Farm Establishment Plan - 萨省省提名农场主类别农场计划书FEP(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Farm Owner/Operator Category Farm Establishment Plan)

萨省省提名农场主类别介绍(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Farm Owner/Operator Category ) 继续讨论:

Farm Establishment Plan - 萨省省提名农场主类别农场计划书FEP(SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Farm Owner/Operator Category Farm Establishment Plan) - 飞出国

农场经营计划书 - 飞出国

农场经营计划书(FEP - Farm Establishment Plan ),必须是一个连贯的并且考虑周全的计划,能够使申请人在萨省成功定居和开办企业。为了完成计划书,申请人要进行广泛的调查研究,充分考虑经济和市场因素,还需要考虑到自己管理优势和劣势。

FEP 需包含以下信息:

  • 行业,需要包含北美行业分类系统代码;
  • 投资金额;
  • 为萨省居民创造的职位数量;
  • 为了企业申请人将会作出的管理贡献(如销售,分销,生产,研发等);
  • 启动资金和费用;
  • 企业所有权信息 - 合作伙伴,独资,公司,特许经营,收购;
  • 计划的经营地点;
  • 为了在萨省经营农场所做的准备和培训(如适用,列出课程名和学校名);
  • 如适用,提供过去的访问或外来打算对萨省进行访问的清单;
  • 萨省定居计划;
  • 合作的专业企业服务提供商的名字、组织、邮寄地址、电话和email;





Appendix B: Farm Establishment Plan

The Farm Establishment Plan (FEP) must be a coherent and considered plan for successful settlement and business development in Saskatchewan. In developing this FEP the Applicant must conduct extensive research and consider relevant economic and market factors. The Applicant must also take into account his or her management strengths and weaknesses.

The FEP must include all of the following information:

  • Proposed industry/sector (NAICS Code);
  • Proposed investment amount;
  • Number of jobs to be created for Saskatchewan Residents;
  • Management contribution the nominee will make with respect to the proposed business (e.g., sales, distribution, production, research and development, etc.);
  • Forecasted start up funds and expenses;
  • Business ownership information – partnership, proprietorship, corporation, franchise, acquisition;
  • Proposed location for the business (i.e., city/town);
  • Preparation and training for farm operation in Saskatchewan (including course titles and institution names, if applicable);
  • A list of planned past and/or future visits to Saskatchewan, if applicable (please provide: Dates, purposes, agendas, inviting organizations, etc.);
  • Plans for establishing residence in Saskatchewan; and
  • The name, organizations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emails of contracted professional business service providers whom the Applicant has contacted and/or the Applicant has established an active working relationship or paid contractual agreement with.

The SINP does not require a formal business plan, and recognizes that the FEP is a business proposal and it is therefore likely and expected that market conditions and opportunities may change over the course of the immigration application process. The profitability of the business plan will not be evaluated; rather the SINP will assess the intent demonstrated through the FEP.

Please also include:

  • The name, organization name, mailing address, email, and phone number of person who compiled the business plan
  • A summary of people contracted or consulted in preparation of Business Establishment Plan. ; and

A lengthy FEP does not necessarily illustrate strong intent. Quality research and significant business relationships are far more valuable in illustrating intent.

The SINP expects that an Applicant has complete knowledge of his or her FEP. In the event that the Applicant is unaware of his or her FEP’s contents, the Applicant will be assessed accordingly on the intent grid.

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