment for all regulated trades in Canada.

If you work in a skilled trade and want to live in Canada permanently, use our Come to Canada tool to see if you are eligible for the Express Entry pool.

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飞出国:安省技工类别适合满足 FST 基本要求,但由于学历太低,语言太低,EE CRS 里分数很低迟迟无法获得邀请的人,获得安省提名后直接给加600分,下次马上被捞起。

FST 属于加拿大快速通道EE类别的基本类别,获得邀请提交签证材料后3-6个月拿签证,与EE下省提名,直接440分以上被捞速度是一样的。申请的前提是2年相关工作经验(之前没有相关工作经验的需要积累相关工作经验)及技工证书(对不要技工证书的要有加拿大雇主1年全职雇主offer,这个是很难的)。


需要获得相关移民及出国签证申请帮助可以联系飞出国: http://flyabroad.me/contact/


FST 加拿大联邦技工移民邀请历史 - 飞出国

飞出国:加拿大联邦技工类别主要是针对 近5年内有2年技工类职业的工作经验,同时获得加拿大1年全职的技工类职业雇主offer或已经持有加拿大某个省份的技工执业证书(a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority) 。FST 没有学历要求,语言要求低,有职业限定。这些特点决定了很多符合 FST 申请要求的申请人 EE 分数都很低。

FST 语言要求低:

  • 雅思:听说CLB5(听5,说5),读写CLB4(读3.5,写4);
  • 法语:听说NCLC5,读写NCLC4;

FST 要求有技工证书或有一年加拿大全职技工工作经验

  • 近5年有2年相关工作经验,且满足加拿大对该技工职业的职责要求
  • 获得加拿大雇主1年全职雇主offer或获得加拿大某省的技工认证

FST 职业限度 - 飞出国

职业限定为 72,73,82,92,632,633 这些类别

  • NOC 632 大厨和厨师
  • NOC 633 屠宰师和面包师
  • NOC 72 工业、电器和建筑行业
  • NOC 73 设备维护和设备操作行业
  • NOC 82 自然资源、农业及相关生产主管和技术职业
  • NOC 92 加工、制造和公用事业监管人员和中心控制操作员

FST 邀请记录 - 飞出国

因为申请人分数低,加拿大联邦只能单独对 FST 进行捞取才有可能获邀。而加拿大联邦大概是半年左右捞一回,一回也只有几百配额。

加拿大FST邀请-飞出国 邀请人数 邀请分数 本年次数 总次数
2019-05-15(FST) 500 332 10 117
2018-09-24(FST) 400 284 20 100
2018-05-30(FST+PNP) 700 902 11 91


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