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Reference 10: Employment - Financial Specialist

June 14, 2014

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To Whom It May Concern:

Reference for Luiz Gonzalez While at Liberty Financial Services, Inc.

Mr. Luiz Gonzalez worked for me at Liberty Financial (Las Vegas) in our financial analysis department from April 1999 through February 2007. As a Vice-President and head of the analysis department, I had several people performing analytical tasks, but always assigned Mr. Gonzalez the more critical and complex financial structures.

He was especially skilled in linear programming with which he developed several mathematical models that allowed Liberty to provide its major clients (Fortune 500 companies, along with leading domestic and foreign financial institutions) with optimum financial structures for various capital equipment transactions. His pricing techniques allowed our clients to either receive a higher after-tax yield on their investments, or to win transactions through more competitive bidding. Among his many accomplishments were pricing models for ‘‘cross border’’ leases which would allow Japanese corporate investors to take advantage of the tax laws in Japan and the US to provide lower cost financing to US companies.

Mr. Gonzalez was also excellent in training other members of the department and in explaining complex and often very theoretical techniques to our clients.

I was very unhappy when Mr. Gonzalez decided to leave Liberty Financial, but I understood his desire to work on the development of quantitative financial models in the university research environment to which he moved. I was extremely pleased with his general performance, as well as his skills in working and communicating with clients and other employees.

I would highly recommend the hiring of Mr. Luiz Gonzalez. If any additional information is required of me, I can be reached by telephone at (415) 435-1983 or by e-mail at


George Pratt
Vice-President, Financial Analysis

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