安省中医师和针灸师注册 CTCMPAO (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario)

安省中医针灸注册 CTCMPAO (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario)

安省中医师及针灸师管理局CTCMPAO(College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario),成立于2013年,负责中医针灸职业的注册。

申请人必须先参加注册考试(Registration Examinations – Pan-Canadian Examinations),并且考试通过,同时完成法例常识和安全课程的学习(Jurisprudence Course Test and the Safety Program test),并通过相关的测试之后,才能申请CTCMPAO认证。


  • 使用针灸疗法和中医疗法治疗病人;
  • 使用“中医师”和“针灸师”称号。
  • Performs the following authorized controlled acts:
      1. Performs a procedure on tissue below the dermis and below the surface of a mucous membrane for the purpose of performing acupuncture.
      1. Communicates a TCM diagnosis identifying a body system disorder as the cause of a person’s - symptoms using TCM techniques.
  • Uses the protected title(s) and/or designation(s) “Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner” (“R.TCMP”)- and/or “Acupuncturist” (“R.Ac”).
  • Holds him/herself out as a member of the CTCMPAO.


TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine


1. 法例常识(Jurisprudence Course)




2. 安全课程(the Safety Program)




3. 注册考试(Registration Examinations)

申请人在申请CTCMPAO认证之前,必须先通过注册考试(Registration Examinations – Pan-Canadian Examinations)。考试通过的话,证明申请人满足在安省执业的最低要求。注册考试每年举行1次。

考试由2部分组成: 多选题笔试题目和书面的临床案例考试。必选先通过多选题测试,才能进行临床考试。

  1. A multiple-choice written examination; and
  2. A written clinical case-study examination.




  • Acupuncturist Examinations Fees

    • Application Fee $339.00 ($300.00 + $39.00 HST)
    • Acupuncture Written Examination Fee $452.00 ($400.00 + $52.00 HST)
    • Acupuncture Clinical Case-Study Examination Fee $339.00 ($300.00 + $39.00 HST)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Examinations Fee

    • Application Fee $339.00 ($300.00 + $39.00 HST)
    • TCMP Written Examination Fee $565.00 ($500.00 + $65.00 HST)
    • TCMP Clinical Case -Study Examination Fee $565.00 ($500.00 + $65.00 HST

注册考试要求 eligibility requirements

A. 学历要求( Education Requirement)

  • 至少4年全日制的传统中医课程;
  • 至少3年全日制的传统针灸课程

To be eligible to apply for registration in the General Class, an applicant must have successfully completed a postsecondary
program in TCM that,

  • In the case of a full traditional Chinese medicine program, consists of at least four years of full-time
    education, or education that is of equivalent duration.
  • In the case of a traditional Chinese acupuncture program, consists of at least three years of full-time
    education, or education that is of equivalent duration.

B. 受监管诊所工作经验(Supervised Clinical Experience Requirement)


9(1)2. The applicant must have successfully completed a program of clinical experience in the profession that is structured, comprehensive, supervised and evaluated and which consists of at least 45 weeks of clinical experience involving at least 500 hours of direct patient contact

C. 能力评估 Competency Assessment


4. Currency Requirement


  • 申请注册前的近12个月内,申请人完成了一个更新课程 refresher program;或者
  • 申请注册前的近3年,申请人都从事相关职业,并且包含至少接待过500个病人,其中包含传统中医针灸病人;

If the applicant completed the post-secondary program in TCM or TCM acupuncture more than one year beforeapplying for registration, the applicant must demonstrate that his or her knowledge, skill and judgment is current. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • The applicant has, within the 12-month period before applying for registration, successfully completed a refresher program OR
  • The applicant has practised the profession within the three years before applying for registration, involving a minimum of 500 TCM patient visits, which may include traditional Chinese acupuncture patient visits; or

5. 语言能力要求


6. 无犯罪证明

Applicants are required to submit a criminal background check report using the database of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) operated by the RCMP with their application form.

For registration purposes, CTCMPAO only requires a name-based criminal background check report. The search must have been conducted no more than six (6) months before the date of application, including records of discharges which have not been removed from the CPIC system in accordance with the Criminal Records Act and records of outstanding criminal charges of which the police are aware.


  1. 第一步 填写申请表

  2. 第二步 准备要求的支持文件。非英法文件要提供认证译员的翻译件。

  3. 第三步 将申请表和所有需要的材料以及申请费邮寄给CTCMPAO。

  • 费用金额:申请费为298.17加币,注册费为1013.79加币。共计1311.96;
  • 支付方式:用支票或邮政汇票,将两笔费用一起支付给CTCMPAO(ONE CERTIFIED CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER made payable to “CTCMPAO” );
  • 注:如果注册不成功,注册费会退还。
  • 邮寄地址:
    > Registrar
    > 55 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 705
    > Thornhill ON L3T 7V9


官网: http://www.ctcmpao.on.ca/aboutus/index.html
指南: http://www.ctcmpao.on.ca/Media/en/Forms/Candidates'%20Guide%20General%20Class%20(2015.06.18).pdf
申请表: http://www.ctcmpao.on.ca/Resources/application.html