EE签证申请递交确认通知模板-Confirmation of Online Application Transmission


You have successfully transmitted your Online Application on XXX EDT.

Your payment receipt number is # XXX.

What happens next?

CIC will review the information and documents that you provided and processing will begin.

CIC will notify you by e-mail if we require additional information or documents. You do not need to log into MyCIC to check for messages or updates until you receive an e-mail advising you that you have one. .

What if information regarding my application changes?

It is your responsibility to notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada of any changes to your application. Examples of changes include if you move, get a new phone number, etc.

How long will it take to process my Online Application?

Processing times vary. Average processing times can be found at:

If you require additional information on the status of your application after consulting the processing times, contact the Call Centre.