Co-Worker 职业推荐信样本

Recommendation 6: Employment – Co-Worker

(print a Recommendation Letter from a private citizen on regular stationery)

December 10, 2014

Ms. Marilyn Joyner
Chief, Personnel Services
Liston Electronics Corp.
185 Parkway Dr.
Landover, MD, 20780

Dear Marilyn Joyner:

RE: Employment Recommendation – Ms. Francis Beresford

I was asked by Francis Beresford to write this letter to you based on my experience working closely with her for most of this year.

I had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with Francis Beresford for eight months earlier this year while she was employed at Brenkman Systems Inc.

Francis occupied the office adjacent to mine, and we collaborated on a number of projects. During the entire period, she was a pleasure to work with. I observed her to be a solid team player, a sincere and hardworking individual, as well as an excellent overall co-worker.

Francis worked very hard at all times, and frequently did more than her share of the work on our joint projects. She was an independent thinker and innovator, and often took the initiative to move things forward while we were waiting for senior management decisions.

I was happy to be able to work with Francis, since management invariably praised the projects that we completed as a team. In fact, on more than one occasion I made specific requests to work with Francis although I had been scheduled for other assignments.

Francis was well-liked by everyone in our office, both co-workers and management. She often went out of her way to be friendly and helpful to her colleagues.

Based on our eight months working together, I am pleased to recommend Francis for whatever position she may qualify for at your company. I believe she is the type of employee that any organization would be happy to have on their workforce.


Beverly C. Taylor